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  1. Vince Duncan
    Vince Duncan
    Version: v5.01
    So far works GREAT
  2. MrTKusa
    Version: v5.01
    It is the only real way to do the missions
  3. Patrickgroves
    Version: v5.01
    i can not get it to work at all
    1. Enzosnext
      Author's Response
      Can I suggest using the discussion tab to outline what your problem is so we can help get this mod working for you
  4. Spar
    Version: v5.01
    makes it nice to plow and harvest with
  5. curi0
    Version: v5.01
    We can setup the mod to make the game kinda like semi-automatic, which really helpful for doing chores or performing missions. For long mission, we can even Alt-Tab out of the game and let it run in the background while we're doing other stuff.

    There's an issue when we use it with irregular-shaped field, where we can't use automatic turn on uneven shape. Also, at times it detects incorrect working width of implements, so we need to adjust it. But other than those minor flaws, it's still a highly recommended mod! It makes the game less tedious!
  6. Sgt_Ernie
    Version: v5.0
    very nice mod this really helps me with plowing and seeding!