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Hello, Engineers! Today we are making changes to the release system to be simpler and involve the community more. The main change is that we are removing Develop branch from the game. There will be only one branch and updates will be tagged as Minor or Major. We will still patch the game every week with Minor updates, but Major updates will not be scheduled with strict dates in advance but rather will be released only when everything is completely tested, fixed and approved by a closed testing group to ensure the build is ok. Also we will leave the previous update as a separate rollback branch on steam - so you can always switch one update back.

This week’s update contains more improvements to multiplayer, performance and the overall game as well as a new multiplayer dogfighting scenario. We’ve also implemented turret and thruster parallelization which will significantly improve performance on grids using lots of them. And there’s a new multiplayer scenario being released this week called Dead Drop Arena.

Full list of new features and fixes: http://news.spaceengineersgame.com/update_01_178_3
Changes to Space Engineers Release System - http://blog.marekrosa.org/2017/03/changes-to-space-engineers-release_14.html
We are hard at work on the 3D models of Next Generation Scania R and S trucks. There is still a ton of work left for the two-person team responsible for the interior and exterior of the vehicle, but we are seeing solid progress. In a previous blog post, we have covered the process of 3D scaning and photogrammetry, performed on a research trip to Scania Demo Centre in Södertälje, Sweden. But looks is not everything. In recent days, a small production team set out to record the truck sounds, and to photograph additional specific details of the cabin interior. Our thanks belong to Scania Czech Republic based in Chrášťany near Prague, who let us play with Scania’s new trucks range for 2017 models - V8 S580 and R450. We took four days in total for the sound recording sessions, so you can imagine that it was rather thorough.

We recorded sounds on eight microphones simultaneously. A vehicle's sounds are recorded at once for interior as well as for selected exterior areas and important mechanical parts. We go through various driving modes and workloads to get a...​
Work this week has been progressing nicely on 0.15. We hope we will be able to start our internal play testing soon, as the team works to close off the rest of the major features. Rseding will be arriving here in Prague next week for another of his infamous visits, and Harkonnen will be joining us shortly after, so the office will be prepared for tackling any issues that may arise.

Since we are going to be spending the next period polishing and fixing what we already have, you can look forward to some less interesting FFF posts in the coming days. Take the lack of exiting new topics to cover as a good omen that the whole team's effort is on getting everything ready for the release.

Press key & content policy
Video and content creators are a really integral part of our success as a developer, without the exposure and feedback we receive from reviews, critique and lets plays of the game, Factorio would not be the what it is today. While this probably won't be the last time, I wanted to express our deepest gratitude to everybody who has helped to spread the word about project, and to every one of our community members and contributors.

For a long time we have offered press keys on our website, for channels that meet our requirements, we give a free review key in exchange for their thoughts and coverage. This next section might not be as interesting to Factorio players, but I would like to take this opportunity to share some word of warning for any other developers or...
Hello, Engineers! Today’s update contains numerous multiplayer improvements and LOD optimizations. Firstly, there should no longer be cases of missing planets, asteroids and grids when connected to multiplayer servers. We also added a loading wheel to indicate when anything from the server is being streamed to the client. This will definitely help players by letting them know that the surrounding environment is still loading when selecting a medbay in the respawn screen.
There were LOD optimizations made to block models which should result in various performance gains with many worlds and builds although the changes will be most noticeable on lower end systems.
Newly placed blocks will now inherit the velocity of the character when moving faster than 15m/s. Below this speed, any block placed will have zero velocity. It’s a subtle change but should be useful when trying to build on a fast moving ship. Before this, a newly placed block would’ve just been left behind potentially colliding with the existing grid that you’re standing on.
Lastly, we have created a much more detailed guide for the cutscene editor which you can find on the forums. This is part of our ongoing efforts to produce more guides for the modding and scripting of Space Engineers:


Full list of new features and fixes:...
Today is the day to start 1.27 Update Open Beta. It took us a bit more time than we anticipated to get the release prepared; we have been busy addressing problems reported during ATS Open Beta. Most of them would also be manifested in the ETS 2 builds, and it makes little sense to release anything with known issues.

No need to write about the Liftable Trailer Axles once again, but if you've missed it, you can find our previous mention about it here.

The fans who have already experimented with ATS Update Open Beta would of course already know about the differential lock that's coming with this wave of updates. This feature allows you to lock/unlock the differentials on the truck's wheels, to avoid wheelspin. It becomes quite handy in situations where you're hauling some really heavy cargo on an uneven road or unstable ground. The difference with differential lock on is very obvious and can save your day. We were testing it with really heavy trailers on dirty roads from the bottom of the biggest mines to the top.

This new feature is by default set to hotkey V, but keep in mind that you can turn differential lock on only when the truck is not moving fast.


For ETS2 specifically, the new version...​