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Modding Central, a community made by modders for all to discuss, mod and download mods for multiple games in a safe and secure environment.

A long time ago, in FFF-191[factorio.com] I wrote about improving the GUI. Well, things are finally starting to move, so this week I'll bring you an update on that. We even have a GUI team:
  • Twinsen(me): UX and programming
  • Albert: UI, graphical design, layouts, mockups, UX
  • Rseding91: main programming and GUI internals
The plan is to go through the entire game's GUI (including main menu, all entity GUIs and all game windows) and improve it both visually and interaction wise. This is quite a huge undertaking because:
  • Factorio's interactions are quite complex
  • If you count all the entity windows and panels, we have about 120 windows to go through in the game.
  • Mods can change many aspects of the game so we have to account for that to make sure windows still look good and are still easy to use: e.g. having 15+ recipe categories, having assembling machines with 20+ module slots, having recipes with 20+ ingredients, having players with 200+ inventory slots, etc.
  • Many players are already used to interacting with the game in a specific way, so any major changes are hard to make.
  • Our GUI back-end (heavily modified AGUI) is not exactly well written, programmer-friendly, or feature-rich.
  • Many of the features and polishing we want to add were not done previously due to their programming complexity.
At the moment we are still early in the project, just defining the style and the...

With today’s update we introduce animal farming to Cattle and Crops. You can now buy, sell, transport and feed your bulls. We give you the the appropriate machines to do this, like the Strautmann Verti-Mix 1801 Double, the silage shovel Typ S from Bressel and Lade, a Joskin Betimax RDS 9000 as well as the Claas front-loader FL-100 which fits the Arion.

You can buy your bulls at the trader and decide, if you want them delivered into the shed automatically or if you want to transport them yourself with the cattle truck and unload them at the farmyard. At the trader, in the shed and on the pasture there are transfer boxes in which you can move bulls via the menu. This is needed so you can target the specific bulls you want to transfer.

At the moment we don’t have additional ingredients for mixing the fodder. You can gather fodder from the silo, put it into the fodder mixing wagon and fill the feeding troughs in the shed. However, we have built in a little effect: The fodder will be optimized a little bit, when you use the mixing wagon. We call it SuperSilo2000!

The silo can’t be covered and uncovered at the moment, for the time being we have placed an already filled one.

The models of the bulls, like the other ingame characters, are only placeholders and will be reworked later, together with the animations....
American Truck Simulator players deserve their own dedicated event on World of Trucks, and we are launching one just now...


Of all internal projects in SCS Software's production pipeline, the New Mexico DLC for ATS is closest to the finish line. Our team of map designers, QA specialists, and programmers, in cooperation with our volunteer community testers, is in the final stretch of bug fixing and optimizing of the content to make it ready for release. As the saying goes, they are doubling down on their work. The word "doubling" or "double" happens to be our inspiration for the upcoming event.

What if, rather then building the digital rendition of New Mexico in the comfort of our office, we have really been working out there, on the roads, in the fields, towns, or real cities? We would need to double the amount of raw material, tools, parts, and supplies delivered across the economy network so that it can eventually reach all the builders, roadmakers, gardeners, vegetation planters, and everyone involved in building New Mexico and help them work even faster. And that's where our player community comes to play, this gives us the motive for the next World of Trucks event... we hope for your support. Actually, double support!

Let's use "doubles" to double the amount of cargo on the roads! However, we wonder, do we...​
Hello, Engineers! Today's minor release comes with a sizeable batch of general improvements. The team has been working hard on both fixes and features of upcoming updates and are looking forward to seeing in the hands of our players. Issues fixed in this week's update include the dampeners HUD icon showing the incorrect state, controls being inverted when two players pilot a single grid and inventory scrolling not working properly. Additionally there's more sound improvements. For example, you will notice a new sound when walking with activated magnetic boots and footstep sounds should now be in sync with animation.

Also, changing the UI Opactiy will no longer make text in the control panel unreadable.


- fixed players being unable to spawn on Rival Platform scenario
- fixed turned off projector displaying a projection after removing a block
- fixed Easy Start Space miner exploding when modifying the fresh grid
- fixed controls getting inverted with two players piloting grid
- fixed scrolling inventory not working properly
- fixed shaking off camera when shooting and in spec. camera
- fixed issue with modded LCD Textures shown as Blank
- fixed emissivity issues on skins
- fixed faulty Sensor block showing negative number on range sliders
- fixed wrong mount point on Corner LCD flat block
- changed design for Stairs model block

We are preparing the next update for you at the moment. You’ll soon be able to buy, sell and provide for your bulls. Of course we’ll also provide you with the appropriate vehicles and machines.

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