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FS13 Specialization ModelAnimated v1.0

Plays model animations like AnimatedVehicle specialization

  1. Satis
    NOTE: This is an specialization not an mod!

    ModelAnimated specialization is a specialization that enables you to play animations that is exported into the model i3d file.
    You could do this the manual way like hard code it in lua script, but with this specialization it gets allot easier to implement and you don't need to write all the lua code your self, on how to play the animations.
    The ModelAnimated have the same functionality as AnimatedVehicle specialization has, so the way to control it, is the same, except that the functions names to use is named a bit different so it will not conflict with animatedVehicle specialization in case you are using both specialization.

    ModelAnimated is multiplayer ready!