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Update 1.31 for Euro Truck Simulator 2 shares all the new functionality with the same-generation update of ATS, but there are some differences too, and it took us a few more days of internal testing to get it ready for an Open Beta test.


As we have already mentioned when launching ATS 1.31 Open Beta, trailer cables are one of the new shared visible simulation additions. We also have new mirror rendering code, providing more accurate mirrors view, closer to what a real truck driver can see. In addition, there are two main features that ETS2 gets in this update. First, long-awaited random road events finally made it to Europe! There are dozens of them, from the usual minor crashes to the big accidents like burn out vehicles and the emergency landing of small planes. Plus, a small surprise which we kept under the lid till the cable reveal blog post - 8x4 chassis for Next-Gen Scania R and S!

As for smaller changes, 1.31 brings some of the wish list items like a new filter option for job and cargo search, as well as better precision of trip data for dashboard...​

With today’s update v0.1.5.0 we have further improved the steering and added support for established head tracking systems which transfer your head movement into a very realistic camera feeling in the vehicle cabins.

Besides some bug fixes we have also attended the usability of the task system: from now on you can reuse created tasks for your workers by saving or copying them as templates. This is especially useful when you want to cultivate multiple fields in a row. Just copy the first task, change the field, the time or the vehicle/trailer combination as you please and it’s on!

We’re looking forward to your feedback on the subject in our forum.

At the same time we are working on the combine update, which brings you, apart from multiple crop sorts, a combine, as well as a seeding unit for the Hammer CornKing. At the moment we are researching a very promising, physics based solution for the loading and unloading of our 3-side-tipper. We are confident that this system could also be a part of our “Move That Mountain” stretch goal - and it is honestly quite sexy - so we decided to take a bit more time for this update.

Please check out all the changes, bug fixes and news in our changelog, as always.

We hope you have a nice weekend and fun testing!

The MBB team


  • NEW: Headtracking using the FreeTrack 2.0 Protocol is now supported. This protocol is supported...
AMD Ryzen crashes
The long fight with the elusive Ryzen bug (more[www.factorio.com] and more) seems to finally have some resolution.

A few weeks ago I sent an email to AMD, filling them in on the details of the crash, and asked them if they could help us solve this. Very quickly I was put in touch with a member of their CPU engineering team, and they got to work with their investigation. After a few days, and after providing them all the information we have (log files, source code, crash dumps etc.), the cause of the issue was identified.

Some other developers in the industry also had this problem and worked with AMD to fix it, so it's unlikely that the CPU bug was fixed only because of us, but we are honoured to have contributed to this. Unfortunately we do not have any technical or deep insight into where exactly the problem lay, or what the fix was, as it was somewhere between the motherboard BIOS and the Ryzen chipset drivers.

So if you are running Factorio on a Ryzen system, we advise you to update your BIOS using the files and procedures found on your motherboard manufacturer's website, and update your chipset drivers to the latest version[support.amd.com].

PAX East Report
Every year, the Open House Prague festival opens some unique, architecturally important, and under normal circumstances inaccessible buildings and areas to the general public free of charge. This year, the 4th edition - which will take place on May 19-20, 2018 - will open more than 60 buildings and offices around the city. And we're among them!


While we occasionally invite members of our fan community like modders, YouTubers, Twitchers or other media and press people to visit our office to spend some time with us, we've never done an official open-day event before. We've decided to take the opportunity and join this festival to let the general public walk around our new office and see where our games are being made.


So, if you'd like to visit our 'home', take a guided tour and engage in a small chat with some members of our team, or try one of our 4D motion seats which we have here, mark these days in your calendar and plan a trip to Prague. This is the...​
Last December's add-on release for Euro Truck Simulator 2 - the Special Transport DLC - has been accepted very positively in the fan community. As you may remember, a comparable game expansion is also in the works for American Truck Simulator, but meanwhile, the team behind Special Transport still keeps on tweaking and improving their creation.

We are happy to reveal that along with the upcoming ETS2 1.31 Update, the Special Transport DLC will also be updated with new jobs. There are new routes added to the core map, and several new routes will also be accessible for owners of other map DLCs.

This is not our last take on Special Transport, you can count on further tweaks and improvements down the road!​