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What an intriguing discovery survivors, can you guess what creature it is?
Factorio Version 0.13.0
Here is a summary of the New features of 0.13[guide.factorio.com]

Early in June, we announced a little event on World of Trucks, asking you to deliver three online jobs and promising a free key for the new National Flags DLC as a reward. Now that the event has come to a close, we'd like to share with you a few statistics that we have compiled from it.

The World of Trucks project is still in its infancy, so we were really happy to see the level of interest that you guys and girls showed. We were honestly pleased to give away even more activation codes than we had anticipated. The infographic below shows some interesting numbers about the event:


As a side note, we've noticed that some of you have earned a key but haven't redeemed it yet. If you want to check that you are not missing out, log in to www.worldoftrucks.com, choose "My Page" and go to "Events." If you have an unredeemed key, there will be a message waiting for you there. And, of course, if you missed the chance to earn the National Window Flags DLC key for free, it's available for purchase on Steam.

You might also be interested to hear that Rock Paper Shotgun approached some professional truck drivers who play our games to get their...​
Hello Factorians,

Most of the week has been spent by tweaking and fixing stuff that keeps coming up for the Monday release. Even though things seem to work reasonably well for us a lot of the reported issues are to be expected. Especially regarding the Matching Server and the Mod Portal. It is quite tricky to test these things in our limited environment. So please keep calm and report the bugs=)

Some time ago we came up with an idea of involving more people from the team in writing Friday Facts than just kovarex or tomas. The motivation was to take off quite some responsibility from our shoulders but also to give other team members the opportunity to present their work - which we believe can be interesting to the readers. So slowly, posts written mostly by other developers (related to what they currently work on) started appearing. We would like to go in this one even further. So today, the post is written by Albert, our art director, who will give some introduction into the project from the point of view of the graphics creation and where he is going to steer the project art-wise in the future.

The process

Factorio is made in a way that I consider very organic. What I mean is that we have a general plan, a goal. But in the way of approaching this goal we are able to sit and watch, and see how it goes and tweak it if necessary.

Always with the intention of being honest with the project and ourselves, in a realistic way, we see if the plan is working or not....

Coming this July to an ARK near you!

Hello Survivors!

As the ARK continues to evolve throughout it's development process, something we've wanted to do is to make sure that we're able to introduce new features and gameplay mechanics that are not only beneficial and enjoyable to you as survivors, but also add to your immersive experience. Better grab your gear cause this July you'll be able to take to the seas and try your hand at catching a fish!

This patch will also include some new friends;



And of course we’re super excited about the Official Launch of Primitive Plus!

If you’d like to check out the full upcoming patch notes, with more to come, you can do so here:


Season One: Summer Cup Semi Final!


We’re excited to tell you that the date for the Semi Final match for the Season One:...