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FS17 Game Extension

Extend the base game.

+ = New
* = Update
- = Fix
/ = Removed

v0.3.0.0 - 2016-12-11
+ Module: Time - Time-scale at night
+ Module: Player - Place "Farmers Touch" markers by pressing "c", reset by holding down "c"
+ Module: Vehicle - Hud icons (engine and tip side)
* Module: Fruit growth during mission - Re added to setting screen
* Module: Player - An warning text is shown if you arent allowed to use chainsaw
* Module: Player - Farmers Touch overlay color is much similar to games color schema
* Module: Dynamic Hose - Difficulty level added
- Module: Player - Farmers Touch is hidden when screenshot mode is active
- Module: Player - Farmers Touch wont show in vehicles
- Module: Vehicle - Pipe Specialization - Activate particles when "dischargeToGround", MP
/ Module: Fruit growth during mission - Disabling of Withering upon starting of mission is removed.

v0.2.0.0 - 2016-11-26
+ Module: Dynamic Hose
+ Module: Player - Settings "Player grab distance", "Chainsaw usage restriction" and "Farmers Touch"
+ Module: AI - Setting "AI End Shift"
* Module: AI - If you have more AIs active then "Hireable Number" allows then script will slowly stop AIs until reaching allowed number
* Module: Screenshot - Disable more hud elements
* Module: Screenshot - Inputbinding added (Left alt + H)
- Module: AI - AI will stop engine when its done
- Module: Screenshot - Fixed some of the hud mods which didnt have all the necessary bits for the hiding
- Saved module states are loaded properly
- Setting screen wont open if your in tip trigger with loaded trailer

Note: Restructured the settings to make stuff cleaner. Some settings will be reset for this reason.

v0.1.0.0 - 2016-11-11
+ Setting Screen
+ Module: Fruit growth during mission
+ Module: Toggle vehicle
+ Module: AI cost
+ Module: Mouse controlled cruise control
+ Module: General (Player strength, Number of hirables, Toggle crosshair, Screenshot)