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Modding Central, a community made by modders for all to discuss, mod and download mods for multiple games in a safe and secure environment.

0.15 status
Work has been going swiftly on 0.15, but there are still many major topics we have left to close. We mentioned previously that our estimate for release would be near the end of February, and while this has been our internal goal, we won't quite be able to make it.

One of the main reasons for this delay is us underestimating how long it would take to stabilize 0.14 and the new multiplayer code. We thought that because it was a relatively small 'major' release, that it would not take much time to make it stable. However the great community members playing the experimental version kept finding bugs for us to fix, and even now there are still several 0.14 bugs being identified and fixed in 0.15.

The extending bug fixing of 0.14 was no doubt necessary, but it has led us to be somewhat behind schedule on several features of 0.15. Our current optimistic estimate is that we will be able to release an experimental version of 0.15 at the end of March, and we will keep you all up to date on its progress.

Difficulty settings
I recently finished the backing logic changes to add the new 'advanced' section of the generate-map GUI. At the moment it includes settings to adjust pollution, evolution, biter expansion, and recipe/technology complexity. Pollution, evolution, and biter expansion have always been adjustable either through mods or console commands but recipe and technology complexity is something completely new....
SCS Software Love is in the air
Valentine's Day is almost here! For those romantically inclined among our fans, we wanted to give you a chance to transfer some of Valentine's atmosphere into our games as well. We have prepared two unique collections of themed paint jobs, one for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and the other for American Truck Simulator. Even more, we added a small bonus into each package in the form of a cabin accessory.



Express your passion, show your feelings and decorate your truck with a Valentine's paint job! Get it for yourself or as a gift for someone special.​
Hello, Engineers! This week’s update contains more improvements to the overall game and modding. There’s now mirrored versions of wheels so you can have the tyre tread facing the sam e direction on both sides of a vehicle. The texture of light and heavy armor has been updated, it should now look cleaner and less noisy. Most noticeably the tiling of corners and inverted corners is less noticeable as lines on the textures are softer. Additionally, merge blocks have been visually adjusted to match their air tight status and central blast door blocks have been tweaked slightly.
Player character color will now remain the same upon respawn at a medical room which will prove especially useful in team-based multiplayer scenarios. Also, idle thrusters will no longer cause damage to players and surrounding grids.
We’re also adding better modding support for emissives. This means that you will be able to use whatever colour you like on functional blocks. For example, you could make a modded generator where the working state is purple. On the subject of emissives, damaged conveyor tubes will no longer emit any light so you know the exact block in your conveyor network that needs repair.
In other news, the artists are still tweaking block models but some have started creating the visual elements of the HUD this week while programmers continue work on the implementation side. Meanwhile, the designers are looking into the balance and overall gameplay of survival and are preparing new...

Today we have the latest update release for FS17 to v 1.4

Update 1.4
For steam version, your game should update automatically,
if not please right click on FS17 in your library, click on properties, then on updates tab, and change the automatic updates to "Always keep this game upto date"

You might also want to check your downloads tab to see if it is in a queue.

Farming Simulator 17 Update 1.4
  • Improved handling of bunker silos (1.4)
  • Improved handling of levelers (1.4)
  • Various engine optimizations (1.4)
  • Improved loading of old savegames (1.4)
  • Various improvements in graphics and functions of the vehicles (1.4)
  • Fixed issues with conveyors (1.4)
  • Fixed various map issues (1.4)
  • Improved helper (1.4)
  • Various improvements when tipping anywhere (1.4)
  • Improvements with the forestry (1.4)
  • Fixed issues with the animals (1.4)
  • Various improvements for the GUI (1.4)
  • Various improvements in the multiplayer and the dedicated servers (1.4)
  • Fixed several localization issues (1.4)
  • Improved compatibility with several input devices (1.4)
  • Fixed various other smaller issues (1.4)

  • Added separate menu music volume setting (1.3.1)
  • Added option for mod map updates to invalidate savegame cache...
Hi everyone. About half a year ago whenever I was sitting deeply in Factorio and when I needed to spend time in my phone, I was reading FFF or Factorio forum. Later when I decided to move - I suddenly realized that Wube is the most logical target to apply my crazy mind. All thanks to those FFF and you guys. Now I am writing another FFF myself which, looking back at those times, gives me ripping apart feelings (which I believe is a good thing :)).

macOS developer needed
We mentioned this quite recently, but it was semi-buried beneath the great nuclear power information. We'd quickly just like to mention again (before you get lost in this meaty FFF) that we're currently searching for a Senior macOS developer to join our team here in Prague.

The role is similar to that of all the other developers on the team (working on new features, fixing bugs etc.), but with a focus on any issues relating to the Mac versions of the game. An ideal candidate would have a great passion for the game, and a strong understand and experience with C++. The full job listing can be found on our website here[www.factorio.com], and we invite anybody interested to contact us.

Belts optimization
After initiation process and path of trials with multithreading (more[www.factorio.com]), a solution was...