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Modding Central

Modding Central, a community made by modders for all to discuss, mod and download mods for multiple games in a safe and secure environment.

Some two years ago we did an experiment by releasing a bunch of country-specific paintjobs to spice up a special edition of Euro Truck Simulator 2 aimed primarily at the UK market. We did not fully realize what we were headed into - with the commitment to provide any official paintjob for all the standard cabin configurations of all the trucks included in the game, we are talking over 50 individual graphics files per DLC. These need to be created and adjusted for the various cabin shapes, and then maintained indefinitely through any cabin 3D model tweaks, file format, or shader tech change.

It did not look unbearable early on through the first few paintjobs packs, but now with thousands of files to keep an eye on across the many paintjob sets, it is kind of scary. Creating a paintjob DLC may take "only" a few man-weeks, but if we need to touch a cabin 3D model, it can cause a month of retouching of existing graphics.

We have been talking about winding down our paintjob work for a long time already, precisely to avoid painting ourselves into the corner with so much work to do anytime we change some truck-related stuff in the game or a related 3D engine feature. We are never quite finished with our tech and games, they are ever-evolving. But the requests are coming in loud and clear from fans from countries that we have not yet covered, and we feel that it would not be right to betray them and ignore them. It's a lot of work, but it doesn't fundamentally interfere...​
While working on the new Vive la France! map expansion DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2, the team is creating and putting to use a new set extending the range of the various road types, including new specialized prefabs for making highly detailed junctions.


We are also paying close attention to how the road system blends with the surrounding terrain.


Thanks to the amplified database of elements to build the world from, we are once again planning to raise the standard, provide more lifelike look, and offer you more recognizable locations inspired by real world geography.


Great amount of work was invested into improving our system for horizontal road markings. It is now more flexible so that the road lines can be built in better agreement with the actual country-specific rules. (Here is one of the sources of information which we are using if you are curious, on Wikipedia here http://bit.ly/1T3jyyd.)

Hello Factorio players!

The fast progress report
Cube is working on the udp download rate with high packet loss. Michal and Vaclav are tweaking the flamethrower mechanics (You will like this one). Robert is working on the circuit network improvements. Tomas is working on the authentication service. Albert is preparing the new train graphics which will solve the horizontal/vertical inconsistency explained in the last Friday facts[www.factorio.com]. Ondra is implementing control interface of the headless server and Martin is mainly cooperating on the integration of the mod portal.
Most of these topics will be described in detail in a future Friday facts once they are finished.

Welcome Mishka
Miska is our now project manager on a testing period. We (Tomas and Me) decided to delegate some of our responsibilities to someone else, so we have more time for programming and game design. Her responsibilities will be to keep the track of the ongoing projects in Wube, help us to optimize our working processes, help with administrative and business tasks, possibly help us to optimize the bug fixing process and other similar tasks.

Signal placement indicator
Let me explain the process of a small task I decided to do during Sunday afternoon for 0.13, which grew to a week of work.

The problem with signal building, is that it is not clear where can the signal be built, especially on...
This week brings the cargo ships back to all worlds with planets! You can enable them again in the world options. Another major feature is the next step in our multiplayer optimization - server side ship control with client side prediction. That means if there is any spike on the server your ships will slow down, but after the spike is gone the ship will regain its original speed.
We also added the ability to re-attach piston heads back to piston bases (in the same way you can add wheels) and implemented more Programmable Block improvements.
Many thanks to all the modders and community members that are again working with us on github source code - you guys are the best modding community we could wish for!

Full list of new features and fixes: http://forums.keenswh.com/threads/7382710
Hot on the heels of the recent game updates for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator, we are bringing you a new batch of optional content building on the new wheel tuning functionality.

We are introducing a pair of "aftermarket" Wheel Tuning Packs in the form of DLC, with new unique parts tailored for the Euro style and American style wheels respectively. The recent changes in the base games - splitting the monolithic wheel models into multiple parts - have already brought you a lot of freedom in making hundreds possible combinations of wheels. With the new DLC stuff, the number of potential combinations grows by another magnitude or two, especially if you consider that some of the parts can now have any color you wish applied to them.

The sets of the tuning parts are different and unique for American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2, so it's not like you would be paying for the same thing twice, but we are making it easier for player of both games to obtain the DLCs for both games. If you buy the DLC for either one of the games, things are set up on the back-end so that the Wheel Tuning DLC is automatically unlocked for free for you in the other game. Have fun!