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A long time has passed since Polar Express Holiday Event 2014. Tons of people participated in it, and we distributed over 30 thousand free activation keys of Raven Truck Design DLC as a special reward. We made this DLC exclusive for the event, there was no other way to obtain it or purchase it.

Ever since then we keep receiving a lot of messages, questions, suggestions, pleas and wishes from our community from all corners of the world to make it available for everyone. It looks like the Raven Truck Design DLC is really desired among the game's fans.


So after two years, we have now decided to make this pack available for purchase. First though, we felt that we should revisit it and spice it up with additional goodies. The DLC was silently updated with new tuning parts a couple of weeks ago, to give the current owners a little bit of exclusivity to enjoy the new tuning options. Today, we are releasing Raven Truck Design DLC on Steam for everyone who is interested in getting it.

The new stuff in the DLC includes new cabin accessories - Raven Art Figure, Raven Emblem LED, Raven Wings LED, Raven Emblem, also new front & rear rims - Raven...​
Recently, we've asked our fellow truckers via our Facebook profiles for ATS and ETS2 to share photos of their cool little places for relaxing and virtual trucking with us. We are always curious and excited to see the various unique gaming setups that passionate game players can come up with to enjoy their favorite truck sims.

And we must admit that you've really amazed us! We've got a lot of photos from you and all of them are awesome and very interesting. So big thank to you for sharing them with us! Also thank you for the very kind communication that was started with many of you on this topic, it was really cool to have small chats with you to learn more about your sanctuaries where you can relax and haul some cargos in ATS or ETS2.

The number of photos we have received from you is so high that it's not possible to put them all in one article on our blog. We were granted permission to show the photos from many of you, but we had to pick only a small subset. So we've chosen some of the most creative (by our personal opinion anyway) which you can see below. We will be picking some more in the future, so we'll be happy for more submissions. More driving rigs may also appear from time to time on our Instagram profile....​
Public service announcement - Possible server breach and outages
In the past 7 days, our services (authentication, multiplayer matching, mod portal, etc.) experienced multiple outages. One of them was caused by one of our service providers and resulted in a roughly 6 hour long outage on Tuesday evening. This was a widespread outage all over the internet caused by problems with Amazon's AWS S3 and also affected other services, for example Instagram, Imgur or Trello.

The other 2 outages were the result of a possible security breach of one of our servers, acting as the master content server at the time. On Friday, just before midnight UTC, we were informed by Linode (our server provider), that a brute force SSH attack was originating from that server, targeting a specific IP in the OVH network. As a precaution, the server was cut from all network traffic, which caused a short outage. We haven't managed to determine, whether that attack was caused by a bug in some software or a runaway process, or if it was caused by someone who managed to gain access to the server. We can't say if it's possible to spoof the IP address of an attack of this kind and make it look like the attack is coming from someone else.

As a security measure, we have destroyed and redeployed all 3 content servers we currently operate, improved our firewall and automatic banning rules and invalidated passwords and SSH keys. All the releases that are available for download were checked and none of them were...
Hello, Engineers! This week’s update comes with some improvements to the overall game while the team continues work behind the scenes on the new HUD, performance, physics and multiplayer among other things. So to start with, a significant number of blocks, all of which are larger than 1x1x1 in size, now have improved placement behaviour. This includes medical rooms, large hydrogen thrusters, refineries, and many more.
Wheel suspension blocks have new default settings that will make building the average wheeled vehicle much easier. These settings can of course be adjusted to your liking as before but now wheels should be much better from the get-go. The range of ship-based welders has been increased making them massively more efficient to use again over hand welders and lastly, we resolved a couple issues related to the renderer.

In other news, there’s a group from Keen Software House at GDC 2017 this week including the producer of Space Engineers, the producer of Medieval Engineers and a red Space Engineer… This coming Friday, they’re organising a fan meet-up so if you’re going GDC and would like to join in, please contact Deepflame via the KeenSWH Discord: https://discord.gg/KeenSWH

Full list of new features and fixes: http://news.spaceengineersgame.com/update_01_177
We are ready to start public testing of a new Update for ATS today. ETS2 Open Beta should follow later this week.

After rescaling the ATS world in 1.5, we have focused on driver experience improvements in this update.


We have already mentioned liftable trailer axles in a previous blog post. Weigh station pass device is another little "cabin toy" that's a part of a trucker's life, so we felt that it should be brought into the game.

This update also improves simulation of a vehicle's engine internals. There is more attention now on varying performance of different configurations, we have enhanced adaptive transmission modes, and also added the differential lock, which may be handy on uneven surfaces. Additional improvements to vehicle behavior include air brake simulation tweaks, also engine brake input in certain situations has been changed. We have also increased the range of available FOVs for multi-monitor setups.

About the weigh station pass device:

The box is mounted on the windshield of the truck. In the game, it works the same way as the weigh station functionality that's a part of the on-screen Advisor "widget." For players who prefer to switch off all user interface elements to get a more immersive experience, they will...​