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Alpha blending and pre-multiplied alpha
From time to time there is some confusion inside the team about how sprites are blended with the background when rendering, and what kind of effects we are able to achieve by tinting the sprites. So I (Posila) have decided to write up a few paragraphs about how alpha blending works (not only in Factorio), and what it means when someone talks about pre-multiplied alpha.

When the GPU it figuring out what color it should draw on a particular pixel position, it runs a blending operation on just the computed pixel color and original color in the render target. There are several common blending operation modes (additive, multiplicative, overwrite, etc.), but the most common one used in Factorio is alpha blending. It calculates the resulting color using following equation (usually the new color is called 'source' and the background color that is being overwritten is called 'destination'):
You can easily see that a source with alpha 0 will be fully transparent and the one with alpha 1 will be fully opaque.

In games it is common to use a pre-multiplied alpha, which means the color channels of textures are stored in memory being already pre-multiplied by the alpha channel. Alpha blending with pre-multiplied alpha uses a simplified equation:...
Hello, Engineers! This week’s update contains some major improvements to the the physics engine and optimizations to voxel performance. Notably, wheels have been given some much needed attention as well as pistons and rotors. Standing and walking around on a fast moving ship should be more stable and you may also notice that you can finally use a piston as a moving platform. Before this update, you character would just slide off. Voxel performance has been increased by around 60% so you should see more gains in FPS on planets.
Lastly, we’ve released a Deluxe Edition of Space Engineers on Steam containing the official soundtrack, concept artwork and a first release of the game from 2013. If you already own the Space Engineers, the Deluxe Edition should appear with a lower price for you on the Steam Store ;)

Full list of new features and fixes: http://forums.keenswh.com/threads/7391502
Deluxe Edition Bundle: http://store.steampowered.com/bundle/2329/
We were originally planning to wrap up the Grand Gift Delivery event on the first day of the new year, but we now see that many of you would appreciate more time.


As of now, we have given away over 70 thousand keys as a reward for completing the required ten Christmas deliveries, but there are still over 50,000 players trying to complete the objective. Over 500,000 jobs were delivered since the campaign started, which was quite a stress test of our infrastructure (you may have noticed some glitches in the early days until we have boosted our database processing power). It is also a great testament of the level of involvement and passion that the fans have for our games. Right at this moment over 10 thousand Christmas deliveries are on their way! It may be a bit late to help poor Santa in time for his self-imposed deadlines, but not too late for your chances to earn the reward!

We are setting the final deadline of Grand Gift Delivery to midnight of January 15, 2017, CEST. Providing you with more time is also another way of saying "thanks for your support" during the final voting for Steam Awards 2016.

But that's not all!

After a very...​
At the very end of the year, Valve announced the winners of the first Steam Awards. And we got the most amazing gift: Euro Truck Simulator 2 is among the winners, in fact receiving both awards that it was nominated for!

We want to thank all of you who have given us a few minutes of your time to vote for our game. Our fan community is just fabulous! We are commited to improving and expanding Euro Truck Simulator 2 as well as American Truck Simulator in 2017 and beyond, you can look forward to some really good stuff!​
We are so very proud to say that as of this morning Modding Central reached a milestone of 5000 site members.

On behalf of the whole team of Modding Central, SOB Modding and many many others who work behind the scenes, we would like to say thanks to each and every one of members.

A Massive thank you goes out to ABC Game Servers for there continued support.

We would also like to thank PC-SG for all there support for when we first setup our site ;)

Please remember to check out our Facebook page ;)

We wish you all a Happy New Year as next year there is only more to come from us all.