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What an intriguing discovery survivors, can you guess what creature it is?
Factorio Version 0.13.9
  • Changes
    • Updated demo campaign tips images.
    • Updated/Fixed locale entries.
    • Removed --mp-load-game
    • Default value for "Lights render quality" graphics options was changed to 1.0. If config.ini contains value lower than new minimum (0.25) it will be reset to the default value.
    • Lights are rendered with linear filtering to improve quality for lower "Lights render quality" settings. (https://forums.factorio.com/28892)
    • Added tips and tricks for pasting wagon slots and cycling in blueprint book.
    • Mods are now sorted alphabetically in the mods list.
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed transport belt madness map showing an empty message dialog out of nowhere.
    • Fixed transport belt madness being impossible. (https://forums.factorio.com/28703)
    • Fixed crash on Linux when stdout was closed after starting Factorio. (https://forums.factorio.com/28590)
    • Fixed trains of other forces could be seen in the Trains GUI. (https://forums.factorio.com/28799)
    • Fixed inserters not saving custom pickup/dropoff when exported through the Lua blueprint interface.
    • Fixed robots delivering modules into the recipe input slots instead of the module inventory....
Astragon Entertainment - our publishing partner for the "GAS" market (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) - is about to release a new limited Legendary Edition of Euro Truck Simulator 2. This probably isn't that exciting for most of our readers as we're sure you already own a legal copy of the game... right? The software itself has actually been on Steam for quite a while already as the ETS2 Deluxe Bundle: a combination of the base game and a sizable collection of DLC plus some older games of ours. But we really like the cool content in the box, so we thought it was worth mentioning as context for the second part of this blog post. If you do own ETS2 already, it's not anything amazing - but if not, or if you are looking for a gift for somebody you know that's a potential truck sim addict, the overall value isn't so bad.

As the release of the Legendary Edition box set is almost here, today we are publishing two new paintjobs that are going to be added to the Deluxe Bundle and, in turn, also become available to anybody who will purchase or has previously purchased the equivalent of the Legendary Edition on...​

Multiplayer - new field for me
Once we started the matching server, we finally had to face the reality of the multiplayer over the internet with people around the world. We realised there are A LOT of problems rising to the surface, and that it needs to be worked on.
I left all the multiplayer logic to be done by cube and tomas until now, and I had only a very simplistic idea how it works. With tomas on holiday and cube busy with other tasks, I realized how big of a problem it is that no one else has a clue how it works under the hood, so I took this opportunity to dive into it personally. After a week of reading, discussions with cube and partial rewrites, I can present you with my findings and a roadmap of ongoing changes.

From the Peer-to-peer model to the server-client model that is still kind of peer-to-peer
As some of you might know, the Factorio multiplayer was originally written to be always peer-to-peer. The motivation was to minimize the latency, as in the theoretical case of everyone having the same connection with everyone else in the game, the latency would actually be smaller compared to the server-client model.
The problem is, that there are many things that had to be paid as a price.
  • Everyone needs to be actually sending packets to everyone else, which isn't that easy in the current world, where IPv6 isn't everywhere, and public IPv4 address is becoming quite a luxury. This can be solved by nat...
This week’s update brings some animation improvements as well as more bug fixes.
We are adding inverse kinematics that support the new animation system applied to all characters and fauna. This prevents feet from clipping through the terrain in most situations. We’ve also created a new idle animation for sabiroids. Lastly, character tool and weapon movements have been smoothed out and their positions have been improved.
Today's update to the stable branch contains all bug fixes from the past month. However, it does not yet include new features like the new building system and modding changes - for those, jump over to the dev branch to check them out!

Full list of new features and fixes: http://forums.keenswh.com/threads/7385749