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Update is available for FS17 patch v 1.4.4

Update 1.4.4
For steam version, your game should update automatically,
if not please right click on FS17 in your library, click on properties, then on updates tab, and change the automatic updates to "Always keep this game upto date"

You might also want to check your downloads tab to see if it is in a queue.

A more comprehensive update changelog please see this link:
Below is a brief list of the updates so far:

  • Fixed ai worker headland turns (1.4.4)
  • Fixed ai worker issues with asymmetric tools (1.4.4)
  • Improved ai worker collision detection (1.4.4)
  • Fixed multiplayer max. number of ai workers (1.4.4)
  • Fixed multiplayer grain selling. Earned money will be shared between all players (1.4.4)
  • Fixed Sosnovka mill fruittypes soybeans, sunflowers and canola (1.4.4)
  • Minor bug fixes (1.4.4)

  • Fixed direct sowing machines to work properly with the same fruit (1.4.2)
  • Fixed helper with the Lemken Solitair 12 (1.4.2)
  • Fixed helper with the Joskin Modulo (1.4.2)
  • Added color selection in the shop for...
SCS Software Liftable Trailer Axles
We're almost there to release the open betas of the next wave of updates for both Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. Let's keep our fingers crossed that we iron out the last few known glitches so that we are able to release the open betas next week.

Today we'd like to tease you a little with a glimpse on one of the new features - the implementation of liftable axles for trailers.


This feature was requested by the fan community for quite a while, we're glad to bring it to life for all players looking forward to improvements in simulation fidelity. Lifting a trailer axle allows you to spread the weight among the trailer's wheels to optimize fuel consumption, limit tire wear, or adjust the trailer's maneuverability while turning or reversing. As there was no default hotkey or controller key assigned for this feature as of yet, and we do not want to break players' existing configs, please remember to set this function under any key in the Key & Buttons options.


Stay tuned for more feature reveals as we wrap up the work on the updates. The full change log will of course come along with the actual releases.​
Hello, the office has had a very lively atmosphere this week. With some very productive team discussions taking place, we reach another Friday with an optimistic outlook of the weeks to come.

Minimal mode
There has for some time been an irritating problem which can arise in the game, specifically in the way we handle mods. With the mod portal's introduction, it became easier and more intuitive to download and install mods directly in the game. This has been really useful for a lot of players, simplifying the old system of manually dropping the mod into the correct file location.

However while installation was simple, getting rid of a malfunctioning mod was not addressed in any way. I am sure anyone who has spent some time downloading some more obscure mods has had this error thrown to them before:


Obviously the error is on behalf of the mod, and the course of action is to remove or disable the mod. I've had a lot of feedback over the course of 0.13 and 0.14, and to many users, this appears as simply a game crash. To put it in another way, a new player installs a mod, and it breaks their game. This shines especially poorly on us, as developers proud of supporting our modding community and its content, this looks like our support might not be good as we claim.

So the solution is what we call 'Minimal mode', essentially just a...
We have just started closed beta test for another round of major updates of Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator, but that's a story for another week.

Today, two of our colleagues are flying to London to visit the upcoming "PC Gamer Weekender" public event. This event is organized by publishers of the world's best selling PC gaming magazine PC Gamer. Jakub and Tomas will spend the whole weekend at the show, which is taking place February 18-19 in the amazing halls of Olympia, Zone J30.


Gamers from all corners of the world will come to enjoy two great days full of playing mostly as of yet un-released yet games plus some ever-greens (that's how we like to view our games), to hear interesting lectures and talks by developers from gaming software studios of all kinds, to try or even buy new hardware & software to bring it home with them, to watch or participate in cool PC gaming tournaments, or simply just to enjoy anything else related to the world of gamers.

Our small team will be there with our games too, and if you'd like to try out American Truck Simulator in VR, we'll be happy to greet you at the tiny booth of SCS Software. We are not coming just to give the visitors a chance to play our games, we have also been offered an opportunity to make a speech...​
Hello, Engineers! This week’s update contains more improvements to the overall game and modding. Most noticeably, we’ve added lens flares to the sun. This should also be fully moddable so I look forward to seeing what modders can come up with. Please let us know your feedback on this graphical update in the comments below.
Interior wall emissives will no longer be affected by changing the colour of the block itself and trash removal settings are now saved upon the reload of a world. Also, when you open the G screen, you will now be able to start typing in the search box immediately as it selected by default.
Last week we added arrows to the block ghosts of LCD screens so you know their orientation before you place them and in survival mode, players can no longer take blueprints of grids they do not own and cannot transfer ownership to enemy players.
In other news, the new HUD is still progressing nicely with initial implementation nearing completion after which designers will begin playtesting it. Additionally, we are working on an in-game cutscene editor. Although it is mainly designed to be paired with the visual scripting tool, you will also be able to preview cutscenes from within the game which will open up new possibilities for content creators.

Full list of new features and fixes: http://forums.keenswh.com/threads/7392954