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Factorio Version 0.14.22
  • Limit maximum texture size the game will try to use to 16384x16384 pixels.
  • Fixed desync related to building of rail signals. more[forums.factorio.com]
  • Fixed multiplayer map download getting stuck at 100% when using some broken routers.more[forums.factorio.com]

Today marks one year anniversary of American Truck Simulator's release. When we started working on the game way back several years ago, it was with a tiny team of five people, and still we were not sure if we can sustain the development. But we persisted, and were rewarded by a very strong launch on the market and a warm reception by the community as well as gaming press. This gave us the confidence to bolster the team and raise our ambition for the scale of the project.

At this moment, over 20 people focus solely on ATS development; an internal team plus a network of full-time contractors. Still it is not enough. We are well aware that the game's fans would like to see more content, more vehicles, more game features, more optimizations, faster progress. To make this possible, we keep growing the company - our vision is to at least double our production bandwidth for both American Truck as well as Euro Truck 2. We have been adding a few new people to the company pretty much every month during 2016, and we'll definitely keep on growing through 2017. All this new talent does and will make a difference that you should definitely notice.

We are happy to confirm that the next map expansion for American Truck Simulator will be the state of New Mexico!...​
This week’s update comes with a new Skybox for the game along with other improvements. The skybox has a 4k resolution and features spectacular nebulae and many stars. Let us know your thoughts on the new skybox in the comments below. We also added some missing inverted window variants, this includes 1x1 and 2x1 inverted diagonals. You may have noticed it already, but there’s also a new model for the assembler!
Block model LODs have been getting tweaked this week which should make the transitions more natural. Dead characters, wolves and sabiroids can now be looted again in survival and we resolved issues with players being able to clip through extended pistons.
Work on the new HUD is progressing steadily with programmers beginning implementation this week but most of our resources are still going into improving physics, performance and multiplayer sync. Meanwhile, artists are continuing to work on updates and tweaks for the new models.

Lastly, there’s an update for the STABLE branch today which contains features like voxel performance optimizations, physics engine and render improvements and updated block/component models + icons, taking it to version 1.172. On top of this, the new skybox will also be going to stable today!

Full list of new features and fixes: http://forums.keenswh.com/threads/7392499
STABLE changelog:...
Time flies so fast! Late last year, we sent a small technical team to the Scania Demo Centre in Södertälje, Sweden, to acquire detailed reference material for Scania's new S and R trucks. The team consisted of two of our colleagues from SCS and a contractor operating a 3D scanner, as we were evaluating whether to buy this expensive piece of technology. We planned to make a short video documentary of this trip and to share it with you, but as we don't have a dedicated person for videos at the company and video editing has to always be done on top of our normal work duties, we have taken quite a while to come up with the final cut. At last, here it is...

The objective of the trip was clear: to make sure that all the measurements required for modeling the new Scania S and R series trucks were accurately gathered. In addition to photogrammetry, which is needed for replicating surface materials - textures - for the vehicle models, for the first time we tried the service of a handheld 3D scanner. By using this technique, we expected much higher precision data as input for our work, allowing us to recreate yet more realistic trucks in our games.

We thought that some of you may find it interesting, so we are including a brief report of what our field team had to do during their five-day trip. The list of items to photograph and scan was quite ambitious, so we had to arrange for three days of focused work on site. Rigorous planning was required to pull it off....​

The Final Stretch Survivors! Patch 254 is a tech-focused patch introducing new armour, structures, game mechanics, and for new friends will be available to discover, tame, and train as Survivors make their way towards defeating the Ultimate Lifeform. We are excited to introduce TEK Tier Phase 1, Hairstyles & Facial Hair, Jousting, the fluffy Ovis, the piscivorous Baryonyx, the beloved Basilosaurus, and the pouncing Purlovia!

TEK Tier is the end-game technology tier in our crafting system and as of Patch 254, players will be able to get their first taste of the content. As we progress towards release, we will be introducing more features and structures based around TEK. This update is our introductory phase and includes a power armour set, the TEK Replicator, used for crafting and the TEK Transmitter, used for the CrossARK System.


TEK Tier earned & powered by defeating Bosses and collecting their Element will put players in power armour granting them advanced abilities, and add powerful TEK Saddles with mounted energy weapons to the capabilities of some of their favourite dinos, including your favourite apex predator, the T-Rex!...