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Blender textures using Blender cycles

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Milpol, Sep 25, 2018.

  1. Milpol

    Milpol New Member

    Have any members created mod textures in Blender using the cycles rendering and if so, how did they find the results.
  2. ShermyPermy

    ShermyPermy Captain Break It Staff Member Media Staff SOB Modding

    I have used the cycles render engine for making textures but i wasnt impressed by it.
    The issue is that the Giants engine doenst render the textures as the Cycles engine does so the results are really hit or miss with them.
  3. Milpol

    Milpol New Member

    Darn, that's a pity as it seems to do a nice job in Blender.
  4. Milpol

    Milpol New Member

    fsScreen_2018_10_07_14_10_32.png fsScreen_2018_10_07_14_11_43.png Had a fiddle the last week with textures in cycles. What I have found is that the textures work fine but you need to open the PNG file in a program (paint.net) and resave it as a 24 bit file and it works fine. You will need to change from Cycles back to Blender render and change the material to a Blender Render material, add the texture (its already UV mapped before you created it) and export the model. In GE, it will most likely have a non binary error so save as a binary file, close and re open and its error free. Had some fun creating Galv textures which came out really well and gave a nice even cover to the model.
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  5. Milpol

    Milpol New Member

    Had a play with a new project and good results again. Image #4 is the Blender nodes setting in Cycles if anyone is interested. To bake to a UV mapped fie you need the Texture node linked to the texture file and the texture node needs to be active but NOT connected to any other nodes. If you can read the settings for the nodes you will see that the scale is set to 800 for the Voronoi texture which looks eyeball correct. G1.png G2.png G3.png GalvSettings.png
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