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FS15 QuickCamera 2.6.x

Rotate camera quickly with keys/buttons

  1. Decker_MMIV


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    What can this mod be used for?

    With all the additional key-controls that modern vehicles and implements now has, it is not always feasible to switch between keyboard, mouse and steering-wheel all the time, as it may cause driving errors or worse...

    So to look quickly around, this QuickCamera mod introduce "quick-tap keys" for both cabin camera and external cameras of a vehicle.

    Make sure you go into 'Options' - 'Controls' in the game, and assign your own keys to the "QuickCam:Look..." actions.

    Now in-game, quick-tap the key that you assigned to the 'QuickCam:Look 45° Left' action, and the camera will rotate to the next 45-degree angle to the left, and so too for the 'QuickCam:Look 45° Right' action.

    To look backwards, quick-tap the key that you assigned to the 'QuickCam:Look backward' action, and like so for the 'QuickCam:Look forward' action. You can also toggle between looking forward/backward by assigning a key to the 'QuickCam:Toggle look for/back' action.

    If the selected camera is capable of zooming, a quick-tap on your 'QuickCam:Zoom out' key, will cause it to zoom out 15 units at a time. And likewise for your 'QuickCam:Zoom in' key.

    Remembers camera position and direction

    When switching back and forth between vehicles, the last selected camera and its position/direction is now remembered.

    This option can be toggled off/on using the 'QuickCam:Toggle auto-reset' action (default LEFT-ALT K), if you want to revert back to normal.

    Note: These positions/directions are unfortunately NOT saved between game-sessions.

    Default action/key assignments:

    RIGHT - Look 45° right
    LEFT - Look 45° left
    UP - Look forwards
    DOWN - Look backwards
    END - Toggle look forwards/backwards
    PAGE-UP - Zoom in
    PAGE-DOWN - Zoom out
    LEFT-ALT K - Toggle auto-reset
    press-and-hold C - Toggle current camera world-alignment on/off

    Fixes for articulated vehicles' outside camera rotation

    Whoever at GIANTS Software that decided the outside camera on articulated vehicles should rotate to the opposite direction of the steering, have probably never spend much time in-game with it.

    So this mod also adds some fixes for the following articulated vehicles:
    - Liebherr L538
    - New Holland W170C (New Holland DLC pack)
    - JCB 435S (JCB DLC pack)
    - JCB TM320S (JCB DLC pack)

    Additional/other vehicles' outside camera rotation can also be "fixed", if using the 'ModsSettings'-mod.


    This mod's script files MAY NOT, SHALL NOT and MUST NOT be embedded in any other mod nor any map-mod! - However it is accepted if this mod is packed into a mod-pack archive, when this mod's original ZIP-file and hash-value is kept intact.

    Please do NOT upload this mod to any other hosting site - I can do that myself, when needed!

    Keep the original download link!

    Problems or bugs?

    If you encounter problems or bugs using this mod, please use the support-thread.

    Known bugs/problems/ToDo:
    - Because this QuickCamera mod does not override the normal camera movement script, there might be a little movement first, before the camera snaps into position - IF you have assigned the same keys as for the normal look left/right/up/down.
    - Sometimes when snapping to look forward/backward, the camera-rotation may rotate several times quickly. There's some math that I still haven't quite figured out how to solve.
    - Nothing is saved between game-sessions, with regards to 'last selected camera' or the positions/directions.

Recent Reviews

  1. BlackFox
    Version: 2.6.x
    My wife and I use QuickCamera with our MouseSteering and it is great to get a quick view while driving since the mouse is occupied with steering.