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FS15 Small Farming Pack v1.0

This is a farming pack with vintage and modern implements designed for use on small farms

  1. KaosKnite


    1. 24tbaler.jpg
    2. balefork.jpg
    3. baletrailer.jpg
    4. befco.jpg
    5. beltrake.jpg
    6. caseIS.jpg
    7. fordsickle.jpg
    8. gravity.jpg
    9. JDharvester.jpg
    10. JDsicklebar.jpg
    11. manurespreader.jpg
    12. mirra.jpg
    13. mkcultivator.jpg
    14. NHrake.jpg
    15. plow.jpg
    16. seeder.jpg
    17. tedder.jpg
    18. trailedCult.jpg
    Modding Partner:
    SOB Modding Team
    This pack is designed for use on small farms by small tractors less than 150 H.P. The pack contains most of the implements needed to farm the standard crops, however, there are no forage, root crop or logging equipment in this pack. The pack contains the following equipment and all mods are washable:
    Bale Fork - dynamic mount, front loader, telehandler, skid steer
    Bale Trailer - dynamic mount
    John Deere 24T Baler - custom animations
    Kory Gravity Wagon - can fill sowing machines with harvested grain
    John Deere 34 Manure Spreader - custom animations
    MK Cultivator - 3 pt hitch
    Nicholson Cultivator - trailed, custom animations
    New Holland 258 Rake - windrower, custom animations
    SIP Belt Rake - windrower, custom animations
    Pequea Tedder - custom animations
    Ford 501 Sickle Bar Mower - custom animation, 3 pt hitch
    John Deere 37 Sickle Bar Mower - custom animation, trailed mower
    Minneapolis Moline Grain Drill - standard seeder for grains
    International Harvester Plow - trailed 3 bottom plow
    John Deere 30 Harvester - custom animations, grain harvester
    Case Corn Picker Sheller - custom animations, corn harvester
    Trailed Fertilizer Spreader - standard spreader
    Befco 203 Fertilizer Spreader - standard spreader, 3 pt hitch
    Befco 203 Fertilizer Spreader - standard spreader, 3 pt hitch

    Watch a video of the implements in action

Recent Reviews

  1. dairy man
    dairy man
    Version: v1.0
    i like the old stile equipment
  2. canadianhawk
    Version: v1.0
    How do you put the spout out .
  3. pat dempsey
    pat dempsey
    Version: v1.0
    remember using some old equipment like this when I was a kid
  4. Bushhog
    Version: v1.0
    Love the video and can't wait to use the mod pack !!
  5. Rx1966
    Version: v1.0
    excellent - ive been interested in small period equipment for small maps that I like to play. this is a good start. ty
  6. mrdale
    Version: v1.0
    this mod is like being there, I have used some of this equipment in real life and it brings back memories, thanks
  7. karl33
    Version: v1.0
    really fast download, brilliant mod. I still love playing fs15 mod maps. thanks:)
  8. ipjrobson
    Version: v1.0
    It's a great mix of some of those older pieces of equipment.
  9. cowboy74790
    Version: v1.0
    i love it it is perfect for what i'm used to seeing back in pa where i'm originally from just one question I know absolutely nothing about modding I would only ask for one thing how would you or I for personal use put an autoload feature for the bale trailer??? in my opinion other than that it's absolutely perfect bud keepem comin!!!!!!!!!
  10. TimKelly
    Version: v1.0
    yeah old small but cant beat classics what about a selfpropeld combine a very old one