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FS13 MR MR Alternative-Tipping 1.2.3 Final

Allow you to tip anywhere on a map.

  1. Xentro
    This modification allows you to tip your grain, potatoes and sugarbeets anywhere on your map. You can also create new heaps with potato and sugarbeet harvesters! This mod uses an automatic installation in all supported vehicles.

    Just add the zip file to your mods folder.

    creating heaps anywhere on your maps
    HUD showing fruittype and filllevel of a heap
    creating new heaps with potato and sugarbeet harvesters
    dump on existing heaps with combines
    fully MP compatible

    To create a new heap use Left Ctrl + Q

    WARNING - Heaps can not be created with buckets, this is a fault with Farming Sim, not this mod

    Mappers should read the user’s manual! (Attached inside the zip file or use the link below)

Recent Reviews

  1. Hallohej
    Version: 1.2.3 Final
    cant play FS13 WIth out the MR mods!
  2. BlackFox
    Version: 1.2.3 Final
    Excellent mod, very useful to have and use.