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After the last update you have reported that the performance drops heavily on certain systems when all the machines of the Season One Quest are standing on the farmyard. We have begun to search for the causes of this problem and already could find and fix some of them. We will probably release a performance update regarding this topic next week. Therein included will be enhanced graphics options for texture resolution and shadows to improve the performance.

In the course of this optimization we wanted to adjust all machines and objects, for example the hiding of control buttons in an Arion after 5 meters or the revision of LOD stages and textures. While doing so, we noticed that some components had distorted textures after being edited and saved in the editor and therefore were displayed wrongly. We try to fix this engine problem at the moment, so we can optimize all assets regarding the performance and the new map runs smoothly for as many users as possible.

Unfortunately, the current savegame system isn’t functional, machines are only sporadically saved and flawed at that. Since a few weeks we are working on a completely new system which is also multimap ready. This means you will be able to successfully save, transfer your machines to other maps and continue working there. Finances, vehicle fleet etc. are saved in a central profile, separate from the maps. We hope to give you a working version for the intern EA.

We are almost finished with the bug tracker. Since we...
Hello, Engineers! Today's update continues with improvements for our last major update. Plus we are re-introducing a rotor lock option back into the game - it allows you to completely stop a rotor spinning even when external forces are applied. The internal working of this feature is different from its previous implementation and fits the new physics system.

Full list of bugfixes and improvements: https://forum.keenswh.com/threads/7398636
The roads are stretched. The trees are planted. The buildings and landmarks are in place. You can hear a deep hum of engines from the garage. Minor cosmetic touches are still applied this week, but we are pretty much done, and ready to announce the release date. We cannot wait to present our work in all its beauty!

Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Italia DLC will be available on December 5th, 2017.

To be more specific, we are planning to release the DLC in afternoon hours our local time - Prague, Czech Republic (GMT+1). We are planning a pizza party in the office to celebrate the occasion! ;)

Please be aware that in places ahead of us on the clock like Australia or China, it may be very late night already and the calendar may even show a new day. On the other hand, for our fans in Brazil or Canada, it will still be morning hours.

We have less than a week to orchestrate the release in the digital sphere. The DLC will also be distributed as a boxed edition in some territories and our distribution partners are doing their magic in the retail channel to be on time, too.


The ETS2 - Italia coming soon page on Steam is loaded with screenshots, video trailer, and all the other important information. Do not forget to add Italia to your wish...​
Space Engineers Sound in Space Engineers

This Friday, we will be discussing realistic and arcade sound mode in Space Engineers and "showing" new work-in-progress sounds overhaul. The sounds are now fantastic!

Over two weeks have passed since the released of the New Mexico map expansion for American Truck Simulator. We’re really happy that the new map expansion has been accepted very positively by the fan community.

There was 25 man-years of hard work invested into the creation of the New Mexico DLC, but of course, we hear you that you want and expect more from us and faster. Our ambition for the upcoming year is to keep on growing the teams for both of our truck sims and finally make the transition to multiple map DLCs under development in parallel. This is going to be a whole new level in studio and team management, with massive content creation efforts running hand in hand with technology evolution and changes in toolchain and the game engine.
A ton of great videos, let's plays, and reviews of New Mexico DLC have appeared on sites like YouTube or Twitch. We thought that several of them deserve a mention here. You will be able to find hundreds more if you just search YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=New+Mexico+DLC) for them. So let's take a look...

Squirrel's New Mexico DLC First Look

SiSL's First Look

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