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FS13 Specialization Overloader (None MR & MR) v2.2

Adds overloading ability to trailers

  1. Satis
    NOTE: This is an specialization not an mod!

    Overloader specialization is the specialization that allows you to add pipe control to an trailer, like an ULW, Grain cart, Chaser bin, overloade or any trailers that needs it.
    It's released for modders to be able to add this to there own trailers.
    For more info on how to implement it, look at the documentation link down below.

    Overloader is multiplayer ready!
    Overloader supports Courseplay Version 3.41.0288 or newer.
    Overloader is More Realistic compatible!

    Key features:
    • Charge Animations: Animations that runs when charging.
    • Charge Overlay: An overlay that shown when you are able to charge.
    • Charge Rpm: Add engine throttling when charging - Controls Work Throttle or tractors with throttleRPM Specializations if they are present.
    • Charge Sound: Sound that's played when charging.
    • Charge Triggers: Triggers that are used to identify the trailer to charge to.
    • Liter Per Second: The amount of grain to move when charging.
    • Pipe Movement: Controls to move pipe animation. Both AnimatedVehicle and ModelAnimated specializations is supported.
    • Pipe Light: Controls the pipe light.
    • Pipe Move Sound: Sound that is played when pipe is moving.
    • Pipe Particles: The particle system used to emit when charging.