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26 Apr 16, Giants Statement

Do you create mods for FS or are interested in learning more about it? Well, we would like to invite you to our very first Modding Teamspeak Chat in English on Monday, 9th of May 7pm BST. We've tested this call in the German community for a while now (it’s the native language for most of us here) and it lead to some very exciting discussions about modding for the Farming Simulator.

So feel welcome to join and ask questions, share tips and tricks or suggest something for the future. Just please remember that the call is supposed to help modders get the most out of their mods and it’s not meant to be a “Get news about FS 17 development” call. Surely you can ask questions but please keep them modding related.

Christian Ammann aka “int” from GIANTS Software will be your host on our Teamspeak server. Please reply to this thread with “I want to take part” to reserve your slot. I’ll send you the login details for the Teamspeak server via private message before the call.

To make it easier for the start, feel free to post some initial questions you would like to have answers to or problems you encountered while modding here in this thread. It might be easier to “break the ice” in the beginning by just going through them first.

The upcoming major Update releases for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator will contain a host of improvements: from general map tweaks to AI improvements or improved gear shifting code, from xinput support to additional support for CSIO Technologies cool SKRS transmission shift knob to hardcore trailer connecting mode - more on this later. But today we'd like to focus on enhancements coming to World of Trucks contracts.

The biggest overhaul is hiding under the hood - a lot of our early experimental code running and storing data on our private server farm has been adjusted to run on way more scalable Amazon server infrastructure. As World of Trucks will be adding more game features over time, eating even more bandwidth, we realized that we have to move to the "cloud" pretty much with everything. This change removes several bottlenecks and frustrating hick-ups you may currently experience when connecting to World of Trucks.


External Contracts will work across all of the official map content in the games - full support for American Truck Simulator is coming to World of Trucks at last, as is support for the map DLCs in...​

the 1st of June, which is the goal of the 0.13 release is starting to feel uncomfortably close, especially if I want to start play-testing 2 weeks before the release date. There are a lot of bigger and smaller tasks appearing all over the place. It is now the time of moving some of them to the next release again. Many of them are moved like this for years already.

Czech game of the year
I have to finish the Friday facts soon today, as we are going on a trip to Třeboň, where the Czech game of the year ceremony is held. Factorio is nominated on 3 categories, so there is a chance to win something, but mainly, we will have the opportunity to talk and party with other game developers, which doesn't happen often.

Rapid inserter
The final decision has been made and instead of a loader, we will have not heavy, but rapid inserter. To make things straightforward, I decided to limit the inserter stack size bonus to the rapid inserter only. Some people certainly won't like it, as they won't be able to use long handed inserters or burner inserters to take advantage of this bonus, but the advantages outweigh it.
  • Streamlined definition of the inserter stack size bonus, now it increases rapid inserter capacity whatever is it doing.
  • The rapid inserter will have its specific usages. As the rapid inserter currently waits until its hand is filled with items, it is not clearly better than fast inserter. When the bonus is 5, and it has 4 items in...
This week we are adding collision/impact sounds for all metal objects - tools, components and ships. The final sound is dependent on the mass of the objects. Heavier items produce louder and more bassy sounds.
Also, music is now divided into different categories (space, planet, building, fighting etc) and played according to the current game situation e.g. building theme when building, fighting theme when fighting. Connectors should be much more stable after today's update as we have introduced something that we call "connector welding". They now function similar to landing gears where two ships connecting together will become one physical object. Finally, weapon spread has been added to the game.

Full list of new features and fixes: http://forums.keenswh.com/threads/7383675
28/04/16 Giants Statement:


Spring time! Finally the days are getting longer and warmer again. It’s getting even hotter with the spring promotion and $60 (€80) price reduction on the Farm Sim wheel bundle of our partner Saitek. Optimized for use with Farming Simulator 15 the hardware delivers an even more authentic driving experience for your virtual spring trip. If duty calls the many preconfigured buttons and the realistic front loader stick on the side console give you perfect control over the heavy machines.

Get the Saitek Farm Sim wheel bundle now for $239.99 (€249.99) instead of $299.99 (€329.00). More information about the bundle and where you can buy it can be found on the Saitek website.