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We are about to start our third and final day of MATS 2016. We have seen and photographed a ton of things that we hope will help us in further evolution of American Truck Simulator. Let us share a few images here, some typical, some quite non-typical; there is stuff on the show floor that is borderline crazy and unique, many showpieces showing the history of trucks, some exhibits hinting at their future.

We have been posting images on our twitter all through the show, so if you are curious about what have seen, we invite you to check it out. If you happen to have a twitter account yourself, we would appreciate you liking or re-tweeting our tweets. It may be a small but important support argument supporting our case when talking to brand owners - to show how active and involved our the truck sim fan community is. Thanks!


Today, April 1, we have drastically changed the direction of ARK: Survival Evolved -- rechristened ARK: Survival Devolved --, fully realizing our vision of creating the most realistic survival simulator ever where Dinos Ride Humans. So get in the game to saddle up and ride your favorite person!

In other evolutionary news, we have added three new deadly creatures to the ARK! The unpredictable furry Woolly Rhino, the armored, deep-water Dunkleosteus, and the chitin-rich Eurypterid! These new critters introduce advanced ways to attack and defend, bulk up on armor, and to travel the deep seas with greater defenses than ever before.


The Woolly Rhino is a large, usually friendly herbivore but can turn into a dangerous creature when charging its attackers. It builds up momentum as it charges, and depending on its ultimate impact speed, players can skewer the largest creatures in just one single gore!



Dunkleosteus is a...

It’s been a little while since our last Digest, we’ve had a lot going on! Getting lost at tradeshows, attempting to find snap-points when putting together furniture in our new offices, not being prepared for the seasonal elements of Spring, as well as the launch of our free game, Survival of the Fittest and our tremendously hazardous caves! We’ve got a bit to catch up on so let’s get this started!

Survivor League

We are excited to announce that the first Survival of the Fittest Survivor League is officially LIVE! You can keep track of when this round ends by heading over to our Survivor League page and checking out the countdown to see when the top-ranked players will be archived into the league. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Survivor League, here’s a run down!

What is Survivor League?

The Survivor League is a hall of fame that intends to honor and preserve the top 40 Survival of the Fittest players of said period. At the end of every league, we will be celebrating the highest-scoring players, which will be visible in real time, by both archiving them and announcing them as the Survivor League for that month.

How long does each Survivor League last?

Each Survivor League will last approximately 30 days. Players will be able to see when the next winners are announced by visiting:...
This week brings you a new animation system and more improvements for the dedicated server console. The new animation system has synchronized animations and the added ability to easily insert transition animations. Animations throughout the game will continue to be improved in the future. One other important thing is that this new system takes work off our programmers and transfers it to our artists. The dedicated server console now supports Ctrl+A and Ctrl+Shift commands.
Please also note that as announced earlier this month, today we have stopped developing the 32-bit and DX9 version of Space Engineers. From now on we will focus exclusively on developing DirectX 11 and 64-bit Windows.

Full list of new features and fixes: http://forums.keenswh.com/threads/7381985
Whenever we go for Open Beta of a game update, we always do it hoping that there are no major problems with the update, that the beta process will be just a confirmation that we are in good shape for official release. So we are not exactly happy that we have already passed two weeks of open beta tests for ETS2's 1.23 and ATS's 1.2 updates. But we never want to compromise quality because of time pressure. We are focused on providing you with game updates which is thoroughly tested and polished. Please have patience with us, cool stuff is on the way with this and more game updates in the future.

Meanwhile the ATS map team is hard at work on Arizona DLC, a free map expansion coming for American Truck Simulator. We are getting a ton of requests to show more of what we are working on. We never want to show it all, generally speaking we want to keep surprises for players during their first experience with a game or a new content update. But hopefully you will enjoy these a few new screenshots showing the new state! As you will see here, we have a few novelties appearing with the DLC release, including new AI vehicles, new roads and intersections......​