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  1. Enzosnext
    With the well-known GPS Mod is directing work in the fields for satellite-based precision.

    The GPS was visually adapted a little to the Fs17 - thanks to Eribus this! Nothing has changed at the function.

    Tested on SP and MP (Thanks to underground modding) - Ruefa, Knicklenker and crab should all function.


    Nothing has changed at the operation. Only the designation of courses unfortunately had to be omitted.

    Turning On / Off the GPS system goes as usual with LCtrl and KP0.

    The old mini Hud has disappeared, the key assignment for calling the display has remained: LCtrl and KP.

    Overall, the we have designed so that there is not so much clutter on the screen and keyboard.
    For this, the HUD is constructed in two stages.
    In the small lower window, all the information is presented, which is required when driving.
    The bottom window is located in the site for the PDA. With the flip PDA it moves up.

    When pressing LCtrl and KP. the panel appears. When trying to select buttons on the GPS and or the unfolded panel, pressing and holding the LCtrl key and mouse together to select your buttons or adjustments.
    With the flip PDA, the control panel is locked. The front panel has all the features of the GPS.

    Alternatively: Key operation
    The GPS is in principle fully controllable by keyboard. All the options for InputBinding with keyboard assignments are not completely assigned, however currently only defaults to the most important keys and these are further divided into two levels. For all other functions the InputBindings are present, but not assigned. Whoever wants too can fully assign individual functions associated with keys, otherwise, all functions via mouse control are attainable.

    * Key Level 1: Driving
    This level is accessed by pressing the LCtrl key.
    / LCtrl-Right: turn towards the turn of automatic, automatic reversal manually start
    LCtrl-Up / LCtrl-Down: Setting the switching distance of automatic reversal
    LCtrl-W: steering assistance on / off

    * Key Level 2: course adjustment
    This level is accessed by pressing the LCtrl key * and * LShift key.
    LCtrl + LShift + Left / LCtrl + LShift + right = move the course parallel
    LCtrl + LShift + Up / LCtrl + LShift + Down = Change course angle
    LCtrl + LShift + KP_Plus / LCtrl + LShift + KP_Minus = Set working width
    LCtrl + LShift + PageUp / LCtrl + LShift + PageDown = adjust offset
    LCtrl + LShift + PageUp + PageDown (All at the same time) = reset offset (zeros)

    The control panel functions are ordered (from left to right and then from top to bottom):
    * Basics
    Set + line: by switching between three settings: lines flat ( as in GPSv2.0) lines hoisted for overgrown fields / tall grass, lines of
    + Import: Copies the course settings of the nearest vehicle
    + GPS steering: Passive / active
    + NEW: course at current position & direction initialize
    + steering mode (global): to wheel drivers among us -. here is off the (intentional) slight co-steering of analog controllers

    * work width
    + working width increase
    + decrease working width
    + working width / offset automatically determine

    * offset
    + offset zeros
    + offset increase (right)
    + offset lower (left)
    + invert offset
    + reversible plow mode (offset direction depending invert)

    * course Set
    + course parallel shift left
    + shift course parallel right
    + turn rate by 90 °
    + turn course angle to the left
    + rotate course angle to the right

    * Save / load
    + rate from the current slot load
    + course save in the current slot
    + Next slot
    + current slot Clear
    + display of current slot. Occupied slots are bold.
    + A slot back

    * AutoTurn
    + number of free rows up / down
    + switching distance to the sidelines increase
    + switching distance to the sidelines humiliate
    + automatic mode: do Switches between nothing or only show / auto stop when reaching the switching distance, ie, cruise control from / automatic reversal
    + automatic reversal to the left turn or turning to the left start
    + automatic reversal to right turn or turn to the right start

    The GPS will automatically generate an xml to the mods folder. This is only for settings that each individual can also adjust the MP, without which there are problems characterised.
    So essentially optical stories.
    The file is automatically created in the mods folder. So it's not huge Installiererei manually necessary.

    Probably the most interesting setting is the "HUDSize". Here everyone can adjust the size of GPS HUD individually. Moreover, everyone can adjust his line colours and dashboard as he pleases. Another gimmick is the steering wheel the driver can set the appropriate mode in the GPS on default.

    End Module description ...
    ... And Anything Else In Their Own Right:

    The reason why I started modding and especially the scripts, was the desire of the only available platform - namely at the time the LS13 and later the LS15 - to make a halfway interesting simulation. It made me very happy which appeal have found these small or even major measures involving all those again who have no arcade-game, but a simulation that has at least a little to do with real agricultural desired. The result is and remains far from the goal, but at least the direction seemed to agree.

    With Cattle and Crops we finally have a real alternative for exactly the target audience for which I have so far made mods in prospect. It is no secret that I have relatively long accompany with words and deeds of this project.

    In order not to let you hang until the beginning of the Early Access I'm going for the FS17, as far as reasonably possible, convert my mods. Approvals for the release of "Wild conversions" there will not be from me, just as little as newly developed mods.

    In this sense: "Happy acres" and "See you on the other side!" :)

Recent Updates

  1. Version 5.01

Recent Reviews

  1. Vince Duncan
    Vince Duncan
    Version: v5.01
    So far works GREAT
  2. MrTKusa
    Version: v5.01
    It is the only real way to do the missions
  3. Patrickgroves
    Version: v5.01
    i can not get it to work at all
    1. Enzosnext
      Author's Response
      Can I suggest using the discussion tab to outline what your problem is so we can help get this mod working for you
  4. Spar
    Version: v5.01
    makes it nice to plow and harvest with
  5. curi0
    Version: v5.01
    We can setup the mod to make the game kinda like semi-automatic, which really helpful for doing chores or performing missions. For long mission, we can even Alt-Tab out of the game and let it run in the background while we're doing other stuff.

    There's an issue when we use it with irregular-shaped field, where we can't use automatic turn on uneven shape. Also, at times it detects incorrect working width of implements, so we need to adjust it. But other than those minor flaws, it's still a highly recommended mod! It makes the game less tedious!
  6. Sgt_Ernie
    Version: v5.0
    very nice mod this really helps me with plowing and seeding!