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Modding Central

Modding Central, a community made by modders for all to discuss, mod and download mods for multiple games in a safe and secure environment.

We are happy to release American Truck Simulator Update 1.33 out of open beta! Thanks to everyone who helped us verify the stability of the new features. We kept testing the ATS update a bit longer to make sure that there were no surprises with the new detours feature, and fortunately it looks like the reactions to it are all positive. We'll keep tweaking the feature in upcoming updates, and of course we owe it also to players of Euro Truck Simulator 2 - once we create the relevant new graphics content depicting the blocked roads.


As both our flagship sims are running on the same codebase, American Truck's update benefited from the extended Experimental and Open Beta programs we have tried ahead of Euro Truck 2's new update. We are very likely to repeat the process again for most of the upcoming updates.

Even when we are not currently in open beta, we'd like to invite you to provide your feedback, input, wishes, and critique on our forums. We keep monitoring the message boards pretty much every day. The old school forums often work better for a discussion thread taking place across several days or weeks, compared to the typical quick fire and forget exchanges on newer generation social media.

Enjoy all the new additions and happy trucking. By...​

It is with a very heavy heart that we (SOB Modding) after having to do a bit of soul searching (and working out our expenditures ;)) have decided to close Modding Central down.

Unfortunately the costs of running our server / website and with the site not attracting the traffic we had hoped as the plan was always for MC to be self funding.
Part of this was down to us as a team losing our modding mojo, the drive to create mods and also was in part to Giants choice to host and pay modder to release mods onto there own site and then add the option to download from within the game, which was a nice touch from Giants we must add.

SOB Modding is not splitting up and we are not going away. we have agreed as a team that if and when we do release any of our work, they will only be on Giants Modhub and we must also point out that we are busy playing and working on mods for this version of Farm Simulator as well as working on future titles of other games.

We would also like to point out that any and all data held on this site (including everyone's personal data) will be deleted. This will also including all messages and all downloaded work by our own team. If we choose to upload these or any of our work to Modhub for example we shall do that ourselves.

We would like to thank everyone for there input over the last couple of years and also thank the nearly 17,000 members for joining our site, that really meant a lot to us.
We would also like to thank our...

For the weekend a small preview of the grassland update part II. The image shows a Claas Direct Disc cutterbar suitable for the Claas Jaguar.

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a large part of the team is attending GDS[www.gdsession.com], if you are in Prague and interested in Games, you are welcome to come as well.

New Manage/Install/Update mods GUI
As we were going through the main menu, improving the looks and sometimes the interaction of most of the GUIs, it was obvious the mod management needed some attention. Most of the interaction was quite unintuitive and limited, making most players prefer using the web version[mods.factorio.com] and managing the files manually.

Mods will be managed, installed and updated from the same GUI, the 3 operations being shown as 3 tabs. The interaction, arrangement and intuitiveness of the GUI should be vastly improved. It still won't have all the features of the online mod portal (such as discussions) but provides a very quick hassle-free way of installing and updating mods without having to deal with files.




Note these are just mockups, the in-game integration will be starting soon, and it...
Starting tomorrow, for the third year in a row, we will be participating in the Game Developers Session 2018 event in our home town Prague. GDS is an annual game developer conference with the longest tradition in the Czech republic, dating back to 2003. It's getting bigger and better every year, and we are happy to support it as a Silver Partner.


Our own little version of GDC is two days of presentations and a small expo area to show the games. It's a great chance to have a chat with the fellow game developers from central Europe, listen to really interesting presentations from industry peers, and who knows, perhaps even hire some fresh and passionate blood.

We want to show off a bit, so we are bringing to the show not just our games, but also one of our 4D motion seats, and of course SCS Software's very own On The Road crew and a bunch of additional members of our teams. Also, two of our colleagues give an invited lecture - our CEO Pavel Šebor and ATS Map Design team lead Ondřej Dufek.