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FS17 driveControl V4.10


  1. Enzosnext
    The driveControl mod expands now into FS17 modular to many small functions as a reversing function and advanced features for the CruiseControl. The mod consists of modules that can be individually switched on and off by each user.

    drivecontrol--2 (1).jpg

    Because Giants has yet adopted all functions from my FS15 version into FS17 directly I could clear up the conversion into FS17 somewhat.

    In the V4.0 release, the following modules are included in this version of driveControl:
    • · Shuttle shuttle module
    • · Soft gas: Improved throttle / brakes for keyboard driver's
    • · Cruise control: Advanced Features for cruise control
    • · ImplementControl: Additional operating options for attachments (no devices by switching needed!)
    • · FourWDandDifferentials: all-wheel and differential circuit
    • · ShowNearestFillLevel: Level indicator for the neighbouring vehicles
    • · PipeCam: Additional Camera
    Discontinued from drive control (and why not):
    • · ManMotorStart: Integrated in FS17
    • · ManMotorKeepTurnedOn: Integrated in FS17
    • · GasAndGearLimiter: helper in FS17 can adjust it on cruise control, for manual driving there is the limiter in cruise control and the soft gas module
    • · Hour Counter: Integrated in FS17
    • · Sensitive Steering: In FS17 integrates (dead zones for the individual axes can be found in the menu)
    • · HandBrake: In FS17 integrated, albeit automatically
    • · Indoor Sound: Integrated in FS17
    • · DirtModule: Hopefully better resolved in the FS17 and no longer necessary
    • · Camera: FOV is now set centrally, ergo: Integrated in FS17
    • · Fruit Destruction: From Giants as "Realism Mod" directly released, ergo: Integrated in FS17 as a mod from ModHub
    • · Free Steering: Not applicable
    • · Ground response: This is the only module that I would like to convert, which was not however possible in the short time available.
    One might almost think Giants would have to drive control actually looked at times.

    Module On / Off And Configure
    The are all done in the driveControl_config.xml. This is the same directory as the log.txt (who does not know where is: find out very quickly;)) and is applied by drive control at the first start of the mods there.

    Here is the entire contents of the file (V4.), I hope this is sufficiently self-explanatory:

    <Drive control>


    <Shuttle> true </ Shuttle>

    <FourWDandDifferentials> true </ FourWDandDifferentials>

    <Cruise Control> true </ Cruise Control>

    <ShowNearestFillLevel> true </ ShowNearestFillLevel>

    <PipeCam> true </ PipeCam>

    <ImplementControl> true </ ImplementControl>

    <Soft Gas> true </ Soft Gas>

    </ Modules>

    <Soft gas>

    <MaxGasOnModifier> 0.300000 </ maxGasOnModifier>

    </ Soft gas>

    </ Drive control>

    Keyboard Layouts Can Be Found As Usual In The Menu (Or The InputBindings.Xml If Preferred Instead).
    All Drive Control Inputs Are By A Prefixed "DC" Clearly Visible.

    Shuttle Module
    With this module, the accelerator pedal to the accelerator pedal and the brake pedal to the brake pedal - even when reversing! The direction of travel can change default with the spacebar and get this indicated by a small green arrow.

    This module allows the cruise control and backward use.

    Additionally, one can occupy keys for forward and backward separately also. If these pressed several times in one direction, they also turn to the cruise control.

    This module can be in addition to disabling the entire module and vehicle as on and off by a little longer presses the spacebar.

    Soft Gas Module
    Keyboard drivers is made possible with this module to give gentle gas and brakes. In addition to W or A simple key Lshift, then the corresponding pedal is applied only to 30%. This makes, for example, for better control with loader work. The value can be in the xml can be freely adjust (maxGasOnModifier).

    Cruise Control
    This module gives the cruise control some new modes when active.
    With Shift then 3, the additional modes you can cycle through are as follows:
    • · Stop at 100% level
    • · Stop at 0% level.
    • · Parallel driving
    • · speed limiter
    While the first two should be self-explanatory, a few words are needed to explain about the 3rd and 4th modes:

    In parallel driving mode of cruise speed adjusts so that a clean driving parallel distance to the nearest vehicle is possible. That is directing vehicle must still itself (or does it involve GPS). Which vehicle is being controlled with turning on the parallel mode and can be determined by turning on the cruise control mode as normal or by pressing CTRL then 3 to the nearest vehicle.
    The longitudinal distance during can be adjusted using normal cruise control" (1) to slow or using (2) to speed up.

    In the mode "speed limiter" the entered value is active even when the cruise control as a limiter. This allows you can decrease the maximum speed of the vehicle at the self-drive. This also allows a comfortable driving at a reduced speed with the keyboard, without having to constantly repeatedly hit the W key.

    ImplementControl: Use Attachments
    Warning: The key assignment for this module is not initialized!
    This must configure each user for themselves!

    This module provides multiple programmable inputs available to the individual attachments to connect it independently. This can be a rear and a front attachment, and turned on and off without having to use G to select each attachment and adjust one by one.

    The associated InputBindings are:

    · driveControlImplementFront

    · driveControlImplementBack

    · driveControlImplementFrontOnOff

    · driveControlImplementBackOnOff

    For me, moreover, one of the main modules - if you look at the buttons on the steering wheel you put almost completely on the work without even having to reach for the keypad.

    Wheel & Differential Locks
    This module changes the differentials in all 4x4 vehicles. The Giants own washy-differentials are replaced with technically plausible behaviour. By default, all run modified vehicles with rear wheel drive. Connecting the front, so the four-wheel drive, works by pressing SHIFT then 4

    The axle differentials are no longer self-locking. You can now lock this with pressing SHIFT + 5 (front axle) and pressing SHIFT + 6 (rear axle).

    Whoever finds the old semi-automatic differentials better: No Problem! just turn this module off, finished.

    ShowNearestFillLevel: Level Indicator For The Neighboring Vehicle
    This module shows in addition to its own fill level, the level of the nearest vehicle.

    With this module, you can press and hold down the button to throw AltGr a view from above on the dock apparatus if the current vehicle has something (Chopper, Overloader etc).

    End Module description ...
    ... And Anything Else In Their Own Right:

    The reason why I started modding and especially the scripts, was the desire of the only available platform - namely at the time the FS13 and later the FS15 - to make a halfway interesting simulation.
    It made me very happy which appeal have found these small or even major measures involving all those again who have no arcade-game, but a simulation that has at least a little to do with real agricultural desired. The result is and remains far from the goal, but at least the direction seemed to agree.

    With Cattle and Crops we finally have a real alternative for exactly the target audience for which I have so far made mods in prospect. It is no secret that I have relatively long accompany with words and deeds of this project.

    In order not to let you hang until the beginning of the Early Access I'm going for the FS17, as far as reasonably possible, to convert my mods. Approvals for the release of "Wild conversions" there will not be from me, just as little as newly developed mods.

    In this sense: "Happy acres" and "See you on the other side!" :)

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