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Modding Central, a community made by modders for all to discuss, mod and download mods for multiple games in a safe and secure environment.

We are aware that we don't add so much content to Factorio these days. The reason we always state is that we are focusing on polishing and finishing the game. There are a lot of little things and details (some call it quality of life improvements), that don't look that awesome when reviewed one by one, but once they accumulate together they should make a big difference in the game experience. I'm going to talk about some of them now, but don't be afraid that we won't add anything new in the 0.16, as the work on the artillery train has already started and it is probably going to be epic :).

Blueprint connection
One of the problems with blueprints and ghosts was when you create blueprint of this:


Entities don't connect in the blueprint itself, so it looks as ugly as this:

Once you build the blueprint, it looks like this until it is actually constructed:

This bugged me, but the solution wasn't so straightforward. The logic of connecting entities is based on the them being actually placed somewhere on the map, but in the blueprint, the entities kind of exist "in the...
SCS Software Italia: New Industries
Industries are the backbone of the economy and the main engine of transport business in our simulators because cargo transportation is the most important basic task we put on our players. Local industries and their demands in our games must at least partially reflect the real industry in a given country. Some of the cargoes you will be transporting include, for example, typical Italian scooters.


Carrara marble quarries are one of the largest and yet carefully constructed industries that you can find on the new map of Italy. Marble from these mines belongs to appreciated materials for buildings, monuments, and sculptures since ancient times. We hope you will enjoy plenty of turning bends on their dusty gravel roads.


Steel plant at Taranto is another of the industrial structures built directly for...
Hello, Engineers! This week's minor release comes with some important general improvements. Issues fixed include a number of audio issues like wheel sounds playing even when a vehicle is not moving and choking sounds being heard by all plays. Also, the Doppler Effect should now be heard correctly through your sound device of choice. Additionally, there’s some modding improvements; mods can now use WAV format audio instead of WXM.


- fixed crash when players were attempting to render and fast moving ship with respawn station
- fixed crash when modifiying their save .sbc files and attempting to go into setting in-game
- fixed crash when certain Mech blueprints being destroyed would cause crash
- removed certain ships from random encounters that cause sim speed drop
- changed the large tube component model size
- fixed loading screen background not scaling properly for all resolutions
- fixed ESC button being registered when entering the steam overlay
- fixed hitbox on astronaut being larger than intended
- fixed GPS staying after looting the body before changing to a backpack
- fixed blocks staying selected on DS when entering cockpit
- fixed doppler effect not working for audio
- fixed odd behavior for audio of first gatling shot not respecting distance
- fixed grinder sound playing after grinding down block
- fixed choking sounds...
We continue our journey across Europe, meeting fans of our games and making new friendships on the way. After visiting several races, we dare to say that our sim trailer and our crew have become a part of the big family that is the traveling band of FIA European Truck Racing Championship. We continue our mission to become more visible to the transportation industry, hoping for new opportunities and new partnerships that would help us further improve our games.

We have returned from the most recent FIA ETRC race at Le Mans tired but excited. It's still very inspiring talking to our fans, even if may hit a language barrier problem from time to time. We have also managed to start or continue some very promising business opportunity discussions.

Truck racing at Le Mans has a long tradition, it is one of the biggest events on the circuit, and it has a really unique atmosphere. On the parking lots all around, there were hundreds and hundreds of really amazing trucks, with lots of tuning and cool paint jobs. The Saturday evening truck parade was breathtaking, and the crazy evening stung show and fireworks attracted crowds of tens of thousands. Witnessing this aspect of the trucking phenomenon is still an eye opener for most of us, even if we have tried to touch it in our games for some years already. Let us share a few...​


What an intriguing discovery survivors, can you guess what creature it is?

Sponsored Mods!

It’s the time of the month where we introduce some new and exciting mods from the community! This month we are happy to introduce some pretty unique mods to the program. During the course of the program, we’ve seen our share of maps, structure mods, and even a total conversion. We get excited when we see game modes like Urban Deathmatch or really well thought out ideas like Zoology get published!

Urban Death Match


We’ve always thought that ARK could serve as a good foundation for a team deathmatch mod. Those that aren’t new to the modding scene might remember Tribe Wars and the pre-match that started in a team deathmatch setting. Urban Deathmatch might be the choice for those who are looking for a similar game mode.

Spawn areas are predetermined and each spawn area has six crates that can be used to gear up your players. Be sure to give this a look if you are looking for some fun events to host on your server. Since the mod is a map extension, it shouldn't affect any of your existing saves! Be sure to check it out!