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New Profile Posts

  1. euro farmer
    euro farmer
    just got signed up in
  2. Siebel3d
    Studying computer science. When I'm not fixing bugs i'm playing FS
  3. edward15425
    i am a farming simulatior 2017 gamer love the game
  4. rodrigo moura
    rodrigo moura
    brazilian farmer
  5. crack
  6. Paul Deglandon
    Paul Deglandon
    Hello, I like FS17 a lot.
  7. joe culpitt
    joe culpitt
    Who's converting the kory gravity wagons to fs17?
  8. TNC05
    Is there any vintage trucks on here
  9. howsurpiforsilage
    any1 know y the trailers wont fill with the john deere 30 combine
  10. howsurpiforsilage
    lovin the old stream map
  11. howsurpiforsilage
    any 1 else watch simulator modding ?
  12. Ranwolfalfa
    I saw The Squad's video of FS17 and he showed the old farm machinery and brought back such good memories.
  13. A_COW
    Just downloaded some JD mods for fs17
  14. pgman12
    if you post it they will come.
  15. pgman12
    new to site hello everyone
  16. pat dempsey
    pat dempsey
    I had a john deere a when I was little on my dad's pig farm we where cleaning out the barn when it caught fire
  17. pat dempsey
    pat dempsey
    two weks ago I drove an antique minny-mo
  18. pat dempsey
    pat dempsey
    new on this mod site have heard really good things about it
  19. johnnyb80487
    love the antique mods keep up the good work
  20. deereman1987
    would like to see some allis chalmers tractor