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Modding Central

Modding Central, a community made by modders for all to discuss, mod and download mods for multiple games in a safe and secure environment.

After a short introductory training we would like to introduce you to our new community manager Matthias, alias Memphis.

Matthias will be the primary communicator between the community and the development team and will take over the CnC-support as well as the moderation here in the forum.

If you have problems or questions regarding your account or the forum, you can contact Matthias directly under support@masterbrain-bytes.com.

News, announcements, videos, the confirmation of features etc. will still be published by the official MBB account.

We hope you have an easygoing week!

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Minor Features
  • When a train is stopped at the train stop, a circuit network signal is sent with a unique number for that train. more[forums.factorio.com]

  • Added headless server option --server-id to allow specifying custom path to the server ID file.
  • Increased the minimum custom UI scale from 50% to 80% to avoid some scaling issues.
  • The zoom level at which the map switches from 'map view' to 'world view' was increased.
  • The first level of infinite researches is not needed for the tech maniac achievement anymore.
  • The game will default to low sprite quality on computers with less than 2.5GB RAM. more[forums.factorio.com]
  • Tweaked the rocket launch gui. It doesn't show the result inventory slot when it is empty to avoid confusion when people put the setellite in it.
  • Removed the zoom-to-world-outside-coverage debug option because it was causing issues. more[forums.factorio.com]
  • Added "create specialized sprite atlases" option to graphics settings. If checked, tile and shadow sprites won't be put into separated sprite atlases instead of the main one. This should give graphics driver more room to fit required sprites to graphics memory.
  • Added "atlas texture size" option to graphics settings. Larger atlas texture can fit more sprites into single atlas which...
Thank you all for the constructive feedback regarding our Gameplay: Mission #1 video from last Saturday. Especially the comments about the automatic attachment of accessory equipment were stuck on our minds - despite the sunny Sunday weather - because it is an important topic for us as well.

What we’re showing in our videos is not our final vision of a simulation, but rather the current development status. As you know, we want Cattle and Crops to be as close to reality as possible and improve the game continually with the help of your feedback.
In the last video you just had to maneuver the tractor close enough to the equipment and could attach it with a keystroke immediately. Yesterday morning we had a little brainstorming session and were able, due to the good editor- and scripting options our engine provides, to integrate a solution into the game that enables manual coupling of machinery. We present to you the result in our latest devlog. All in all: alternative attaching-feature 50% finished [​IMG]
We wish you a wonderful week!

PS: Roadmap update

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The video shows a tutorial quest. This gives you a sneak peek into the gameplay of Cattle and Crops and what you can expect as an introduction into the Early Access. As devlog we go through the individual points of the tutorial mission. From the third track on, the AI, respectively the employee, takes over and handles the rest of the field.

We extended the roadmap last Tuesday. On the coming weekend we will have more updates, for example the new category ‘options’.

From the middle of next week on, our new Community Manager Matthias, alias Memphis, will, besides the customer support, also take on the moderation in our forum. As your direct contact person he will help you out, should you have any questions or problems. We will inform you next week about his contact data in the forum.

We had a bug with the last driver version 381.65 from NVIDIA, which we weren’t able to fix yet (see picture goo.gl/1bjByr). The newest driver 382.05 causes this render error in the C4 engine as well. We work at full speed to fix this and have also contacted NVIDIA. The bug is a nuisance but you don’t need to worry. There is the possibility to either reset the driver to version 378.92 or we offer a NVIDIA-specific workaround in the engine. This however would take some time and is our last means of choice. We will keep you posted.

Another topic are our servers. Before we make CnC available as download we would like to test, if our infrastructure can handle...
Hello, it's been a rather quiet week here in the office, with all of the teams attention towards fixing bugs and other minor issues.

Realism vs. Simplicity
With the development of the nuclear power, there were some associated UX changes that were made in relation to the boilers and steam engines. One decision related to this was to show the hot water as 'steam' in the pipes. It was decided that internally the steam would just be water, and the name and look of the fluid would change depending on its temperature.

While it wasn't so simple to implement, the logic of changing the look of a fluid based on its temperature wasn't anything outside the realms of possibility. Thus soon we had hot water that looked like steam, along with a nice animation and icon from the GFX department.


However once 0.15 was released, some complications arose that we had not anticipated. The main issue was that while it looked different in the pipes, when you read the contents of a storage tank, it would tell the circuit network that it contains water. Additionally the circuit network had no signal to represent steam, so easily settings conditions for managing nuclear power setups was not possible.


This design choice thus begins...