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Space Engineers Developer Snapshot #1!

Hello, Engineers!

Welcome to Space Engineers Developer Snapshot #1!

We would like to share some ideas and improvements that we're currently working on for Space Engineers. :)


*For more information on each feature, please see the links included under each feature.

Air Pressurization/Tightness


Experimental Mode Improvements


Yarr!!! Space Pirates!


You can also visit: https://support.keenswh.com/spaceengineers/general/ to see what other ideas have been submitted to us by the community, and which ones we have declined for various reasons.

Additionally, you can see what bugs we're currently investigating and which ones have been solved. THE ONLY GOOD BUG IS A DEAD BUG! Recognize the quote? The first three Engineers...
The wait is almost over. Our American Truck Simulator map design team is putting finishing touches on the Oregon DLC. We are ready to confirm its release date now...

Oregon map expansion for American Truck Simulator
will come out on October 4, 2018.

Let us prime you for next Thursday with a cool video trailer celebrating this announcement:

Please find the feature list and additional information on the Oregon DLC Steam page.

You may start seeing more news, reviews, images, and videos online this coming weekend. We will be lifting the veil of secrecy then, allowing the media as well as our friends in the senior volunteer tester group to openly start showing their footage from the DLC. We will also keep on working on the launch-day video trailer to make a yet bigger splash at the release.
Take a first look at the new interactions that can be experienced in FS19.
Lime your fields and keep an eye on the weeds, as weeds that grow will have a negative impact on your harvest.

While the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018 motor show is still in full swing until Thursday, we need to coordinate our crazy "traveling circus" autumn schedule for another upcoming event.

Our On The Road crew will need to set a new destination on their GPS advisor. The next stop is the 7th round of the FIA ETRC season at Le Mans, France!


But life is tough. Our Sim Trailer is currently parked in the middle of Hall 23 at Hannover Messe fairground. Various companies have their booths built all around ours, and the deconstruction of the IAA 2018 presentation only starts on the evening of September 27. It's pretty much impossible to get us up and running with our Sim Trailer to make it to Le Mans in time, the participants must be there early on Friday. We will need to improvise a little bit again, like we did for the previous round at Zolder, Belgium.

But no worries - we'll be there for our fans! Even without our Sim Trailer, we will have a solid roof to protect us from the elements, and you can find us at our usual place in the Fan Village. So as always, visitors can stop by and try our 4D Motion Seat, play our games, spend some time with our crew, and...​
SCS Software Bridges of Oregon
Let us bridge the time until the release of ATS Oregon DLC by a post showing some of the bridges featured in the map expansion. Thanks to a plentiful amount of rivers in Oregon, our DLC will also contain a considerable number of bridges. We've just shown some major bridges while introducing Portland, but there are way more of them scattered around the state!


Bridges are landmark objects in the game that are experienced really up close, whenever the player's truck is crossing them. We need to provide a lot of detail, they are not a cheap 3D asset to build quickly. As each bridge structure and the terrain configuration around it is unique, bridges ask for solid planning and coordination across our teams.

We can see the light at the end of the.. bridge. October is getting closer, as is Oregon!