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The GUI update (Part II) - Technology tree
Today we will speak a bit about the work in progress of the Technology tree, and the main GUI style/philosophy evolution.

The visual style is evolving and becoming more mature. The aim is to be as functional as possible, and also be pleasant to interact with, always having in mind the limitations of making it work in our engine. This is why we bet for a neutral and sober look that helps to focus on the relevant elements, without the distraction of possible decorative elements. This is not easy to decide, because the tradition of video-games is very rich in decorative GUI elements, and I'm sure that many of you would prefer having screws and rust in the corners of the metal panels and cables hanging everywhere in the GUI. Me too. Sometimes. I believe that once the GUI is completely functional, there will be some minimal decoration and this kind of fantasy, but this will be another chapter if it ever happens.

We are paying a lot of attention to the readability in general, according to the AAA standards of the WCAG[en.wikipedia.org]. So the contrast with the panels and the font is increased quite a lot compared to previous mock-ups[factorio.com] by simply using a contrast checker[contrastchecker.com]. Also the font size is increased by 2pt so it is more...
We are making American Truck Simulator Update 1.31 accessible in Open Beta form today. We are starting a little rough this time, with several known issues, but at the same time, we are eager to collect feedback and reports already to help us finalize this update ASAP. Open Beta 1.31 for ETS2 should follow in a matter of a few days.


This update brings a mix of new things in many areas of our games. For those of you focused on truck realism, there are simulated trailer cables (with different visibility options) and improved mirror functionality. Explorers taking the CA120 into Yosemite National Park right away - be advised that in National Parks there are some regulations about commercial trucking. And finally, there are also new bottom dumper trailers coming in three versions.


There are also some smaller changes; 1.31 brings a few items from players' wish lists. We are introducing a new filter option for job and cargo search, or better precision of trip data for dashboard computer. As always, we have applied a ton of various fixes and tweaks. There is also one noteworthy change - from now on, when you reload/restart...​
SCS Software SCS at EGX Rezzed 2018
EGX Rezzed is the biggest game event held in London, UK. This year's session will take place April 13-15 at the Tobacco Dock. As every year, there will be many presentations of new and upcoming games, development updates, tons announcements and news from the gaming industry. Chances are some of our UK fans are planning to attend.

We are sending out our team to the show, too. A pair of our senior developers will defend our colors at this extraordinary event, thanks to a kind invitation from Rock, Paper, Shotgun. American Truck Simulator Map Team Lead Ondřej Dufek and Vehicle Department Lead Hynek Svatoš will reveal some secrets from the development of our sims. Attentive viewers will have a chance to learn hot news from the development of ATS: Oregon and what the deal is with our trucks, trailers, and anything with a set of wheels.

Do not miss this developer session which will start on Friday 13th (yay!) At 5pm. You can watch it online on the dedicated Twitch channel.​
The first tests for our 0.2.0 combine update look very promising.


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As the last snow is melting away and winter is finally stepping off its throne, it is about time we start talking about our travel plans. We are finalizing our calendar of events to visit this year with the SCS sim trailer, and the first stop on the journey is clear - the famous Truckfest Peterborough. We hope to see a lot of our UK fans in Peterborough on 6th & 7th of May, 2018!


Our sim trailer has been through a technical upgrade over the winter, and the motion seats are also getting an overhaul - they are currently equipped with a real truck seat and a steering wheel including elements of the instrument cluster. This should raise the simulation fidelity to a whole new level.

We are looking forward to meeting our hardcore fans as well as people all-new to the truck sim phenomenon. The last season was a great trial, and this year we are going to appear at yet more events in yet more countries.

Our two-day presence at Truckfest Peterborough will be spiced up by a couple of visits from notable figures in the fan community. As we have learned that Paul a.k.a the Squirrel is going to be at Truckfest, too, we have invited him to come and see us at our sim trailer....​