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Modding Central, a community made by modders for all to discuss, mod and download mods for multiple games in a safe and secure environment.

ARK: Survival Evolved Introducing the Moschops!
A new Dino Dossier has been revealed, this one is everyone’s favourite fleeing foodie, the Moschops!


Common Name: Moschops
Species: Moschops cibumutante
Time: Mid Permian
Diet: Omnivore
Temperament: Cowardly


Moschops cibumutante in the wild is a lethargic, cowardly creature that primarily lives in the forests of the island, primarily making its home among the great redwoods of the West. It survives by being extremely flexible in its eating habits and completely averse to fighting. It never starves, since it can eat just about anything. Moschops runs at the slightest provocation, but is still often preyed upon.


What makes Moschops particularly interesting is what it can be trained to do with its eating habits. With a versatile palate and tough teeth, Moschops can be tamed for a unique ability: over time it can be taught exactly which things to gnaw, increasing the likelihood of harvesting that exact resource which its master desires. For example, teach it to prioritize chewing Prime Meat, and Prime Meat will be easier to harvest from the flesh it consumes. Likewise for rare plants materials, and so forth!

Just don't expect Moschops to protect, though. Even after taming, it will quickly flee when enemies are nearby. Regardless of being fed well, increasing its strength, or how much...
SCS Software Parallel Game Update

At last, updates 1.23 for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and 1.2 for American Truck Simulator are live. We would like to thank everybody who participated in the extended open beta. We have received a huge amount of valuable feedback that made us re-engineer some elements of Steam Workshop support to make it more robust.

Let us recap the key features coming for both games with the this update wave:
  • Steam Workshop - an external hub which allows simple distribution of game modifications created by community. Thanks to Steam Workshop, you can download and install mods effortlessly from a safe and trusted place.
  • Ultimate Wheel Customization - We have split truck wheels models into multiple components: Tire and Disk separation was introduced recently, in addition to it we have added customization of sub-components of the disk: Hubs, Hub Covers and Nuts.
  • SCS Workshop Uploader app - Modding our games through Steam Workshop will require use of a dedicated tool for mod makers; a new dedicated Steam application - SCS Workshop Uploader. You can grab it from your Steam library under...
Hello Factorio players!

Steam Account Linking
We recently launched a new system on our webpage for linking a Factorio website account with a steam account. This will be used from now on to verify that the user making the key request is legitimate, and it should help reduce the amount of fraud we have been seeing on our website. Another feature of this is that now users who purchased the game on steam, can link their accounts and allow them to download the website versions of the game. This is all in preparation for 0.13 where account will be used to access the modding portal and the multiplayer matching server and the authentication service:

Authentication service
Now, when you are playing a multiplayer game and someone joins, the username he has could be anything he would like. This can be obviously used to cause havoc. To solve this, the servers will have an option (on by default) to require authentication by the Factorio website before users can connect. This will be essential for implementing the admin system. The plan of the admin system is quite simple, the player starting the game is admin by default, and he can promote other to admins, kick and ban other people.

The train struggle
The promise to solve the irregular size of the train wagons, mainly the difference between vertical and horizontal size, put a lot of wrinkles on our faces. We had countless discussions with Albert about the possible solutions.

Our goal is to make the vertical and horizontal...
Hey Survivors!

Welcome to the twenty-nineth issue of the ARK Digest! We hope you all enjoyed our April Fools shenanigans. We had a lot of fun with it and seeing your reactions over our social media definitely made our day. ;)

Let's start off with an important announcement!

International Modding Contest Voting


Earlier this year we were thrilled to announce the first challenge for modders with our very first ARK International Mod Contest! Putting content creators, new and old, to the test through making their own ARK Mod. We had over 100 entries between the three total categories, which was amazing! Looking through all of the different entries and seeing the level of skill and creativity blew us away.

Studio Wildcard is excited to announce the top candidates which will now be entering public voting. Community voting on the mod contest entries is now open!

Click the links below to be brought to the voting pages and see the finalists!

· Mod Finalists[survivetheark.com]
· Map Finalists[survivetheark.com]
· Total Conversion Finalists[survivetheark.com]

As a...
A small expedition team from SCS Software received a kind invitation to spend three days at the PACCAR Technical Center in Mount Vernon, Washington, USA. It has been a great adventure for us, we have recorded a ton of truck engine sounds, photographed and scanned whatever we could get our hands on, and spent hours discussing trucking topics.

The level of support we have received from PACCAR is unprecedented, we got unlimited access to many trucks with friendly company test drivers revving them and torturing them on the test track according to our wishes. It will take us weeks and weeks to process the raw data and months for this to make a difference in the game, but it was definitely an experience that will help us make our games better for you.