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Nuclear power
The prototyping of the nuclear power is 90% complete. Some parts of the planned stuff like cooling towers and closed water cycle were dropped. The main reason is that the jump the player needs to do when he wants to switch to the nuclear power is big enough already. The secondary goal is to not get too megalomaniac as there are lot of things our graphics department needs to handle for 0.15 already. We can always add these options later if we want to.

I would like to make clear, that all the nuclear related graphics on these pictures are just a placeholders (made by me), the proper graphics will be done later.

The first part of the process is mining of the uranium, which will be done exactly the same way as any other resource.


The uranium processing requires a new entity called centrifuge, it uses 10 ores to create Uranium 238 and Uranium 235. The ratio is set to be as in reality, which means, the Uranium 235 (The better one) has only 0.7% probability.

The uranium 238 itself is not enough to make the nuclear fuel, so it needs to be mixed with 235 again, but in bigger ratio than it had in the ore, specifically 5% of Uranium 235 needs to be in the mix.

There are different ways to handle the problem of leftovers of Uranium 238 in the real life, but to keep things from getting too complicated, the Factorio player...
Hello, Engineers! This week’s update contains a large amount of fixes including a major one for landing gears which were having issues locking to both voxels and grids. The landing gears 3d model has also been adjusted so that the base of it is more central and does not protrude as much. There has also been other model improvements including updated models for the oxygen tank, blast furnace, upgrade modules and the spotlight. The sliding door block now has emissions that shows it’s status, bringing it in line with the standard door. Some of these changes were in fact made because of comments from the community. So thanks for all of the feedback and you can expect to see more of these visual tweaks in the coming weeks.
We are also adding materials into the ModSDK to fix issues with pink textures with some mods. We appreciate your patience with getting this solution out.

Full list of new features and fixes: http://forums.keenswh.com/threads/7391778
SCS Software New Scania S and R
Several weeks ago, we have posted a brief tweet with a couple of photographs documenting the work of a small crew sent by SCS Software to Scania's truck manufacturing plant in Södertälje, Sweden.


The guys were there to make detailed 3D scans and take plenty of photos of the new Scania's R and S series vehicles.

Even though it was an isolated mention, it became obvious that this news is of much interest to Euro Truck Simulator 2 fan community, as the tweet ended up with over 800 "likes" and 200 retweets; actually record numbers for whole of 2016.


The scanning crew has come back to Prague after three days of work, and the team has since started using the ton of acquired digital data as the basis for creation of the new vehicle 3D models.

It was a nice surprise for us today to see that Scania's press...​
SCS Software Michelin Fan Pack
We are proud to introduce a new set of truck tyres and truck accessories, officially licensed from Michelin to Euro Truck Simulator 2. We are complementing them by several "aftermarket" goodies and paintjobs to create a mix that should bring a smile to every Michelin fan's face.

Michelin is one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the world, acknowledged as an innovator with a history spanning over 120 years. Michelin's brand identity is immediately recognizable. The symbol of the company - Bibendum, the Michelin Man - is one of the world's oldest trademarks, it has become a cultural phenomenon.

Here is the Steam Store link to Michelin Fan Pack DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2. You can find the list of officially licensed tyres in the list below, but there is more. Just as many drivers and users of their tyres are ready to go the extra mile to decorate their vehicles with additional adornments, we wanted to provide you with a sampling of additional cabin accessories and fan-inspired paintjobs beyond the official merchandise catalogue.


This new DLC marks another big milestone for us in our effort to introduce more transportation brands into our games' universe. It's certainly an opportunity for us to celebrate. And we want to celebrate with the most loyal...​
ARK: Survival Evolved Introducing the Equus!

Dino Dossier

A new Dino Dossier has been revealed, this one is everyone’s favourite specialized speedy steed, the Equus!