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Farming Simulator 19 Harvesting Crops Trailer

It’s time to step outside, get your hands dirty and do some field work!
Discover the basics of farming, including one of the new crops – cotton in today's new trailer, Harvesting Crops, using the latest brands, vehicles, and equipment in Farming Simulator 19!


Before the Straw Update we want to give you another outlook on bale transportation.

The update is going to the testing department today and we will use the next days to make some further optimizations regarding the handling, the Quadrant as well as the textures. The update is planned to be released at the end of next week.

We wish you a pleasant weekend!

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We have already pointed out, that we are trying to make a new campaign (FFF-245[www.factorio.com]), and part of it is the core beginning, the NPE/tutorial.

The tutorial is one of the very critical parts of the game, as if the first 15 minutes of a game feels shitty, there is big chance, that the player will not play any further. I had this experience in many games myself.

So the challenge could be articulated like this: "The current tutorial is okay, but can we make it great?"
The approach in the current tutorial is to feed the player with the basic knowledge of how to control the basics of the game (the first mission and the start of the second mission) in the fastest way possible.


The player is even given descriptive info like this, to diminish the chance of not understanding how the basic entities work.


After few steps in the 2nd level, the player can start exploring his first self-feeding loop (make iron to make more iron).


The tools used to this is mainly:
  • The...
Today we'd like to focus on the biggest city in the upcoming ETS2 game expansion Beyond the Baltic Sea. Saint Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia with over 5 million inhabitants. Its size and its location on the Neva river just at the head of the Gulf of Finland proved to be a difficult task for the map design team. With the scale of our virtual world, we need to distill the essence of real-world locations down to the most characteristic elements along the path the player will travel.


With so many huge pieces of architecture competing for our attention, both historic landmarks as well as modern transport infrastructure, we had to make some tough choices. Hopefully, the local patriots will be fine with our selection. As the main artery road passes through densely populated areas, we had to use every trick in the book to build and optimize the city for the game. In particular, the integration of the Western High-Speed Diameter was a real challenge. It's very new, and initially, we had troubles finding the necessary photo references to it. We have done our best to squeeze enough of it into the in-game city plan to make the right impression if its size and its aesthetics....​
Hi Engineers,

NVIDIA recently released a new major graphics driver version 411.63. This change of the major version number is causing notifications in Space Engineers and Medieval Engineers about out of date drivers. This notification is incorrect and can be safely ignored. We will patch the games soon to correct this.

Thanks for your understanding