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FS17 Mod Support Classic Pack Bale Loader v1.0

Bale Loader from the Giants Classic Pack conversion

  1. KaosKnite

    KaosKnite Media Staff Staff Member Media Staff SOB Modding

    KaosKnite submitted a new download:

    Classic Pack Bale Loader - Bale Loader from the Giants Classic Pack conversion

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  2. Clifford

    Clifford New Member

    Glad to see this is available for farming sim 17..
  3. bmbpdk

    bmbpdk New Member

    Hi, i cant get it to work with the SOB JD 24T baler, it says "Bale type not supported"

    I have Seasons mod in my mod folder but not activated
  4. ChRyan

    ChRyan New Member

    Hello, I have the same problem as bmbpdk, and tested to see if there could be conflict with the seasons mod.
    To make certain there is no conflict, I deleted seasons and tested the mod.
    I think there is a different conflict, because the bale trailor didn't accept the bales even on the basic game.
  5. bp

    bp New Member

    bail loader.xml

    < baleTypes>
    <baleType maxBaleLength="2.4" minBaleLength="1.0" maxBaleHeight="0.9" minBaleHeight=".4" maxBaleWidth="1.2" minBaleWidth=".6"/>
    < /baleTypes>

    Works here.
  6. Steven wright

    Steven wright New Member

    If you go on YouTube and watch Feenix feather's last mod spot light he had this problem and it worked with full size square bales.
  7. Animtvi

    Animtvi New Member

    I can't get this to work either just says unsupported bale type. Am using the JD baler and don't have seasons mod at all.
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 1, 2017
  8. ChRyan

    ChRyan New Member

    Thank you for the response bp, that was exactly the problem. Now it works great.
  9. Animtvi

    Animtvi New Member

    Thanks for the xml but mines different to that. Minbale width. 7
    Maxbale width 1.2
    Minheight. 5
    Maxheight 0.9
    Minlenght 1.1
    Maxheight 2.4.
  10. gaelgoir5377

    gaelgoir5377 New Member

    For those of us having the same problem, but without the programming skills, i really hope the author can do an updated version. Please...
  11. shivs08

    shivs08 New Member

    So I was having the same problem and had the same numbers as bp in the baleTypes section but they were in a different order for some reason and didn't think it mattered. After racking my brain and getting nowhere, I eventually copied exactly what bp had posted on here earlier and pasted it over what I had and it worked fine after that. I guess they have to be in that exact order in the xml in order to work. Strange.

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