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Modding Central, a community made by modders for all to discuss, mod and download mods for multiple games in a safe and secure environment.

SCS Software Gamescom 2018 is here
Gamescom expo is starting today - and we are there in full force! The biggest European games industry show usually attracts over 300,000 visitors; the crowds are huge and the lines are long.


Our Sim Trailer is parked in the center of Hall 8 of Gamescom. We are looking forward to meeting fans of our games as well as introducing our sims to people who are new to the genre! We'll be happy to let the visitors drive through a few spots in Oregon and in the Baltic region - showing several already finished locations from the upcoming DLC.

However, we are aware that the majority of our fan base cannot make it to the show. To make it up for you, we are sharing two new short videos with you. These video loops are currently playing on the screens attached to our sim trailer, teasing the line waiting to try our motion seats. We thought you may want to see them, too. Please be aware that this is still very much a work in progress. Especially for the Beyond the Baltic Sea video - the content of the DLC is still far from finished, so the videos do not yet represent the final result.

We have uploaded the videos to the respective Steam Store pages of both DLC. Our goal is clear - we want to attract you there first to give you a chance to add the DLC to your wishlist already! ;)

Hallo zusammen! [​IMG]

Ich habe folgendes Problem: Die cnc Techdemo Karte wird zwar geladen, jedoch kann ich mich null bewegen. Das Spiel läuft, also die Spielfigur sieht nach links und rechts und Umgebungssound ist auch zu hören. Jedoch kann ich jede beliebige Taste drücken aber nichts passiert. Lediglich der Mauscursor lässt sich bewegen, den ich übrigens auch nicht wegbekomme. Was läuft hier falsch? Ich hoffe ihr könnt mir weiterhelfen!

LG Lucas

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ARK Digest 53!

Thank you for all of your questions, Survivors! We're excited to be bringing back the ARK Digest as it's been quite awhile since we had one. We plan to do these approximately once a month going forward so Digest 54 will take place near the end of September.

Here is our question and answer session with Lead Programmer Chris Willoughby!

Survivor Tiny Hippo asks, “I'm getting the feeling that Extinction will be a no-flyer map like Aberration was. The new cryo-chamber system, the climbing Enforcer, the drone, floating boxes, and the Gasbags seem like things that would replace flying, so I just get the idea that there may not be fliers on Extinction. Would you please clarify if there will or won't be?”

Fliers are allowed on Extinction! There will be a number of existing fliers that spawn in Extinction, and we’re working on a few more to add to your collection. That said, there will be new challenges for fliers on this map that we’re excited for you to discover and contend with.​

Survivor Max K asks, “Any news on the kibble tree rework?”

While imperfect, a lot of thought and work went into building the kibble tree as it stands now. A number of us internally would like to make major changes to this, potentially rebuilding it from the ground up. The reality is that this represents a significant undertaking, and would be very disruptive to the game. If we decide to tackle this, it will be post Extinction.​
A bunch of us will be travelling to Gamescom next week as visitors, if you see anybody wearing a Factorio t-shirt, it might very well be one of us. We don't have a booth or exhibit this year, as we don't want to take any focus away from the development of the game.

Catalyst fixes
When we first released 0.15, we allowed Kovarex enrichment to use productivity modules. It very quickly became clear this doesn't work, as when the extra products were produced, it would output an additional 41 U-235, even though 40 of them were used as ingredients. An additional problem is that the 40 U-235 used as ingredients was shown as consumed in the production stats, and 41 as produced, even though really only 1 U-235 is produced. We added a fix for the production stats, but had more pressing concerns so we moved on.

However one of our source access members, Nexela, saw the potential, and decided to develop the concept more fully. With his work and some final integration tweaks from kovarex, we now have a proper catalyst system for the recipes in the game. What this means is that productivity will only apply on the count of produced items which are not also ingredients, with the enrichment process example, the bonus production will only give 1 U-235, not 41. This also means that Coal Liquefaction has been somewhat nerfed, so we might take a look at rebalancing it.

For modders: Catalyst ingredients are automatically calculated when the recipes are loaded, or can be manually...

-Starting: Friday, August 17, 2018.
-Deadline for submissions: Friday, August 31, 2018.
-Contest voting begins Friday, September 7, 2018.
-Contest voting ends: Friday, September 21, 2018.
-Create and submit Space Engineers multiplayer videos for your chance to have them uploaded to the Space Engineers YouTube channel.


Hello, Engineers!

We are excited to announce the Space Engineers Multiplayer Video Competition! There are so many beautiful, spectacular and crazy stories that unfold in Space Engineers and we want to share yours with as many people as possible!


For inspiration, we think the Space Engineers - Public Multiplayer Test (07/2018) YouTube video is a great example of the narratives created by many players in Space Engineers.


-Please submit your entries to press@keenswh.com with the subject line : Space Engineers Multiplayer Video Competition Submission.
-Entries must be submitted in MP4 format, 1080p or higher - 4K preferred - and contain a title.
-Be sure to adhere to the original visual styling and feeling of Space Engineers....