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SCS Software Baltic Ports
The Baltic Sea connects the countries of the upcoming Beyond the Baltic Sea map expansion for Euro Truck Simulator 2, it is even the basis for the name of the DLC. Seaports are a key part of freight and logistics of the region. They also play an important role in our ETS2 world expansion.

[​IMG] [​IMG]
[​IMG] [​IMG]
Two new ports have a specific role. They are located outside the territory of the newly added countries, but they are appearing in the game as part of Update 1.33, you can already check them out in the Open Beta. Kapellskär is located in Sweden and Travemünde is in Germany. These new ferry ports will provide links...​

Hello, Engineers! Today's minor update brings you more improvements in Airtightness, UI and Scripts. There are also bunch of fixes for issues found by our community. Thanks for reporting them - it really helps us locate and fix everything!

If you want to help, please visit our new support page and make a report: https://support.keenswh.com/

Full list of features and improvements: https://forum.keenswh.com/threads/7402160
The grassland update progresses. Here’s a sneak peek video of the Claas Volto 80. A first version of the update goes to the testing department today. In case there are no massive problems you should also be able to test the update next week!

We wish you a pleasant weekend!

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Roadmap update
A lot of people have been asking recently, when can they expect a new release and when is the game going to be finished. The original plan was to finish everything, and release the final version of Factorio ideally before the end of 2018. This was the plan at the beginning of the year. We worked in our usual way of "it is done when it is done" for quite some time, but then it started taking a little bit too long, and we weren't even sure what is a realistic timeframe to finish it in.

To help this issue, we tried to become a little more organized in the past few weeks. We went through our list of all the development tasks, and tried to finalize it. We removed all the things that we decided to cut, and added all the missing things that we need to do before the game is finished. Then we tried to make some kind of time estimate for each task, to get a general idea of when everything will be finished. We started to be more conscious of who is working on what, and how much time each task is taking, to know how accurate the estimates are. The result was, that if it all goes well, we could be done in 6-9 months. This is probably not something you wanted to hear.

After a few rounds of discussions, we decided split the releases of 0.17 and 0.18 in the following way:

0.17 plan
It will contain all the things we have done up to this point, mainly:
  • New render backend, which helps performance and solves a lot of issues...
A part of our hard-core fan community has been asking us for ages to involve them in the testing of our games, to allow them to see under the lid sooner. Last week, we decided to do a little trial and released an Experimental Beta of ETS Update 1.33. This was a build of the game which was not yet deemed stable enough for a large-scale public beta release, but having more feedback based on it would be a benefit for us to identify potential issues faster with more eyeballs on the new features. We only announced it on our forum and hoped for the best. The volume of feedback has proven that this was a successful experiment, spotting certain issues this early has definitely helped us a lot.

With this experience, we may consider adding another step to our regular testing progress. We are always starting with internal betas, and continue first through a closed beta test with our much-appreciated stable cadre of trusted volunteer testers. Now the new step may be a still-raw experimental beta for the most daring of you before we reach the widely publicized open beta release ahead of the final game update.

Thanks to everyone involved in the experimental beta, we are now able to launch the ETS2 Update 1.33 Open Beta sooner than anticipated!


This update brings some long...​