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Cattle & Crops Bresel und Lade
Another brand included in Cattle and Crops:
Welcome aboard Bressel und Lade Maschinenbau GmbH

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The programmable speaker
There has always been some talk around the office about a music box that can be used to make simple sounds, you could even connect it to the circuit network and make simple songs. I put it on my long list of circuit network ideas, and in the past few week it has been coming to life.

So today I'll be talking about an exciting new entity coming in 0.15: the Programmable Speaker. It was designed to do two main things:
  • Show configurable GUI alerts and play audio alerts based on circuit conditions.
  • Play audio samples as controlled by the circuit network in a way that simple songs can be created.
The entity graphics are placeholder programmer graphics.


Let's start with the useful part, it's pretty straightforward. You set your circuit condition, set the sound you want it to make, set whether the sound should be heard in that part of the factory or across the entire map and add an optional GUI alert message. When the circuit condition is true, the speaker will play the selected sound and show the optional GUI alert. You can let the sound play continuously or use simple combinator logic to make the sound at custom intervals.


And now that fun part. We knew we...
Hello, Engineers! This week’s update contains more improvements to the overall game and modding. For example, there’s new block models for the oxygen generator and corner lights. Also, the hitbox on small grid automated turrets has been reduced which should help when flying into smaller hangars and make the placement of them on the underside of ships much less problematic.
We've been hard at work on the ModAPI and programmable block API. There's *hundreds* of changes, including many community requests, so please check the forum for the complete list. We’d like to say a massive thanks to Inflex, Elfi Wolfe, Phoenix84 and Malware for their contributions.
Currently, the designers are finalizing concepts of the new HUD with implementation expected to start over the coming weeks. To top it all off, we’re planning to make the HUD much easier to mod so it’s definitely something to look forward to!

Full list of new features and fixes: http://forums.keenswh.com/threads/7392278
We have had some reports of users experiencing an issue with the game graphics after updating to the GeForce Driver 378.49 with a GeForce 10 series video card.

To workaround this issue, open the Factorio properties in steam, and set the launch options to:

We hope Nvidia will be able to address this issue shortly, if not we will release an update to limit the texture size by default.
Hello, a wave of illness has afflicted the team these last few weeks, but things are starting to pick up again. With the collective health of the office back to normal, progress is advancing well on the features for 0.15.

Mod gui
We offer a lot of freedom to the modders of Factorio, this freedom has been of huge advantage to everyone involved, allowing interesting and fresh mechanics to be implemented with simple Lua script and our API.

With freedoms comes the fact that we can't control everything the modders want to do. In terms of visual design we have our own GUI elements under lock down, but mods can put things together in any way they like, and with no style guides or templates, we can end up with situations like this:


The player will understand that it isn't really our 'fault' that the buttons are not in a uniform style, but still it's an issue I wanted to try to address.

Typically a mod Gui will be created something like this:

function create_gui(player) player.gui.left.add { type = "sprite-button", name = "My_mod_button", sprite = "item/my-mod-item", style = "My-mod-button-style" } player.gui.left.add { type = "frame", name = "My_mod_frame", caption = "My mod frame", style = "My-mod-frame-style" } end

This is very simple, and easy enough to understand, but will require each mod to define their own style, or use the LuaStyle...