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Cattle & Crops Status-Update 07.27.2018
Hello Community,

first of all we want to thank the moderators and of course you for the collected feedback and your remarks regarding Cattle and Crops. We had an extensive conversation with the mods and discussed, with the aid of an elaborate feedback document, what you think should be improved. We will separately address some core points of this criticism and hope that you will thus get a better overview of the current situation.

Update - Roadmap, Timeline, Bug tracker, Homepage, Q&A

Roadmap: At the moment we don’t have the required time, apart from development, to constantly update and improve some things. Among those is the roadmap. It helps nobody, if an outdated and/or incomplete version is online. That’s why we will temporarily deactivate the roadmap until we find the time to properly maintain it.

Timeline: Therefore, the timeline will be adjusted. Soon you’ll be able to see what milestones we have planned until version 1.0. We won’t post an exact date any longer, but only the month of the upcoming updates.

Bugtracker: We have mentioned that we wanted to release a bug tracker, but here as well we don’t have the necessary time to maintain such a public tool (corrections, translations, updates) and program and provide the required interfaces. We’ll keep using the existing system for internal scheduling. All the bugs that you post in the forum are reported to us for our project planning.

Interval for Q&A: The question was raised about the interval in which the...
Going through to-do list
One of the many small tasks for 0.17, was to solve the occasional problem I had when I didn't notice that one of my trains didn't have the refuelling automated. One train out of fuel can halt all the train logistics easily, and sometimes it takes quite a while to notice it. For this reason, we added an alert for trains running out of fuel when in automatic mode.


NTK LAN report
On Monday we went to the National Library of Technology (NTK). As we mentioned a while ago, they have loaded their library PC's up with Factorio, and they invited us for a tour, and a Factorio LAN party. We got to have a look at their server infrastructure and inner workings of the library, including an automated splitter type machine for sorting which floors returned books go to.

The LAN party went really well, we had nearly 50 players join and help build our factory. Unfortunately we couldn't get to launching a rocket in the 4 hours we had. If you want to check our progress, you can download the save game here. Of course we had to take some time out of automating to build a flashing NTK sign:


Surprisingly, there...
We already dedicated a topic to the Netherlands yesterday with the release of Dutch Paint Jobs Pack for Euro Truck Simulator 2, and we are back today with an invitation especially for our Dutch fans to meet us in person.


This weekend, July 28 & 29, our On the Road team and our sim trailer will be at Truckstar festival at Assen’s TT Circuit in the Netherlands. Truckstar is one of the largest and oldest truck fests in Europe, and the organizers expect over 2,000 trucks to show up. If you plan to be there, too, or if you live nearby and are deciding what to do with your Saturday or Sunday, our crew will be very happy to welcome you in our sim trailer and give you a chance to drive our truck sims in our 4D motion seats.

As an appetizer of what kind of experience and atmosphere one might expect at a major truck festival, let us recap our most recent roadshow event. Our sim trailer was spending the previous weekend at Master Truck Opole in Poland, and we're still full of impressions. Two days full of tuned trucks, amazing paint jobs, interesting accompanying program, and thousands of visitors - could we ask for more?

Check out a small gallery of photos taken...​
After countless requests from our Euro Truck Simulator 2 Dutch fan community, finally, we are releasing a new Dutch Paint Jobs Pack DLC today.

Taking a look at the calendar, we found a day which may not be a national holiday in the Netherlands, but still, it is undisputedly an important day in the history of the country. For those of you interested in the times of the Renaissance, on July 26th, 1581 the Netherlands declared its independence in the Act of Abjuration. From now on, this day will also be marked in history as the day of release of the Dutch Paint Job Pack!