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FS17 SOB Adjustable Weight Version 1.4

Adjustable weight which is dye-able and includes a front trailer hitch point

  1. Enzosnext
    Modding Partner:
    SOB Modding Team
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    SOB Adjustable Weight

    Screenshot 2016-11-01 01.26.58.png
    This is our completely new and rebuilt SOB Adjustable Weight for FS17. It's base weight is 400Kg's and is adjustable in 400Kg's increments (2 x 200Kg's blocks) upto 2800Kg's.

    Screenshot 2016-11-01 01.27.17.png
    Each weight block can be adjusted when the weight is selected with (G) is then increased using (B) and (X) to then reduce the number of weight blocks. This weight can then be adjusted to suite each application or variation needed be that on the front 3 point or on the rear 3 point if working with as a loader.
    The Weight is located in your Weight section of the shop menu.

    Features :
    – Adjustable
    – Washable
    – Dye-able Colours
    – Trailer Hitch Point

    Disco's Showcase

    To install, simply click the download now link, then copy and paste the mod into your mod folder.

    As with all of SOB Modding mods, They must not be distributed outside of this site without permission obtained

Recent Updates

  1. Version 1.4
  2. Version 1.3

Recent Reviews

  1. ks47
    Version: Version 1.4
    I seen iaon Robison use this i also like these better then the in game ones I downloaded a class one kinda like this one but you can't change the color of it don't like it as well pluss its realy big on the front of the tractor now I can make it the same color as my tractor. love it thanks
  2. michael perkins
    michael perkins
    Version: Version 1.4
    seen on youtube looks great and works great
  3. steve958
    Version: v 1.0
    decent jd front weight now
  4. KrisThain
    Version: v 1.0
    loved 15 version of this but 17's version is brill , changeable colour to match whatever tractor
  5. Spanky
    Version: v 1.0
    Looks good, color choice and, most importantly, is adjustable for varying conditions and uses. What's not too like? Five stars.
  6. MrTKusa
    Version: v 1.0
    use for realistic weight use
  7. onnem
    Version: v 1.0
    Simply amazing!
  8. mark0670
    Version: v 1.0
    the only weight i use . loving the trailer hitch . top notch
  9. Herb
    Version: v 1.0
    Gefällt mir sehr gut, Vielen Dank!
  10. michaljjgr
    Version: v 1.0
    Registered here few mins ago to try out this mod. It seems to work great so much thanks to the author. Greetings