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Todays Update v0.1.0.7 is the foundation for the steam release. After this release we will only fix important bugs. After that, this version will be available on Steam on 02.13.2018.

The following new features are waiting for you:

Autopilot drives to Waypoint: You can now add waypoints on the mini-map with a right click of your mouse. If you start the autopilot (default key “N”), the vehicle will automatically drive to this destination as long as you are in it. You can also use this feature to navigate to the next waypoint during a mission.

Info-Popup: If you hold the ALT-KEY you get more information about the fillLevel of tanks and vehicles. There will be a more detailed overview in the user interface soon.

Analog Control: It is now possible to use your mouse to control analog functions of your vehicles and machines. You can assign five buttons in the control settings. The first button controls Quickslot 1 and 2, the next 3 and 4 and so on.

Fieldwork-Employee now works better with save games - he will not do his work inverted when loading a savegame.

Driving behaviour: We have further reworked all machines regarding their suspension and vehicle physics. All tractors now have a slightly spring-suspended rear axle to simulate the suspension effect of the tires. Implements like the plow are not permanently hydraulically...
Taipei Game Show 2018
After a long 14 hour flight back[us2.factorio.com], Albert, kovarex and I arrived back from Taipei, after our attendance at the Taipei Game Show. Jitka started her vacation by staying there to visit the Taiwan island.
We stayed there for 7 days (2 days in the business area, 3 days in the convention area and 2 days of free time where we visited the city).

In the business area[us2.factorio.com] we met many potential business partners and got way too many business cards. We made some friends among the other indie developers and tried all kinds of fun, weird, interesting[rhythmdr.com] and some bad indie games.

The convention area was very crowded, with 350,000 visitors slowly trying to make their way through the fairly small convention hall. I can't speak for the others, but I still enjoyed myself. Even though it was crowded, most of the games were in Chinese, and I only got to try one AAA game, there is something about being surrounded by games, gamers, and game developers that makes me feel great....

Hello, Engineers! We bring you huge load of improvements and fixes as usual after every major update. And thanks again for all your feedback - it really helps us to make Space Engineers better!

If you have any questions or requests, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will do our best to solve your problems. We would be also very happy if you can submit your feedback at our Space Engineers Steam store page and encourage us to do better. We welcome both positive or negative comments, it helps us to create better game for you.

Full list of bugfixes and improvements: https://forum.keenswh.com/threads/7399853
If you follow our social media channels, you must have noticed that we have posted a couple of photos from our visit to KRONE manufacturing plant back in November of last year. It wasn't just a regular visit, as it involved a lot of photography over a period of two days - to make sure we get high-quality 3D scans of several of the trailers there. The fan response was very positive, of course, a new official license for our games is always welcome.


We are happy to confirm that the negotiations have been successfully concluded and that we have shaken hands on bringing a selection of KRONE trailers as a new DLC to Euro Truck Simulator 2!

While our crew was taking pictures of the various trailers, KRONE's marketing team took the opportunity to interview our guys and document their work. This short documentary was just released to KRONE's YouTube channel today, and we are happy to bring it our fans as well...

It is really exciting when the licensing partners take our work so seriously and recognize the opportunity to raise the visibility of their brand through our cooperation! This is definitely not the last bit of news on this topic so you may consider checking out KRONE's Twitter, Instagram, and...​
After our last "chef’s" post and all the wild guesses, we thought you deserve another look under the lid. Moreover, we can't resist the urge to show you a couple of pictures from another new region!


Two weeks ago, your guesses (of what was ultimately revealed as Oregon for ATS) took the comments sections on our blog, Facebook and Steam community pages by storm. We're wondering, will the new batch be as intriguing for you?


A few tiny hints are scattered here and there, which can lead you to the right answer - but it’s not that easy this time! Is there someone who can pinpoint the new area with absolute certainty?