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Hello, Engineers!

If you weren’t able to participate in last week’s Space Engineers Public Test have no fear because we’re running another test from Thursday, October 11th, 9 am UTC, to Friday, October 12th, 3 pm UTC!

This test will also feature 3 survival servers, one for each time zone.

As always, we will announce the branch code at the time of the test and we will make a dedicated server available as well.

What’s new and improved for this test?

-Asteroid/cluster density
-Good.bot improvements and fixes
-In-game help can be disabled
-New screens improvements
-Many crashes and bugs have been fixed

Please note: we have created Good.bot to help new players learn how to play Space Engineers. However, Good.bot is still learning how to answer other types of questions related to gameplay. With that in mind, please be patient with Good.bot. We encourage you to ask Good.bot whatever you want, as this will help us to improve its functionality, and make Good.bot even more helpful for new players!

Similar to our last test, players will be able to submit their feedback on all of these features via a survey at the end of the test.

Thanks for reading and see you all online this Thursday! :)
Extinction Chronicles V Next Week


On October 16th Extinction Chronicles V will be released on all platforms. As usual survivors can expect a new tek dino, new Explorer Notes, a new cosmetic, increased level cap, and special colored dinos on all ARKs!

Developer Diaries!

This weeks diary entry is brought to you by Lead Programmer, Chris Willoughby. This weeks dev diary is about undermeshing, a hot button issue within our official server community. Rest assured that we’re listening and are hard at work on the issues that you have surfaced through our various channels. We thought it would be worth taking an opportunity to share our thoughts on the issue, some of the reasons it exists, and why it’s so challenging to resolve.


Undermeshing refers to the ability to get to where you aren't supposed to by moving outside of the playable space. Almost every game is susceptible to undermeshing in some form. Most speed runs rely on undermeshing, for example. It's effectively impossible to solve completely, at least automatically. The approaches taken to prevent it are usually a tradeoff between how much freedom you want the player to have, how complex your world is,...​

Hello, Engineers!

We’re excited to announce the winners (1st, 2nd & 3rd place) of the Space Engineers Multiplayer Video Competition, which were chosen by you, our awesome community!

1st Place, "The Big Jump"
*1.5k thumbs up
Director: ronidude
Editor: ronidude
Actors: ronidude and crew

2nd Place, "The Door"
*964 thumbs up
Director: AndrewmanGaming
Editor: AndrewmanGaming
Actors: AndrewmanGaming & crew

3rd Place, "Arctic Freighters"
*754 thumbs up
Director: BlueTron301
Editor: BlueTron301
Actors: JerryPlayZ, Electro, Corymorton, TacoCatlol

4th Place, "Attack of Drones From Mars"
*630 thumbs up
Director: Kumpel Kumplowski
Editor: Kumpel Kumplowski
Actors: Kumpel Kumplowski and crew

5th Place, "Artemis 11 Launch"
*465 thumbs up
Director: origamitaco
Editor: origamitaco
Actors: origamitaco and crew

Unofficial Entry (submitted late) but Absolutely Worthy of Honorable Mention, "Tracked"
*1.6K thumbs up
Director: Ric le Rouge
Editor: Ric le Rouge
Actors & Crew: Hyperschnizel, Nicogalax, Psychotronick, Xraygamer, GrandMasterKill, Cocos, Panah, Calmos, ndv3, & Storm479

You can watch all of the videos here on the Space Engineers YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/SpaceEngineersGame

-We were initially only going to keep the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place entries on the...
Farming Simulator Farm Simulator 19 Fact Sheets
Fresh out of the oven, enjoy this week's set featuring vehicles that you can drive in Farming Simulator 19.

43181998_10156202233978778_2000291897540608000_o.jpg 43191795_10156202233958778_1184633807953723392_o.jpg 42981085_10156202233993778_1568251851516674048_o.jpg
Trains in blueprints
Building trains again and again might be a daunting task. Especially when you start making a lot of mining outposts, artillery/supply trains with filtered cargo wagon slots etc.

So I decided that we should extend blueprints to work with trains as well. The first condition was, that trains are only selected when you explicitly allow it in the checkbox, so they don't get in your way when building rail setups.


Checking the button allows the train that was there to be put into the blueprint (similar to the way tiles work). For the sake of simplicity, we decided that once there is any rail in the blueprint, the train in it will be always buildable (as a ghost obviously), even if there are not rails to support the train at the moment. The train ghost will simply stay there and won't be buildable until rails are placed under it in a way so it can be placed.



If I remove...