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What an intriguing discovery survivors, can you guess what creature it is?

ARK Digest 50!

Here is our special Aberration edition question and answer session with Lead Designer, Lead Programmer, Co-Creative Director of ARK: Survival Evolved, and Co-Founder of Studio Wildcard: Jeremy "Drake" Stieglitz!

Survivor Eschmidty505 asks, "Will Aberration have an Ascension boss like the island?"

Yes, along with an increased Ascension level and a narrative-advancing ending!​

Survivor NeckRipper asks, "Will dlc content carrier over to the different arks island, center and rag? Like zipline, ice picks ect…"

Yes, it will, and all of the items are being designed to be useful on more than just Aberration.​

Survivor danleveille asks, "How will taming work in Aberration? Will there be any major changes to the taming mechanic or will it remain roughly similar? Will there be Kibble? Asking for a friend."

For your “friend”, I can say that while most creatures will be similar in core mechanics to The Island creatures, there are a few that are rather batsh$t crazy to tame. One even involves xenomorphic impregnation and chestbursting.​

Survivor xViiVD asks, "I have heard from multiple sources that there will be no fliers on this map. Will you restrict any form of transferring fliers...

Today we present you the seasonable corn chopping update. There is a new quest and more machines (Claas Jaguar 960, Claas Axion 940, Hawe SLW 50T).

Regarding the fill planes in the trailer we can say that we could implement half of “Move that mountain.” The system is based on the voxel technology which enables dynamic filling and the realistic creation of heaps. Nonetheless, there is still a lot of work to be done to make the process of loading and unloading even more realistic and to further improve the performance.

The silo for storage is located behind the farmyard. We have implemented a simple heap version there at the moment, a pile that grows out of the ground, according to the fill level. The voxel technology will also be deployed there later.

We had to rework the basics of the AI, which took up a lot of time. The sections headland, turning maneuver, chopping and transport also belong in this area. For the beginning it is possible to operate the harvester and in the quest the AI takes care of the transport.

The new graphics options for shadows and FOV (Field of View) improve the performance and give you more individual means to ideally adjust Cattle and Crops to your system.

We have also revised the system for the bending and snapping of plants. This becomes noticeable in the destruction of fruit as...
I need to make a confession.

I'm addicted.
Addicted to optimisation.
I earned some money by the game ... you know .. I could just .. I don't know .. play games and ... have some leisure time, but do you know what would be the problem? I would have to think about some Factorio optimisations I wanted to do anyway.

When I go to bed in the evening, I think about cache locality and data structures. I dream about ways to reorganize structures to minimize the amount of data needed to be read to perform Factorio logic. When I walk in the park, i visualize the tricks that could be done to decrease data and logic dependencies. This usually only stops when I see how many bugs need to be fixed after release when lot of changes are done.

Electric network optimisation
The electric network optimisation for 0.16 was simple in principle. We currently have one continuous buffer of electric connector data stored in the electric network. It needs to be iterated twice (first for calculation, second for power distribution).


The change was to categorize energy connector data by the prototype:


It adds another layer of indirection when something needs to be added/removed from the network, but that happens quite rarely. The...
SCS Software Italia: Ring Roads
The choices that we have to make about the road network in our games are always difficult. With the scale of our virtual world being about 1:20 to reality, we have to be very selective about picking particular highways, cities, and parts of cities that should represent any given area.


We are always trying to pick locations that are characteristic for the regions and cities, but there is no way that we could squeeze in the whole pattern of a city's roads into the game map. In some cases, we manage to venture close to the city center with a major road artery. In most cases though, we have to pick a part of a ring road (beltway, beltline, loop) encircling the city, and a few important connecting roads there. The city skyline is only there on the horizon, but we still manage to identify and recreate a bunch of interesting landmarks up close for the players to drive by and recognize, aiming for the "Aha! I know this place!" moment.


All of the above, of course, also applies to the creation of our latest map expansion for...​