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Simulation of suspension and weight distribution​

For well over a year, our programmers and testers have been spending a huge amount of time and effort with the goal of bringing more interesting cargo and trailer combinations into our games, adding proper support for one of the most requested features: doubles, heavy cargo, advanced and multi-joint trailers.

You may wonder why this feature, in particular, should be so difficult and demanding to pull off. After all, we had reasonably working road trains in one of our earlier sims in the 18 Wheels of Steel series games. But the fidelity and accompanying complexity of our physics simulation has increased by an order of magnitude since then. Making sure all things are in balance and in sync is getting more complex as well. Efficient physics of the trailer where many wheels are touching the road is proving to be a tough task; we had to iterate a lot, especially with cargo weight distribution and accompanied suspension loads.


Over its lifetime, a trailer will carry thousands and thousands of tons of cargo, ideally while operating with as little maintenance as possible. To...​
  • Fixed that the server would crash if someone tried to connect when there were no blueprints being transferred. more[forums.factorio.com]

You can get experimental releases by selecting the 'experimental' beta branch under Factorio's properties in Steam.
  • Transports belt entities show belt speed in the tooltip and entity description.
  • Reduced fluid wagon air resistance from 0.05 to 0.01
  • Scenario names are now localised.

  • Fixed login details getting lost (hopefully). more[forums.factorio.com]
  • Fixed a crash that would happen if the game exited due to a script error that happened immediately after deleting a force. more[forums.factorio.com]
  • Fixed int mod settings would show incorrect values in the GUI. more[forums.factorio.com]
  • Fixed gun sounds would continue when switching weapons while firing. more[forums.factorio.com]
  • Fixed a performance issue caused by spawners being active all the time in peaceful mode. more[forums.factorio.com]
  • Fixed a crash when removing train stops next to other train stops and then building locomotives. more[forums.factorio.com]
  • Fixed a rare desync related to opening your player inventory. more[forums.factorio.com]
  • Fixed a crash when teleporting/setting the force of a offline roboport. more[forums.factorio.com]
  • Fixed inserters with...

Hello, Survivors!

We have some very exciting news to share with you all today!

Introducing a new Official Mod: Ragnarok, available now on Steam!

We're excited to announce the first mod to be integrated into ARK: Survival Evolved as part of its ARK Sponsored Mods Program! Developed by the former creators of popular ARK mods Valhalla and Umassoura; David Miller, Matt Janz, and Jackson Lawrence came together to work on their latest project, “Ragnarok” which is being released today for Steam players as a free DLC Official Expansion ARK, and will be shortly making its way to consoles in July. Global Cross-ARK and isolated Official Ragnarok servers will be available for you to make your new home. Note that Ragnarok is still in primary development, and so it will continue to expand with updates over time.


Steam players can download Ragnarok now! The new map will contain:

  • A 144 sq kilometer map designed to be explored by land, sea or air
  • Tons of harvest-able or gatherable resources
  • Caves of all shapes and sizes, each designed to be built in
  • Distinct variations on former ARK creatures, as well a special brand-new creature unique to Ragnarok
  • Build tree platforms on unique...
Cattle & Crops Server Test Users
Great news the first ever download for CnC worked fine with no problems.
First training session with the Class tractore and cultivator also proved a success.

Only one Bug that I found so far Was while driving on the road on coming traffic swerved toward My side of the road/ Just that so Far. Ithere than That alls well Thanks to the great Dev' Team at CnC!!

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