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A year ago, we were both shocked and humbled when Euro Truck Simulator 2 managed to win the very first Steam Awards - and in two categories at the same time. It was such a great gesture of support from our great fans!


Yesterday, we noticed that Valve has announced this year's categories for the 2017 Steam Awards (with a piece of graphics showing a little hint of Euro Truck Simulator 2 in the background!), and invited the player base to vote for their favorite games.

We are wondering - can our fantastic fan community bring us another nomination?


If you'd like to nominate us once again, you can visit this link and pick ETS2 or ATS in the category where you think it fits in the best. As we posted the link on our twitter yesterday already, it looks like our community mostly agrees on the category "Labor of Love" for Euro Truck Simulator 2. But the choice is totally yours, of course. We really appreciate all your support!

Now it's back to work for us, we...​

Aberration Release Date!

We are excited to announce we have a release date for Aberration: December 12th of this year.

All of us here at Studio Wildcard have been working diligently to progress through the Aberration workflow in anticipation of getting it into your hands. Aberration will be an ARK experience unlike anything survivors have seen so far. We hope you are all as excited as we are for its release!

Update on Turrets


A few days ago we announced a big change to the game wherein we would be limiting the use of turrets within a radius on our Official Servers. We have been keeping track of all the feedback, reading all the threads, and we understand that this is an important change. Therefore, we'll be making some modifications to our initial plan in order to deal with the concerns that have arisen, as well as ensure a smoother transition to the new turret system for all players. Here's what's going down:

We are no longer hard-limiting turrets on the 5th of December, that timeline has changed. We still plan to hard-limit them, but it'll be pushed further out now that we'll be introducing a new kind of turret into the mix. Here's the new plan:

PC players can expect the new "Heavy Turret" on the...
SCS Software Sicily
The island of Sicily lies in the south on the very tip of Italy's "shoe." Our version of the island contains three coastal cities with seaports, it is the second largest island we have created so far. Considering the scale of our game world, this relatively small piece of land surrounded by the sea required a specific approach to its design and to the creation of the distant horizon. It was quite a tough challenge to fit in all the roads, the cities, industries, and natural beauties, including Mount Etna, one of the largest natural landmarks in Italy.

Our design of the island reflects the typical Mediterranean climate and its unique architecture. The feeling of Sicily with its scorching sun is central to quite a few famous Italian movies, so we have tried to transfer this mood to our virtual world.




What an intriguing discovery survivors, can you guess what creature it is?

Upcoming Turret Change

Over the past few weeks, we have been carrying out analysis on our Official Servers to see where we can improve server performance and what the biggest difference is currently versus Early Access. Since ARK went retail, we were expecting to see our servers have better performance due to optimisations, better allocation and usage of hardware, and improved DDoS mitigation. What we have learnt is that there has been a dramatic change in how turrets are being used on Official Servers. The fundamental issue is that tribes are not only significantly increasing the number of turrets they use, but reducing the space they occupy, so the server is having to do more calculations in denser areas. In some cases, we've seen an increase of 7x versus the previous server-profiling data we had. It is clear that we need to make a change in regards to how turrets are placed, but we understand that they are an important part meta-game on Official PvP servers and therefore want to give you as much notice as possible.

Starting from today on PC (and next week on console), you'll receive an update which indicates the number of turrets you have within 10k units. When you exceed 100 turrets within 10k units, there will be a warning placed on the turret to inform you, so...
In this update we have further optimized the AI and fixed some bugs that had been reported.
We’ve also included a new mission with over an hour of pure gameplay.

At the moment we are primarily working on the new savegame system, the AI, user interface and more reported bugs. Some of the quest steps have also been revised and a German translation has been added.

The new map is currently being tested concerning the AI and is adjusted accordingly.

Regarding the further steps and the Early Access version: if everything works as planned, we will release the new map with the next update. Then, together with you, we will check how good everything works together. More improvements, adjustments and features will be combined in a new version. Following this, we will release that version on Steam.

Further improvements, changes and fixes for bugs you have reported can be found in the changelog as always.

We hope you have fun testing!

[EN] Changelog:

  • NEW: Big mission, where you can play a complete season (cultivating, plowing, seeding, fertilizing & harvest)
  • NEW: The new addition for the...