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This week we are adding collision/impact sounds for all metal objects - tools, components and ships. The final sound is dependent on the mass of the objects. Heavier items produce louder and more bassy sounds.
Also, music is now divided into different categories (space, planet, building, fighting etc) and played according to the current game situation e.g. building theme when building, fighting theme when fighting. Connectors should be much more stable after today's update as we have introduced something that we call "connector welding". They now function similar to landing gears where two ships connecting together will become one physical object. Finally, weapon spread has been added to the game.

Full list of new features and fixes: http://forums.keenswh.com/threads/7383675
28/04/16 Giants Statement:


Spring time! Finally the days are getting longer and warmer again. It’s getting even hotter with the spring promotion and $60 (€80) price reduction on the Farm Sim wheel bundle of our partner Saitek. Optimized for use with Farming Simulator 15 the hardware delivers an even more authentic driving experience for your virtual spring trip. If duty calls the many preconfigured buttons and the realistic front loader stick on the side console give you perfect control over the heavy machines.

Get the Saitek Farm Sim wheel bundle now for $239.99 (€249.99) instead of $299.99 (€329.00). More information about the bundle and where you can buy it can be found on the Saitek website.
Anouncement Just Cause 3 Free DLC
01/04/16 Giants Statement:


Fresh from his latest assignment to overthrow a vile dictatorship in his beloved homeland Medici, ‘Just Cause 3’ hero Rico Rodriguez is taking a break from destruction - he's now trying his hand at tending the soil of Farming Simulator 15 in a FREE DLC UPDATE.

Coming this summer, Just Cause 3’s iconic STRIA RUSTICO tractor will debut in Farming Simulator 15. Repurposed by Rico to aid the rebels in their revolution, Just Cause 3 showed that there was nothing that the Rustico couldn’t do, now it’s time to see what its trademark havoc causing can bring to the world of harvesting.

The Rustico being the latest in a long line of fantasy inspired agricultural rides that Rico could borrow in the Just Cause series. Known as the “Medician workhorse” the Stria Rustico could be seen throughout Medici working the fields and was pride of place at many farmsteads in the glistening Mediterranean paradise.

Long praised by Medici’s Ministerio de l'Agricultura for its reliability and unprecedented haulage, the Rustico will be adorned in its sun weathered coat of paint from Just Cause 3, but that is not all… As the Rustico comes to you straight from Medici, this version will be equipped with nitrous boosters as per Rico’s specification adding an extra layer of danger and excitement to your ploughing– it’s pretty difficult to pull off contour farming whilst being propelled uncontrollably at speeds of 80mph or more.


Exciting news Survivors! The Megapithecus makes their debut in ARK: Survival Evolved as players can now face off the mighty beast and it's army of giant apes and monkey minions in their epic snowy-mountain lair. Patch 240 also introduces the ever-so-friendly, team-player, Lystrosaurus, which can be pet to temporarily enable an xp-gaining buff around it, the frightening Arthropluera, a giant and ridable centipede possessing a devastating acid-spit and the high-quality, blood-draining, "Prime Fish" Sabertooth Salmon and an interesting and exciting new form of combat with the primitive Bolas!


Lystrosaurus Aicifidelis: About two feet long, the loyal Lystrosaurus Aicifidelis is a small, resilient herbivore, that learns fast and therefore gains experience much more quickly than most other creatures, while also recovering its torpor and health much faster than most creatures. Its presence inspires allies, making them learn and gain experience more rapidly, too....
Over sixty people are now contributing on a daily basis into the growth and improvements of Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator, and this number will continue to grow. There is some Big Stuff in production in our labs; projects that we keep iterating on until we feel that they are ready for release. Sometimes it takes a while until we are truly ready. You can be sure that we feel the same sentiment as you - we wish that SCS were able to release new maps and vehicles faster, too!

We are trying hard, SCS has been on a hiring spree in recent months, we have four new talented developers joining our map and vehicle teams just this month. Actually our office space is about to reach 100% capacity full, so we are negotiating our options to make sure we can hire even more people. We may end up renting more space in our current building, or maybe even moving on to a new location again eventually.

The one area where we have become very productive over time is creation of country-specific paintjob sets for Euro Truck Simulator 2. We know that paintjobs are Small Stuff - and a bit controversial for some of you - as we are all impatiently waiting for the Big Stuff to appear. But we still owe paintjobs to a lot of fans who have not had their home country covered yet. We are now confident that we will be able to create paintjobs for all the countries which you can visit in the game, and some more for countries where we know there a lot of ETS2 players.

For now,...​