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FS17 Glance

Notification-and-status utility

  1. Decker_MMIV


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    Remember to check the support topic for any additional information regarding this mod

    Note: Requires FS17 game patch or higher

    Mod description

    'Glance' is an attempt at making a more configurable and less screen occupying 'notification-and-status utility', similar to the 'Inspector' mod.

    The features of 'Glance' are:

    - By default only visible when the Helpbox is turned off (default key: F1)
    - Using columns, which should be easier to read
    - Can be dynamically configured ...
    -- ... to show only notifications you care about
    -- ... with regards to what font-size and colors you want to use
    -- ... how and which columns should be displayed in sequence
    - Will show when a hired-worker has finished
    - Displays the vehicle's location in the world and when within a map designated field-boundary
    - Speed of the vehicle, and if it is being blocked (i.e. still not moving after some time)
    - Animal husbandry; cleanliness, low productivity, wool pallet, eggs available and more...
    - Greenhouse placeables; low fill levels.

    How to use it

    First you must turn off the Helpbox (default key: F1), to be able to see the Glance notifications.

    The first time you ever run Glance, it will create a default configuration-file called Glance_Config.XML in a 'modsSettings' folder.

    Due to the modifiable configuration - which maybe for some seem complex and confusing - please ask for instructions and examples in a support-topic for this mod.

    The configuration-file can be reloaded while in-game, via a work-around by going into the in-game ESC-screen for the 'Help & Support' and change the "help category" just once. So it is possible to pause the game, ALT-TAB out of FS17, edit Glance_Config.XML, ALT-TAB back into FS17, change the in-game "help category" and see if the changes for Glance are acceptable.

    Switching it on/off

    To see notifications from Glance, you have to switch off the Helpbox (default key: F1), and have set a 'minimum notification level' that has a lower-or-equal value than the notifications you care about.

    To hide Glance, either switch on the Helpbox again, or set the 'minimum notification level' to show less (i.e. a value higher than any of the notifications) using the action-key (default: LEFT ALT + L).

    If you want to always have Glance visible, disregarding the F1-Helpbox, you need to edit the Glance_Config.XML file, and set the value for 'ignoreHelpboxVisibility' to 'true'. Then also set the 'positionXY' value, so Glance won't overlap the F1-Helpbox.


    The action-keys, which can be changed in the Options - Controls screen, are these by which you can in-game instantly set the 'minimum notification level':

    LEFT ALT + M = Glance:More Notify - i.e. show more notifications, possibly showing everything.
    LEFT ALT + L = Glance:Less Notify - i.e. show less notifications, possibly showing nothing at all.

    And just to clarify once again:

    F1 = Toggle helpbox off to show Glance (if ignoreHelpboxVisibility="false" in config-file.)

    Problems or bugs?

    If you encounter problems or bugs using this mod, please use the support-thread.
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Recent Reviews

  1. ben2280
    excellent mod had this for fs15
  2. ks47
    Had this in farm 15 glad to see it back
  3. pony express
    pony express
    TY for bringing to '17. This is an excellent mod that I've been using since inception!
  4. daveysgb
    Loving the new features, seeing all relevant info when walking through silage bunkers and near slurry tanks etc sets this well above the other option/s out there. 5/5
  5. CrazyPitbull
    Was great in FS15 and glad t to be able to use it in FS17 again, really missed this mod, it is simple yet very strong and effective in what you want to know when it comes to what are others doing
  6. Vanquish081
    Excellent mod in FS15 and excellent mod in FS17, for FS19 is possible that will be integrated into the game how some features of Quickcamera xD