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SCS Software DAF Tuning Pack
As we are touring the various truck fests and transportation industry shows, we are gathering a wealth of material as inspiration for aftermarket tuning options for various trucks. We would like to reflect this real world phenomenon in our games, as we believe that it is also close to the heart of many players.

You have probably noticed that with Update 1.28 for Euro Truck Simulator 2 we have refreshed our DAF XF 105 and DAF XF Euro 6 in-game models, adding an extra layer of polish to them.

Now we are ready to bring even more joy for the fans of DAF trucks - we are releasing a new content module for Euro Truck Simulator 2 - DAF Tuning Pack DLC, to Steam Store today. There are over 70 new customization options included in this pack, going from the bottom to the top of your truck.




Time to start to thinking which parts you'll tune...​
We want to thank everyone who participated in the open betas for their feedback. We are truly grateful for your time and dedication.

After several weeks of thorough testing and bug fixing, the open beta is finally over today, and we are here to release live 1.28 update for everyone. Thank you for your patience, we hope that you will enjoy this update as much as the previous ones.

Here is the list of major changes and added features in this update:


  • Doubles

We introduced doubles in this update into Euro Truck Simulator 2 across Scandinavia where they are allowed and doubles into American Truck Simulator with the addition of triples and Rocky Mountain doubles in the state of Nevada where they are legal.

  • Background screen options

This feature, admittedly mostly cosmetic, is a neat break of monotony when coming back to the game's main menu. As the options for alternate background scenes will grow over time, there will be more choice for you to picking a unique atmosphere that matches your style.
  • Changed light look on the player and AI vehicles

Light flares are a great change that...​
Hello, Engineers! With today's major release we are bringing you some amazing additions to the game! From now on, you will be able to personalize your engineer with a broad range of new items! We are introducing 33 customizable skin sets for your engineer, your tools and your weapons. It’s time to show off! On top of that, another brand-new block makes its debut in Space Engineers: A reloadable parachute block for both small and large grid!

Read about this update in much more detail on Marek's blog: http://blog.marekrosa.org/2017/08/skins-parachutes-player-feedback.html


- added 33 astronaut and tool skin sets
- added persistent character appearance
- added mysterious containers in Survival mode
- added reloadable parachute block
- added canvas component
- added mod profiling


- fixed emissivity issue with mag boots
- fixed conversion rate for small grid O2 Generator
- fixed GPU warning popping when FPS was above 100
- fixed projectors not syncing with other players on DS
- fixed issue with voxel rendering when travelling great distances
- fixed issue where grids that were cut off acted as if still connected
- fixed trees grinded/drilled not falling down
- fixed issue with corrupted world prompt message
- fixed astronauts wiggly feet
- fixed crash when two large moving ships crashed into the same voxel
- fixed ore detector on top of...
ARK: Survival Evolved Ragnarok Update!

We're excited to say Ragnarok has received its first expansion and here's what the the development team behind the map had to say:


Ragnarok is expanding into the South West region of the map where it'll be opening up the playing field by adding a near 25% (the size of The Island) additional playable landmass including: large islands, lots of flat-lands to build, a new experimental free range Wyvern cove, temple ruins, a meteor crash site, underwater passages, as well as a mini Tasmania Australia as we call it.


This most recent update has been a challenge creativity-wise. Scorched Earth and The Island assets were never really meant to be placed side by side necessarily, so finding that balanced between the two has been rewarding. We really wanted to emphasize a change from the more tight-knit North West to a more open and accessible South West. Where, we could give ARK players a host of new wide open areas to conquer and explore, as well as the real estate to really drive those large creative builds....
Further optimisations
I finished the item stack optimisations mentioned in FFF-198[www.factorio.com], and was able to do some performance tests. First I tested how many stacks on a big map actually need to use an externally allocated object (Item), and how many of them are plain. On the huge map I tested, it turned out that only 36K out of 1M stacks need the Item object. These were mainly science packs, as they need it for the progress of how used-up they are (and now when I think about it, it could also be omitted by only using the objects for science packs that are partially used up already). Overall factory performance was increased approximately 2% by this. It is nothing huge, but every bit matters.

One of the programmer that has read access to the code (Zulan), came up with a pull request that improves performance in Factorio by prefetching memory in the update loops ahead.

The problem when normally updating objects is, that CPU asks for memory representing the object. The memory is slow, at least compared to the CPU cache or the CPU speed. The memory transfer speed itself is not that slow, but the waiting (latency) time between ordering and receiving it is. This means, that what very often happens is, that CPU orders data of next entity from the memory, then it waits for quite a long time to get it, and then it does its logic. The memory prefetching partially solves it by...