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ATS No More Grinds V1.6.X.X Compatible

Silents gear grinding sounds in default trucks.

  1. FourBitty


    1. NMGicon.jpg

    This mod simply silents the gear grinding sounds when using advanced transmission options with an H-shifter. This makes for a much more peaceful (and realistic) driving experience, especially if you normally shift clutchlessly ("float" gears). This mod does not completely remove the grinding sound, but rather makes it very quiet when using both interior and exterior views. When in-cab, you will likely not be able to hear it at all under most driving conditions, and you can usually faintly hear it in the outside view. This is a bit more true to life, as you never hear such loud grinding sounds when shifting.

    Installation: Download the .zip file and extract, place the No more grinds 16xx.scs file in your mods folder - Documents\American Truck Simulator\mod

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