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FS15 Skidsteer Package 1.0.2


  1. Xentro


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    There’s no more productive tracked skid steer than the JCB 320T. There’s a standard mechanical quickhitch and auxiliary couplers on the PowerBoom too. In short, it’s as productive as a tracked skid steer gets.


    JCB 320T (20 000)
    Volvo MCT145 (20 000)
    Additional Equipment (4000)
    Bale Fork (350)
    Pallet Fork (550)
    Rock Grapple (4000)
    Shovel (700)
    Flexi Grip (2400)

    *The values inside the brackets are the polygon count.

    HardPoint support (skidsteer's and flexi grip)
    Wiper animation (auto)
    2 Speed gears
    Attachable tool hoses
    Custom crawler pattern
    Realistic movement of tracks

    **Default features of FS15 aren’t listed, features listed are confirmed.
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Recent Reviews

  1. sourgrapes
    Version: 1.0.2
    high detail great looking and function flawless
  2. KaosKnite
    Version: 1.0.2
    This is the best skidsteer I have used in this game to date. It has excellent details and the vehicle handles great. i'm looking forward to seeing some more attachments ;)