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Modding Central, a community made by modders for all to discuss, mod and download mods for multiple games in a safe and secure environment.

Players of American Truck Simulator can finally enjoy driving the full length of US Highway 1 again. Thanks to the heroic effort of the truck sim fan community during Operation Big Sur, the landslide was cleared up in record time and the new stretch of the road is ready for you.


As Highway 1 is back in full operation, your help in #OperationBigSur is no longer needed, and the World of Trucks event has been finally wrapped up. Massive thanks to all the participants! Just beware that Steam will automatically update the game today.

We have asked the fan community for 500,000 deliveries to get the job done and ultimately got even more. We have prolonged the event by a few extra days after the goal was reached, giving latecomers a chance to do their part, too.


With these numbers and with the high volume of your positive feedback, it is clear that the event was well accepted and that you would like to see more events engaging the community. It takes considerable effort across several company departments to set up an event and to create all the content, but we will surely do our best to listen to your voice and work on improving our event...​
Factorio at the National Library of Technology Prague
If you are in Prague this summer, and wanting to satiate your Factorio cravings, you can stop in to the National Library of Technology Prague[www.techlib.cz], where Factorio is loaded onto 150 computers for all to play. Entry is free for all visitors Monday to Friday 08:00 - 22:00 until the 31st of August. The PC's are running Linux (Fedora), loaded with a custom build of the game HanziQ put together, and you can host LAN servers and play with your friends.


On the 23rd of July we will be hosting our own Factorio LAN party at the library starting at 16:00 CEST (Prague time), so you can come along and play with us. It is advised to bring your own set of headphones if you are going to attend.

Rendering optimization
As we started to modernize our rendering backend, the absolute must have was to make it at least as fast as the old one. We had the chance to do things however we wanted, so we were excited about the capabilities newer APIs unlocked for us, and we had lot of ideas how to draw sprites as fast as possible.

But first, there is no need to reinvent the wheel, so let’s see how Allegro makes the magic happen. Allegro utilizes sprite batching, which means it draws multiple sprites that use same texture and...
SCS Software Wood production chain
As our games mature and as our team grows to be able to focus on multiple projects and features of our games, we also pay more attention to the production chains and local industries within the game world. It is actually not a small task to bring in enough new types of cargo and facilities to populate the economy enough to achieve variety as well as to keep healthy supply and demand balance. We take it as a longer-term ambition, but the goal is definitely for our deliveries to make more sense in players' eyes - we will be gradually moving away from the concept of random cargoes headed from a generic point A to a generic point B.

With Oregon, we are paying special attention to the woodworking logistic chain. It's an interesting and characteristic part of Oregon's economy, and it will be a fun addition to the gameplay. Timber, lumber, and products made of wood will give us a nice reason to journey to rural as well as urban areas of the state and beyond, with cargoes that originated as trees in a forest.

[​IMG] [​IMG]

We have addressed several bugs with this Hotfix Update v0.2.2.2.

As always, you can find all other changes, bug fixes and new features in our changelog.

We are looking forward to your feedback!

The MBB team


BUGFIX: Hammer CornKing has normal ground contact again
BUGFIX: Mass and mass center adjusted within the Deutz 7250
BUGFIX: Strautmann SZK rear coupler limited fixed
BUGFIX: Orbis 750 is functional again with the AI helper
BUGFIX: Useractions are synced now with combinations of multiple implements. E.g. the Orbis extrudes automatically when the Lacotec or Jaguar is extruded.
Same applies for the Hammer combinations.

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Marek Rosa is going to play the Space Engineers Public Multiplayer Test alongside some Keen developers and YouTubers on the KeenCommunityNetwork, Fri, July 13, 5 - 6 pm UTC:



Come and checkout the improvements to SE!