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New Profile Posts

  1. pat dempsey
    pat dempsey
    I had a john deere a when I was little on my dad's pig farm we where cleaning out the barn when it caught fire
  2. pat dempsey
    pat dempsey
    two weks ago I drove an antique minny-mo
  3. pat dempsey
    pat dempsey
    new on this mod site have heard really good things about it
  4. johnnyb80487
    love the antique mods keep up the good work
  5. deereman1987
    would like to see some allis chalmers tractor
  6. cathal young
    cathal young
    I cant get any mods to come up
    1. Enzosnext
      I would suggest opening a new topic where you can add all relevant information and you can also include a copy of your game log as that will or should explain where you problem is
      Jun 28, 2017
  7. alfie
    playing farming simulator 2017, any good mod suggestions will be greatly recieved
  8. brian smith
    brian smith
    I'm thinking of getting the manure spreader heard great reviews
  9. brian smith
    brian smith
    Loving the new version better graphics
  10. brian smith
    brian smith
    i just downloaded the new version of Farming simulator 2017
  11. brian smith
    brian smith
    does the John deere model a have 3 point hitch
  12. brian smith
    brian smith
    I really Love the Farmall 300 it is a great classic tractor
  13. TimKelly
    i would like to thank the moders for keeping it classic i wish i could give money but i dont have paypal
  14. TimKelly
    is that all the classic farming equipment you guys have i have a suggestion try to make more classic items
  15. deereman1987
    ready like the john deere A
  16. dallas casey
    dallas casey
    I have been playing farming simulator since 2013 came out. I am really into older tractors and smaller farms. Any U.S. maps?
  17. dallas casey
    dallas casey
    ISO a old school tractor mod. I like john deeres
  18. GavAttackOfficial
    GavAttackOfficial Carl
    Like your old tractor mods
  19. BigBud74734
  20. Ethyn
    Well so far i have heard a rumor that you guys are the pro classic modders