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Cattle & Crops Status-Update - Grassland

This time we would like to show you some machines of the Grassland Update, namely a Claas Disco 2750 mower and a Claas Liner 500 windrower. 3D models and paintwork of these two vehicles are finished - the next steps will be adding all the stickers, mounting real wheels and creating the remaining animations.


Have a nice weekend!

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Let us invite you to a join another World of Trucks event!

As you have no doubt noticed, with Update 1.32 we have started working on upgrading the territory of Germany in Euro Truck Simulator 2. We'd like to bring the community's attention to this ongoing work with the help of this event, and maybe get the right kind of inspiration for another major round of map improvements that we want to start working on right after we are finished with Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC.

Reworking Germany is no easy task! It's the core region of the ETS2 game world through which many deliveries are taking place, and we want to make sure that the results are solid. Now, at least in a sort of virtual way, you can help us, too!

So far, we have re-touched the northern part of the country, and we cordially invite you now to re-visit it with the event deliveries. But many more roads are to be rebuilt from scratch, there are new intersections coming, so many cities are waiting for a facelift and cleanup. This will take a ton of material and technology of all kind, but also various goods and supplies to sustain the hard-working construction crews on their long shifts. Therefore, we would like to ask you to start pumping up the economy of Germany in the game with deliveries to and...​
Hello, it is me, posila, with another technical article. Sorry.

Bitmap Cache
In 0.16, we added graphics option mysteriously called "Low VRAM mode", it enables a basic implementation of texture streaming, but I didn't want to call it that way, because I feared its poor performance would give texture streaming a bad name. How it worked? Every sprite has specified some priority, and the "Video memory usage" option - despite its name - controls which priorities of sprites are included in the sprite atlases. What happens to sprites that don't go to atlas? They are loaded as individual sprites. Normally, these sprites are allocated into texture objects. The reasoning behind this is that graphics driver has chance to decide how it wants to layout these small textures in memory, instead of it being forced to work with huge atlases.

What part of a sprite atlas looks like.

When you enable "Low VRAM mode", non-atlas sprites are loaded only to RAM, and texture is allocated for them only when used during rendering. We called class that handled this BitmapCache and there was maximum limit of how many mega-bytes of texture data the bitmap cache could use at once. When this limit was reached, it failed to convert memory bitmap to video texture, and Allegro's drawing system would fallback to software rendering, which absolutely tanked FPS, but this...
We are in a hurry to haul our Sim Trailer to the city of Poznań in Poland to attend the Poznan Game Arena 2018 gaming expo this weekend. We are looking forward to meeting our Polish fans there!


The logistics of the trip is pretty crazy. It's a long way from Jarama, Spain, and we have an extra complication to deal with. One of the custom steering wheels installed in the motions seats developed some sort of electronics problem (or so we think), and we need to make an extra stop half way to our destination to try to fix or replace it. If you have been to Master Truck Opole, you may remember all the fine dust in the air covering everything quickly. We tried to clean it all up, but it got pretty much everywhere, we are actually pleasantly surprised our hardware lasted this long. It's not all just fun and games, far from it; our On The Road team is working under very tough conditions. Fortunately, meeting the fans makes up for the stress on the road.

If you can make it to PGA to visit this big gaming event running from 12th to 14th of October, we will be fully ready for you. We will be showing our just-released ATS Oregon DLC, of course, but you may also see an exclusive glimpse of the...​

Hello, Engineers!

If you weren’t able to participate in last week’s Space Engineers Public Test have no fear because we’re running another test from Thursday, October 11th, 9 am UTC, to Friday, October 12th, 3 pm UTC!

This test will also feature 3 survival servers, one for each time zone.

As always, we will announce the branch code at the time of the test and we will make a dedicated server available as well.

What’s new and improved for this test?

-Asteroid/cluster density
-Good.bot improvements and fixes
-In-game help can be disabled
-New screens improvements
-Many crashes and bugs have been fixed

Please note: we have created Good.bot to help new players learn how to play Space Engineers. However, Good.bot is still learning how to answer other types of questions related to gameplay. With that in mind, please be patient with Good.bot. We encourage you to ask Good.bot whatever you want, as this will help us to improve its functionality, and make Good.bot even more helpful for new players!

Similar to our last test, players will be able to submit their feedback on all of these features via a survey at the end of the test.

Thanks for reading and see you all online this Thursday! :)