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FS17 Mod Support 1959 John Deere 30 combine v1.0

Trailed Combine Harvester

  1. KaosKnite

    KaosKnite Media Staff Staff Member Media Staff SOB Modding

    KaosKnite submitted a new download:

    1959 John Deere 30 combine - Attachable combine harvester

    Read more about this download...
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  2. ballenti

    ballenti New Member

    cool old mod love mods like this
    Sgt_Ernie likes this.
  3. xanderpetit01

    xanderpetit01 New Member

    it doesn't want to download the mod, please help
  4. Farmer26

    Farmer26 Member

    I just downloaded once more. The download works.
  5. John Deere 248

    John Deere 248 New Member

    looks perfect for an old farming simulator series
  6. Clifford

    Clifford New Member

    Amazing old equipment Love it
  7. agri34

    agri34 New Member

    I love this tractor
  8. Tom Schmidt

    Tom Schmidt New Member

    how many rows does it do at a time?
  9. Rafi0816

    Rafi0816 New Member

    Awesome, I like it!
  10. gemeaux

    gemeaux New Member

    Very good realization
  11. Rejiceman

    Rejiceman New Member

    I love this older stuff, makes me think I'm farming with some of the same ol stuff my grandfather farmed with
  12. brian83

    brian83 New Member

    this thing is awesome !!!!!
  13. BubbaGumpShrimp

    BubbaGumpShrimp New Member

    Do you plan on making anymore vintage machines?
  14. John A Beckert

    John A Beckert New Member

    I love farming with the American vintage machines bc thats pretty much wat we use around here on the farm. Plz keep more of them coming
  15. but

    but New Member

    hay guys go to facebook log in or sign up and the search crusader modding group and you will find the folling mods.
    farmall m farmall a allis chalmers d21 john deere L john deere a john deere awf john deere D DI D RUSTY and a bunch more

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