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Modding Central

Modding Central, a community made by modders for all to discuss, mod and download mods for multiple games in a safe and secure environment.

  • Reduced noise effect on zoom-to-world view.

  • Fixed update error.
  • Fixed Steam config loading error.
  • Fixed headless not starting without server-settings.json more[forums.factorio.com]
  • Fixed the "reset" button in the generate map GUI wouldn't reset settings to the actual default values. more[forums.factorio.com]
  • Fixed that right clicking icon in the tag edit gui crashed the game. more[forums.factorio.com]

You can get experimental releases by selecting the 'experimental' beta branch under Factorio's properties in Steam.
  • Configuration has been reset.

Major features
  • Research overhaul. 4 new science packs: Military, Production, High-tech and space. > Space science packs are generating by launching a rocket. > Added infinite researches.
  • Nuclear power.
  • Blueprint library: Allows for keeping players blueprints between individual game saves and allows sharing blueprints in multiplayer games.

  • Map Interaction improvements: > Selectable map overlays: logistics networks, pollution, electric network, turret range, etc. > Train stations and trains can be opened by clicking them while in the map view. > Zoom to the world view from the map. It only shows parts of the map covered by radar or other players though. > Custom map markers can be added by the players.
  • Added wagon for transporting fluids. > One side of pump can connect to the fluid wagon, the other side has to be connected to something else.
  • When dying in multiplayer you leave behind a body with your items that slowly degrades.
  • Added infinite mining productivity research, each tier increases mining productivity by 2%.
  • Fuel type now affects vehicle acceleration and top speed.
  • Added coal liquefaction oil processing recipe.
  • Added Pipette Tool. Picks up items from your inventory used to build the currently selected entity. For resources it will select the fastest available resource extractor.
  • Mini tutorials. Small missions...
Space science
As you already know, in 0.15 we have reworked the science packs and added infinite science. Moreand different science packs make the game a lot more interesting. It reduces the complexity ofblue science (which is great for newer players) while adding complexity later, and you now haveto decide what to research first, especially with the more expensive game modes (which isinteresting for advanced players), and infinite science adds something to do forever in the game.


However, one of my biggest complaints about Factorio always was that the rocket has nopurpose, even though it is being propagated at all the points as the final step of the game. It issaid at the trailer, at the introduction of freeplay, and by being the most advanced research,everything seems like it’s the thing to desire, but when I launched it for the first time and seeingthe victory screen, I was feeling like "And now what...".

For me there is one main reason why Factorio is so awesome and why I can forget myselfplaying until 4 a.m., and that reason is the infinite loop of 'there is always a bottleneck', youalways need to fix something, you have not enough power, or your production of a particularproduct is insufficient etc.

SCS Software Big in America
After revealing our plans for Heavy Cargo for Euro Truck Simulator 2, we have noticed some American Truck Simulator players worrying if we are not forgetting about them.

Fear not, because we have something equally cool in the making for you!

The US regulations are different from European, calling for different axle configurations for the special transport trailers. It takes a ton of skill to master driving these monstrosities, just look at the screenshots bellow...



Cattle & Crops leaving
i know it may seem wrong to think this but i think the ea is fake atm and let me explain why , because (1) we havent had any updates of what is happening yes i understand that they are busy but im sure they have someone spare who can keep us up to date with wats going on every so many days not once a month or how ever long it is (2) and it just seems weird how we all brought the ea version and they give us a march ea time and then a (few) weeks and then we havent heard anything ever since so my question is,is there actually going to be a ea as the way i see it,it looks like there aint by the time ea is released the full complete version will be out so im actually questioning myself have i really made a bad mistake in ordering the ea or not?

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