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FS17 Minneapolis Moline P3-6 Grain Drill v2.0

Small seeder for use with small tractors on small farms

  1. KaosKnite


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    Modding Partner:
    SOB Modding Team
    This is a 1954 Minneapolis Moline P3-6 grain drill seeder. It has a 3 m. planting width and features rotating disk seed openers and open/closing seed tank lid. This seeder only plants seeds and will not use fertilizer and is best used with small tractors.

Recent Updates

  1. Soil Animation and Warning Fix

Recent Reviews

  1. fads098
    Version: v2.0
    love the old machinery
  2. dairy man
    dairy man
    Version: v2.0
    love the old equipment
  3. Nikos
    Version: v2.0
    I've been using it in a vintage scenario without any problems. Excellent mod.
  4. Marc Dupont
    Marc Dupont
    Version: v2.0
    Loving the textures and functionality of this seeder. awesome model. Could you add something to make it work with manual attach though. as it stands now the seeder is always on so manual attach won't release it. Thanks. keep them coming.
    1. KaosKnite
      Author's Response
      I'm not sure that this type of seeder has an On/Off switch. I think that when the seed openers are in the ground and rotating that it drops seeds into the furrow. I had it always on so there would be no "Turn on Seeder" "Turn off Seeder" function. You can easily change that in your download by changing this line from -- turnOnVehicle isAlwaysTurnedOn="true" to -- turnOnVehicle isAlwaysTurnedOn="false" also change line from -- needsActivation value="false" to -- needsActivation value="true" in the MM_seed_drill. XML file.
  5. Elijah
    Version: v2.0
    Can you make a Minneapolis tractor to go with it?
  6. LPG
    Version: v2.0
    Fits super to the oldi pack