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Today, it is exactly 5 years since the initial Factorio commit. As you may, or may not know, the first version was created in java, and it took me (kovarex) a whole 12 days to realize that it is not a good idea, and I switched to C++. As a small celebration I provide the Factorio pre-alpha version 0.1[www.kovarex.com]. It is a good reminder of how much the game has moved forward in all directions. The controls are cumbersome, the graphics are funny and glitchy, the GUI is horrible. The campaign has 4 levels, where the last one is quite a challenging defense mission. There are also 2 savegames with one of the first Factorio Factories ever created.


The input action permissions system
The improvements to how multiplayer works in 0.14 made having an open multiplayer game not out of the question. However this introduced a new problem, in that there is no way to protect yourself from people that just want to ruin the fun. To try to fix those problems I've added 3 new things for 0.15: white-list support, the ability to disable friendly fire, and an input action permissions system.

Factorio handles...
Hello, Engineers! Today’s minor release comes with some improvements as the team works towards the next major release. This includes particle fixes for jump drives, character drills and character welders. Additionally, we resolved a number of crashes related to multiplayer.
Owners of the Deluxe version of the game will notice a new badge has appeared in the main menu screen. If you are interested in playing a retro version of Space Engineers from 2013, listening to the entire soundtrack and browsing concept art from the game, check out the Deluxe Edition on the Steam Store.

We are also adding some new features to the ModSDK. This includes a new script that allows modders to quickly fix icons and other UI textures for their mods. We also added new Font-Tool, with which you can quickly convert any font to a compatible format to be used in the game, literally with the push of a button.

Lastly, next Monday we will be streaming at 7PM CET on the Keen Community Network over on Twitch. The first segment will be with Deepflame looking at Medieval Engineers and the game’s plans for the future and then there will be a Q&A session with Marek and lead artist Natiq, where among other topics, we will be discussing the art in Space Engineers.

Full list of new features and fixes:...

Hello, Truckers!

After some time we’re back with the second article from the series “Under the Hood”. The first one was about how we do the initial phase when we start to work on something new, about research. As you could read in that blog post, the research phase is really important and deeply connected to every other step that comes after. But what comes next? What’s the next step after we gather enough information about the new things we’d like to implement into our games? Well, let’s imagine a situation once again. You’re part of the SCS Software team of designers and you’ve just finished the research phase about a new state which is going to be created for Euro Truck Simulator 2. You have all you need to know about the lands, the vegetation, the architecture, economy, traffic rules, laws, landscapes and so on. You’re able to start creating the new part of the map right now, so you start with the roads and everything is just fine until you came to the point where a specific city, house, point of interest, landmark or something like that should be placed. And you don’t have any model, prefab or asset for that. So what will you do? Who will help?

And that‘s what today’s article is going to be about: The Assets. So just like last time, sit...
The 0.15
I saw a lot of discussion where people thought that we are just adding features and delaying 0.15 by that, so I would like to describe the situation. There are several bigger things we wanted to have done for the 0.15 and are not yet ready:
  • Transport belt optimization - Which is in the process of finalization
  • Pump → fluid wagon connection - The graphics are done, the integration into the game is in progress. It was overall much more complicated than expected.
  • Internal GUI rewrite - Which is postponed to 0.16
  • Mini-tutorials - We have few example mini tutorials finished, and the integration into the game is in progress
  • Nuclear power - Only the graphics of the heat pipes are finished, the rest of the graphics are in the phase of sketching, so less than two weeks is improbable.
Those that don't work on these tasks would have to just wait, so they do smaller tasks. This is why I was doing the map improvements[www.factorio.com], this is why Rseding is doing the optimizations and map presets etc.

Once everything apart from the nuclear power graphics are done, we will start the playtesting, and we want at least a week of playtesting before considering the experimental release, but...
Hello, Engineers! We are happy to announce that today we are releasing the first iteration of the new heads-up display. Firstly you will notice that the screen is much less cluttered now as lots of the informational text has been replaced with bars and icons. A notable feature is that the oxygen and hydrogen bars indicate how many bottles you have in your inventory that are capable of replenishing your personal supply. The HUD contains a new speedometer and inventory capacity bar which updates as you fill your character's backpack, while the main toolbar has had numerous visual changes made to it while still retaining elements of the classic style.

Red hazard icons for a full inventory, low health and low oxygen will appear to alert the player when these particular stats are in the danger zone and to the right of the main toolbar you will find the new gravity indicator which shows the gravitational plane orientation relative to your character, including a velocity marker that displays when you're moving. When seated on a ship or station, you will see the bars on the right side of the screen light up. These indicate the power usage and hydrogen fuel levels of that grid. It’s worth noting that pressing tab once will hide the keybindings and pressing tab again will hide all of the HUD as before. You can also change the opacity of the HUD background via the game options.
Nearly every element of the user interface has been updated including the main menu, block screen,...