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I have been deep down in the multiplayer internals the whole time since the last Friday facts. I think about multiplayer when I eat, I think about it when I ride my bike, I even have dreams about packets travelling from place to place, when my wife asks me what do I think about, I'm almost afraid to tell the truth. So obviously there is nothing else I could write about than the multiplayer in this Friday facts. This is going to be somewhat technical.

The connection - the Router layer
This is the old way of connecting to the game:


The first problem is the possible abuse of the server to ddos someone. As it is possible to send packets with fake sender IP. The "hacker" can just send the connection request to the server, where the IP is the target . The server will eventually connect the target of the ddos attack to the game, and it will send him heartbeats until it gets disconnected. It takes 10 seconds to disconnect a peer so the attacker can flood the target with 700 packets by sending a single packet to the server.

So the new way of connecting is like this:

The client first generates (randomly) his id, and sends it to the server as part of the request. The server generates his unique...

Now available as a free DLC in the ‘ARK Official Mods Program’, Primitive+, created by Cedric Burkes, is playable as a functionality mod on all Official ARK Maps and challenges players by altering the available tools, weapons and structures in the game to reflect what humans could realistically create using primitive technology and resources. This does not simply remove advanced technology from ARK, but instead replaces it with a multitude of new resources, engrams and systems.


Players will need to specialize in specific roles and work together to complete their goals. Hunters, farmers, cooks and builders can band together to create a new, functioning society where diplomacy and even economics can matter. In Primitive Plus, you will not only cope with human society’s limitations, but unlock its potential.


As well as the release of Primitive+, this huge patch also covers a large expansion to The Center! The Center, has now been expanded to include new biomes, islands, caves, and a completely new boss arena for survivors to explore, as well as the addition of a wide variety creatures to tame and be hunted....
This week's update brings improvements to meteors, save games, and the in-game chat.
Meteors and meteoroids now have different particles. Meteoroids have a dusty debris effect as they travel through space, but as they enter an atmosphere (becoming meteors) the particle effects become more fiery and smokey. They now also create bigger and better looking craters on impact. Lastly, they have been balanced to target your structures less frequently and less accurately.
We’ve added the ability to backup saved games automatically. You can set the max amount of backups in the advanced world settings. The in-game chat feature has been improved by adding global chat history.

Full list of new features and fixes: http://forums.keenswh.com/threads/7386064

The first Farming Simulator 17 Gameplay Trailer has arrived!

Today's trailer, From Seeds to Harvest, is the first in a series of gameplay videos where we will be showing the new content and features of Farming Simulator 17!

In this first gameplay video, you'll discover the basics of farming one of the new crops, sunflowers, using the latest brands, vehicles, and equipment in Farming Simulator 17!

Farming Simulator is an accurate simulator at heart with deep management options, but also a very accessible sandbox, with two huge maps and countless vehicles & equipment to use and play with.

All the big farming manufacturers are here, and Farming Simulator 17 boasts the franchise's largest roster yet with over 200 unique vehicles and equipment spanning 70 different brands! For the first time in Farming Simulator history, AGCO brands Challenger, Fendt, Valtra, and Massey Ferguson are available!

Among the many new features to be announced in the coming months for Farming Simulator 17, we are happy to unveil that modding support - which is exceptionally popular on PC - is making its grand debut on consoles! With Farming Simulator 17, all the players will be able to download content created by the passionate community of Farming Simulator players, including vehicles, animals, scenery elements and much...
With the Vive La France DLC for ETS2 we are trying to raise the bar on quality and realism once again. As you may have noticed, with the Going East and Scandinavia DLC we were step by step increasing the quality of towns and cities. Going East gave you your first chance to drive through small towns - even though there were no delivery options there. With the Scandinavia DLC we made an essential step forward by offering a new level of complexity and diversity in cities. But these two DLCs are definitely not our last word in the matter!

Case in point, it is our pleasure to introduce you to La Rochelle - one of new cities which provide the chance to taste the natural beauty and variety of French cities and countryside. You will no longer be restricted to entering industrial zones via arterial roads but instead the cargo depots here are fully integrated into living city.

With the new DLC you can explore the medley of times and styles French cities have come to be revered for. Enjoy ancient architecture and narrow, winding roads back to back with fully modernized complexes and detached houses. Vive la France!

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