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Calling Scripter (Not Xentro) For New Mod Idea

Discussion in 'SOB Modding' started by Carl, Mar 17, 2016.

  1. Carl

    Carl Site Fiddler Staff Member SOB Modding

    Looking for a little help with an idea I have cropped in my pea brain....

    As we all know, farmers generally don't have 60-90k in the back pocket (well, atleast not all of them) to go and buy a new tractor, majority of them spread the cost over a few years on Hire Purchase or Leasing.

    Thats where my idea comes in, yes there is the Loan feature and the rental mods about but I think there should be something dedicated to purchasing of vehicles/machinery.

    So what im looking for is someone to help me create a mod that would allow someone to buy a tractor on HP and the cost be spread over a selectable amount of days which they can choose, the less days the more it would cost etc, (basically like a HP agreement in real life)

    Any Takers??? (Not Xentro :p, I've asked too much of you at the moment)
  2. Xentro

    Xentro Active Member Honorable Member Wiki Editor

    I like the headline! :D
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  3. Decker_MMIV

    Decker_MMIV Member Honorable Member Wiki Contributor

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