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Modding Central, a community made by modders for all to discuss, mod and download mods for multiple games in a safe and secure environment.

Farming Simulator FS17 Mower Gameplay
A short video that has been sent to most you tubers showing a video of the new mowers that mentioned in the Fact Sheet 08 released today enjoy

SCS Software Fixing and Tuning
We are releasing a hotfix for American Truck Simulator to address reports of crashes from users running mods containing in-cabin physics-enabled toys. As ATS doesn't have any customizable physics-enabled cabin content in the standard game, the appropriate code support was not fully enabled in the game's codebase. However a partial code path was still working with the data, causing an abort and crashing the game. If you were not using any cabin tuning mod, you were not affected.

Sorry for the oversight, even a week of extensive Open Beta torture of the game (over 2000 pairs of eyes looking at the game by our estimates) did not reveal this crash. Our theory is that the most advanced game players who tend to opt into the open betas are generally so advanced power-users that they can deal with such a situation and workaround the problem, switch an incompatible mod off, or set the variable of g_toy_physics in the config file from "1" to "0." Unfortunately, nobody shouted loud enough to make us aware of the problem with this class of mods.

The hotfix is also addressing problems on Linux and integrated Intel chipsets, where the recently updated code failed to initialize OpenGL graphics context on game launch.

There is another avalanche of reports criticizing the game's performance; reports of noticeable drop of framerate for some users. We could not replicate this on any of our testing configurations, but we have an alternate theory that may have a merit.

Some two days...​
Bugfixing for 0.14 has been going quite well this week, and while its still in experimental we've been adding some supplementary features before programming work begins properly on 0.15. With the summer ending, things have been settling back into a nice rhythm here in the office.

Improvements to scenarios
We have been playtesting and bugfixing all number of issues that the team challenge has shown us, the aspect of hosting our own server and constantly having people play has really shed some light on those more difficulties, as well as give us a lot thought for tweaks and optimizations.

Some of these changes you might has spotted in the recent change logs, including default team chat, player tags, AFK detection and the latency hiding of god/ghost controllers. A major change we introduced is the sending/saving of the scenarios when you join a server. This means that when you join a server with a custom scenario, you can then play that scenario from the start and host it yourself. We really hope this will generate some greater interest in the development of scenarios. Before it was quite difficult, in that even if you create an amazing scenario, it was often hard for players to actually find and play it.

Production challenge results - Week 1
We have had a lot of fun here at the office playing on the team challenge server. A lot of wasted hours and late nights in some cases. However we were impressed/embarrassed to find that there are a lot of players who...
  • Feature
    • Added Team Production Challenge scenario to the base game.
  • Minor features
    • It is possible to /ban players who aren't present in the map.
    • The headless server saves the banlist in banlist.json file, so a server owner can maintain a single banlist across multiple maps.
    • Added /silent-command: Same as /c, but doesn't print the command ran to every player's console. Available only to server admins and over RCON or server console.
    • Added /purge <player>: removes all messages by the given player from chat. Admin only command.
    • Added /clear - clears your chat window.
    • Added /mute and unmute <player>: prevents the given player from talking in chat. Admin only commands.
    • Added /mutes: displays all muted players.
    • Added /ignore and unignore <player>: ignores messages from the given player. Admin and RCON messages are still shown.
    • Added /ignores: displays all players you're ignoring.
    • Command names in the console can be tab-completed.
    • Player names in the console can be tab-completed.
    • Added AFK Auto kick interval to multiplayer host settings (with never as default).
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed that the headless server would create a character when run with --no-auto-pause. This prevented people from joining their own servers. more[forums.factorio.com]
    • Fixed that the game could desync when LuaForce::players...
Hey there, Engineers! Today's update brings you a round of bug fixes and improvements. One of the major improvements this week was to the placement of asteroids. In previous versions, asteroids were spawned quite far away from planets in prefab worlds. They can now spawn at the very edge of a planet’s gravity well. This improvement should improve planetary survival gameplay.
The main area of fixes is to the realistic sound mode implemented last week. Most notably, a crash that many users experienced when using modded cockpits has been fixed. Other bugs fixed this week include transparency issues with ghostblocks and g-screen issues with modded blocks.

Full list of new features and fixes: http://forums.keenswh.com/threads/7387238