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FS17 1955 Farmall 300 v4.0

1955 Farmall 300 - 38.16 hp

  1. Corrected xml AI Traffic Collision Trigger

    This update corrects errors generated while using the Course Play mod due to the incorrect naming of the AI Traffic Collision Trigger. This error was brought to my attention by member akuenzi. I'm not sure if it affects regular SP/MP when hiring a worker or not.

    The following line in the xml has been changed:

    <aiTrafficCollisionTrigger index="0>13" />
    <trafficCollisionTrigger index="0>13" />
    My thanks to akuenzi...
  2. updated billboard variation for 3d effects on light coronas

    It was brought to my attention by Maaslandmods that I was missing the "Billboard" variation on the emmisiveLIghtsShader so I was not getting the full 3D effect that is available. This update fixes the 2D coronas. The file name of the tractor has not changed so overwriting the v2.0 mod with this version should not effect any saved games.
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  3. fixed attach sound not working from the "in-cab" view

    indoorLowpassGain was set to "0" which muted the attach sound when using the internal camera for the "in-cab" view. Changed the indoorLowpassGain setting to 2.