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FS15 AnimationMapTrigger 1.0.4


  1. Xentro


    1. AMT.jpg

    How to install
    Place zip file in your mods folder.

    What does it do?
    This mod extend the functionality of maps and wont do anything if the map your using haven't been prepared for this mod.

    This is not the same mod but an complete rewrite of it that share the simplicity on setting objects up for it.

    How to prepare your map for this mod
    An readme file is included in zip file along with a few triggers. If you cant comprehend whats being written then dont bother complaining! I wont bother rewrite it!


    Readme File
    Triggers to install on your map

    Play animation
    Custom sound on animation
    Custom huds
    Player and vehicle controlled
    Reverse animation button
    (only available with isPressed option)
    Loop animation
    Activate / Deactivate times