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A new Explorer Note has been discovered!


We’re excited to reveal the second of many Explorer Notes to be uncovered whilst surviving on the ARK very soon.

In patch v248, the ‘Explorer Note System’ will be finding its way onto the ARK the Island and Scorched Earth. You’ll be able to discover the stories of actual inhabitants that have lived on the isle, and follow what their fates are over time. By studying their notes, learning through their experiences, and revealing the secrets they have discovered, you will be able to get closer to the heart of the mysteries surrounding the ARK.

This "Raia Tablet" has been found specifically on Scorched Earth. It's very intriguing... But who is Raia? And what does it say?

We are putting out a call to all Survivors! We need your help in translating this mysterious tablet. The first person to translate this tablet and tweet the findings to us on our Twitter @survivetheark (either with a screenshot of the translation or a pastebin link) using the hashtag #ARKNote will be rewarded with a $100 Steam giftcard! Be the first to unravel a true mystery of the ARK, and best of luck!

ARK: Scorched Earth 25% Off!


Also: to celebrate the upcoming release of ARK v248 and...
Hello Engineers! This week we are releasing the visual scripting tool which also comes with some other improvements that should help all the Keen mission and scenario creators out there.
There’s also a short example mission to help you learn and for you to use as inspiration. We look forward to seeing what the community comes up with and we’ll be running a competition in the near future, so get designing!

Other features include main menu redesign, directory structure support for the load world page, explosion visual effects after destruction of certain blocks, larger max voxel tool size and ability to select a default camera in a remote control block
Lastly, there’s an update for the stable branch today which contains features like the realistic sound mode and improvements to the renderer and ModAPI taking it to version 01.153

Full list of new features and fixes: http://forums.keenswh.com/threads/7388209
Factorio Version 0.14.4

once I changed the science packs for 0.15[www.factorio.com], I had to do a playtest to have a feel of how the changes affect the game.

I finished it just before writing this post:


This was the first single player playthrough in a long time, so there was a lot of new findings.
I also enjoyed all the new features, like blueprint book, auto trash, train conditions etc. These were little things but they helped a lot.

Finding 1 - the game contains a lot already
The game took me 46 hours to finish. I didn't hurry too much, but it is still quite a long time, considering I played the game several times from start to finish already.

It is not always so obvious to me when we are doing little iterative additions one by one, but when playing from start to finish, there are a lot of things to do. I like the moments when I have dozens of improvements to do and I need to choose the most important one for the moment. The complete change of playstyle in different phases of the game (Burner → research → mass production → trains → multibelt setups → construction robots → even bigger mass production → automated delivery → modules → multi platform stations → rocket) felt right. The overall feeling was, that we shouldn't add much to the game content...
The following link is to a trailer for the Procedural Planets v2 demo that was shown last weekend at Citizencon.

There has been a lot said over the last 4 years since Star Citizen was setup via Kickstarter and to date I think it's the biggest project to ever emerge from this (currently at $135 million and it's target was $20 million).

But with a team of 350 people in 4 offices around the world I think we can now just start to see some of how truly epic this game will become in around a years time.
The trailer is around 30 mins long and it's really worth looking over the whole trailer as there are some really epic bits dotted throughout this trailer/demo.