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FS17 Growth Manager v 2.0

Allows adjustment of crop growth and times of growth

  1. Enzosnext
    At midnight, all the fruit varieties that have become "due" during the day are incremented by the growthManager by one step. If the fruit variety had grown more than once in the course of the day, it would grow by as many steps. The shift of growth to midnight can also be switched off (see below).

    The growing fruits and progress are displayed graphically. However, the whole thing also takes on a 4x map only a few seconds.

    Loading / saving during such growth is harmless and also an MP join during the growth is covered by the script. Otherwise, the growth is hard clock-driven and thus deterministic robust and without further need for MP support.

    The dripping can still be turned on and off in the game menu. The growth speed selector is disabled when the growthManager is enabled.

    Well-known phenomenon: when dripping is switched on, then the fields of the AI farmers also wither. I have not found a way to avoid this. I recommend the nonsense simply switch off if one wants to use the growthManager.

    This is quite simple: The ZZZ_growthManager.zip in the mods folder. Done.

    The ZZZ_growthManager.zip from the mods folder remove.

    Necessary: None.

    Optional: Once you have active Mod stored once can be found in the corresponding save game file growthManager.xml. If you adjust the parameter "growthFactor" here, the growth times will change by this factor - and only for this - save game. So if you want to play on the standard maps with a growth level per day, simply enter growthFactor = "4.000000". Conversely, I personally as an SP player the growth levels on the MIG Celle from 5 to 3 days down (growthFactor = "0.600000").

    If you do not want the shift of growth to midnight, you can set doMidnight = "false" for the respective save game in the growthManager.xml. Then the growth takes place on the hour when the fruit is due.

    Log.txt Entries:
    The mod entries in the log.txt. They are for me to be able to understand what is going on at all if you should have problems with the mod. Not every log entry is a mistake! And so cryptic they are usually not. Otherwise, of course, as always applies: If you have problems copying the log.txt in a PM, to short and precise as far as possible to describe the problem and send me. Then the chances are that you will be helped very well.

    End Mod Description ...

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    Version: v 2.0
    Vielen Dank, gefällt mir sehr gut!