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FS17 Mod Support 1939 Case IS Corn picker-sheller v1.0

Small 2 row corn picker-sheller for use on small farms

  1. Enzosnext

    Enzosnext Administrator Staff Member SOB Modding

    Ok after a test with just the corn sheller and default equipment on a default map (Goldcrest Valley) I can harvest field 6 with no problems.
    The only problem that I can find is that the sound files are missing for the header attach.wav

    If your problem is still present then I can only suggest that this is a mod conflict or a map issue maybe
  2. timon

    timon New Member

    im here at a friend and it still isnt working. ive done it with the standart hurlimann and on field 6 but it wont work it has the same problem like i have at home.
  3. Enzosnext

    Enzosnext Administrator Staff Member SOB Modding

    I understand but it would always help if you uploaded a gameLog wherever possible, but unless we can replicate your problem we cannot see what it is that is wrong either on our end or if there is a problem on your end as this is now more than one computer I take it now.
    If you have done all the steps we have said like clearing out all of the mods from your folder except the corn sheller and a new saved game and it is still doing this then I'm at a loss as to what is going on.
  4. timon

    timon New Member

    well its okay ill just delete it then butt thanks for the help! and also one quick question; do you know a map with 2 full farms? like one with the silo and all that stuff and the other farm just with some sheds and stuff. for multiplayer
  5. timon

    timon New Member


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  6. Enzosnext

    Enzosnext Administrator Staff Member SOB Modding

    Ok I see where your problem is,
    When I suggested that you try a test without any other mods in your folder, you still have many many other mods in your folder they have not been moved out (or the easiest way is to rename your folder "mods_old" or something.
    Even if they are not activated within the saved game, some mods with a script that is in conflict will still cause a conflict, you have to move or rename that folder so that the game does not load them and then place another folder there and call that mods and put your case sheller there to test it.

    As for a map that has 2 of everything which is what I think your after, there are maps that have 2 farms where they have a place the animal farms in different areas for example but your cannot have 2 of everything as FS game engine doesn't allow the silos to be split up without a complicated script.
  7. timon

    timon New Member

    thanks for your help!
  8. bp

    bp New Member

    For anyone that has a broken corn picker. Uninstall the Akpil Bulwa 2 potato harvester mod if that's installed. There appears to be an incompatibility between the two. That fixed it here.

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