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Modding Central

Modding Central, a community made by modders for all to discuss, mod and download mods for multiple games in a safe and secure environment.

  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed that exiting hosting game could stuck Factorio forever.
    • Possible fix game not showing in browse game list. (If it happens anyway, we will have more info)
    • Fixed that a very big number of biters on a map could cause very significant UPS drop. more[forums.factorio.com]

You can get experimental releases by selecting the 'experimental' beta branch under Factorio's properties in Steam.
Albert is back this week, and has resumed his work on the liquid wagon and associated accessories, as well as offering his guidance to some visual related programming tasks. Kuba and Honza are also both back from their respective holidays, and overall the office is feeling much more full than last week.

0.13 Stable
This week we have declared 0.13.18 as the stable release, which means that any steam users on 0.12 will be automatically updated, as well as standalone version users being prompted to upgrade. From the first 0.13 experimental release there have been some hiccups with the administration and support side. Most of these arise from now requiring a login to access the matching server and mod portal, with interactions between steam and our website being a big source of problems. Since release about 2 months ago, I have answered over 800 support emails, but with a lot of work done to streamline our systems by Tomas and Martin, the recent weeks have been significantly quieter.

Apart from those issues, we've had strong and consistent success is fixing as many bugs as we can, be these small bugs, from the capitalisation of technologies, to big ones, like terrain generation issues. We've also had some time to add a few new features during stabilization, mostly scripting and modding requests, along with other changes to some mechanics. Community feedback has been really valuable to us once again, so thank you all.

0.14 Experimental
Early this afternoon we...
SCS Software Steering Knobs
The Open Beta for American Truck Simulator's and Euro Truck Simulator 2's upcoming updates is already in full swing. We'd like to thank you all for the feedback and bug reports you've given us!

To get to the point: once a game update enters public testing, we usually just want to stabilize the new features and release it. But this time we have decided to up the scope of the updates even when the beta test is already in flight. Our artists just finished work on an interesting little set of cabin "toys." Our inner circle of trusted beta testers liked it very much, and so we wanted to share it with you as soon as possible.

So here we are, introducing a new little game feature - streering knobs. We've included six different steering knobs in each game; you will be able to install them at four possible locations on a steering wheel. Steering knobs are an exception rather than a rule, they are not frequently used on long haul trucks, and actually their legal status is somewhat shady in certain territories. But we hope that the new feature will please the group of fans who kept requesting their addition to our games.

  • Features
    • Fixed multiplayer
      • 1) Internal reliability and stability improvements.
      • 2) Players don't have to wait for other clients to download and load the game.
      • 3) Decreased network traffic.
      • 4) It is possible to use menu and quit the game when connecting to the game.
      • 5) Server doesn't stop/slow down the game when some client is too slow, stops communicating or saves the game longer than the server.
      • 6) Players automatically quit game after 3 desyncs.
      • 7) Download speed tweaks.
    • Added /team command that messages all players from the same force.
  • Minor Features
    • When selecting inventory filters the filter is automatically set to the item in the cursor if any.
  • Changes
    • Disabled loading of saves before 0.11.0 version (You can use 0.11.22 to load older saves and re-save them).
    • Removed the option to enable/disable latency hiding, it is always on on clients (and off on the server).
  • Bugfixes
    • Factorio shouldn't crash anymore when Direct3D device is lost due to locking screen or entering sleep mode.
  • Modding
    • Added support for equipment grids in cars, tanks, locomotives, and cargo wagons.
    • Changed equipment grids to work as protoypes: defined and referenced by things that use them.
    • Changed equipment and equipment grids to have categories that define what equipment can go in...
Hey Engineers! In today’s update to the development branch, we're releasing the first batch of render improvements. Proper PBR rendering has been introduced, along with adding Nvidia HBAO, static decals on models, and tons of other features and improvements. Please keep in mind that this is still work in progress - more improvements and optimizations are on the way. We would also like to ask for your feedback and bug reports in the bug section of our forums: http://forum.keenswh.com/forums/bug-reports.326950/
Thanks a lot in advance!

Detailed render blog post: http://blog.marekrosa.org/2016/08/guest-post-by-jan-hlousek-vrage-render_25.html
Full list of new features and fixes: http://forums.keenswh.com/threads/7386765