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Modding Central, a community made by modders for all to discuss, mod and download mods for multiple games in a safe and secure environment.

We are hard at work on the 3D models of Next Generation Scania R and S trucks. There is still a ton of work left for the two-person team responsible for the interior and exterior of the vehicle, but we are seeing solid progress. In a previous blog post, we have covered the process of 3D scaning and photogrammetry, performed on a research trip to Scania Demo Centre in Södertälje, Sweden. But looks is not everything. In recent days, a small production team set out to record the truck sounds, and to photograph additional specific details of the cabin interior. Our thanks belong to Scania Czech Republic based in Chrášťany near Prague, who let us play with Scania’s new trucks range for 2017 models - V8 S580 and R450. We took four days in total for the sound recording sessions, so you can imagine that it was rather thorough.

We recorded sounds on eight microphones simultaneously. A vehicle's sounds are recorded at once for interior as well as for selected exterior areas and important mechanical parts. We go through various driving modes and workloads to get a...​
Many of you speculated, if Cattle and Crops contains weather seasons or not. Because of this we created a small timelapse video to give you an impression how the simulation of an entire year looks a like in the game. In this video are 365 days simulated beginning with the first July.
In order to generate realistic weather data we use statistical weather data of the region. However we disabled a few weather effects like rain and fog in this video because otherwise the video would be too turbulent.
We hope you like this small introduction and give us your feedback.

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Did you know? All vehicles in our gameplay trailer are controlled by our AI workers.

We are currently working on a devlog video showcasing AI features in Cattle and Crops.


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Work this week has been progressing nicely on 0.15. We hope we will be able to start our internal play testing soon, as the team works to close off the rest of the major features. Rseding will be arriving here in Prague next week for another of his infamous visits, and Harkonnen will be joining us shortly after, so the office will be prepared for tackling any issues that may arise.

Since we are going to be spending the next period polishing and fixing what we already have, you can look forward to some less interesting FFF posts in the coming days. Take the lack of exiting new topics to cover as a good omen that the whole team's effort is on getting everything ready for the release.

Press key & content policy
Video and content creators are a really integral part of our success as a developer, without the exposure and feedback we receive from reviews, critique and lets plays of the game, Factorio would not be the what it is today. While this probably won't be the last time, I wanted to express our deepest gratitude to everybody who has helped to spread the word about project, and to every one of our community members and contributors.

For a long time we have offered press keys on our website, for channels that meet our requirements, we give a free review key in exchange for their thoughts and coverage. This next section might not be as interesting to Factorio players, but I would like to take this opportunity to share some word of warning for any other developers or...
Cattle & Crops Joskin Timelapse
Something quick for the weekend: we played around with sun settings, timelapses, and Joskins...

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