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SCS Software Trucking Christmas
It's Christmas time again, and everything around us is being tuned and decorated in colors and motifs related to this special part of the year. Players of Euro Truck Simulator 2 may remember us creating a Christmas-themed paint set last year already, and we have been hearing requests from American Truck Simulator fans that they would like to have a chance to tune their trucks for Xmas, too. So today we are bringing you the American Truck Simulator Christmas Paint Job Pack, containing five exclusive paints for your metal beasts. Here is a few sample screenshots:




While creating the new ATS paints, we decided that even ETS2 set could benefit from additional variety. So we have also silently expanded the Euro Truck Simulator 2 Christmas Paintjobs Pack with two new truck liveries as well. If you already own this DLC, it has been automatically updated with the new paints....​
Hello Engineers! Today, we are pushing all the features from last week’s enormous update to the stable branch. Just in case you missed the news, this includes the total block redesign, new multiplayer netcode, a tutorial campaign and much more! We wanted to make this great update available to all players as you’ve been asking for it all week! In combination with this today’s bug and crash fixes, you should be able to enjoy a stable gameplay experience. This update also marks the transition of Space Engineers moving to Beta phase.
The most important thing to remember with this announcement is that there is still more content, improvements and many optimizations to come. As an example, we can confirm that one of the things being worked on currently is a new HUD which should significantly increase your immersion in the game. Beta simply means that we feel the game now has a solid foundation.

Full list of new features and fixes: http://forums.keenswh.com/threads/7390358
Marek's blog post about Space Engineers Beta: http://blog.marekrosa.org/2016/12/space-engineers-entering-beta_15.html
IndieDB Awards: http://www.indiedb.com/groups/2016-indie-of-the-year-awards/top100#vote26095
We are happy to announce that our work on the rescale of American Truck Simulator world is finished! Looking back, we see thousands of hours that we have invested into this project over the last six months. Our efforts have produced a result which we’re very proud of; the reworked road network is much closer to reality. We've made another big step on our quest to show the United States as they really are, as they can be seen by truck drivers in real life.

In recent months, we have kept you updated about the rescale project of the American Truck Simulator world from 1:35 to 1:20. The changes are quite extensive, with the different world scale comes also a longer day-night cycle and rebalancing of the economy, so the gaming experience is changing way more than would be expected through "mere patch" of an existing game. If you want a small refresher on the changes, we are linking the relevant blog topics below:

The Rescale – basic pillars of the project and the reasons for its creation

American Truck Simulator Rescale Screenshots – screenshots from rescale project

American Truck Simulator Rescale Screenshots #2 – the second series of screenshots

ATS World Rescale Open...
Nightvision nightmare
As Twinsen continues tweaking the combat, he started to complain about the “green fog” effect that is applied during night when the player’s character has nightvision goggles equipped. Nightvison in 0.14 works in a way that it reduces the darkness of night, and then draws a transparent green overlay. This washes out the colors, reduces contrast, and makes the picture pretty unpleasant to look at.


The first idea was to just make the green overlay be rendered around light sources, to reward players who put lights into their bases, by not making the base look worse with nightvision on. This didn’t look too good, and as we were trying to figure out how to improve it, other developers, especially artists, caught on to what we were doing, and started to provide their own ideas.

Next we tried to darken only the red and blue channels when nightvision is on. This will make the picture green without losing contrast and we can drop the green overlay. We kept “not applying effect onto lighted are” logic and it started to look interesting.

Albert wasn’t happy with the result though, so we continued experimenting. We added a soft green tint to lighted areas, and a bright green glow onto the...
About a week ago, we released a new truck paint job set with Belgium-themed liveries. The goal is always to make the players from a particular country happy with each paint job pack added, but this time we have realized quickly that we had not done our research properly. Our choice of stylized Belgian Lion wasn't a particularly good one, and on top of it about half of Belgian players who have bought the new DLC felt that they were not properly represented there.

With this community feedback in hand, we have decided that we can mend things so that both major enthnicity groups of Belgium can be happier. Please welcome the reworked Flemish Lion and the newly added Walloon Rooster:



The reworked paintjob pack will be automatically downloaded through Steam. ​