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CoursePlay for FS17 Released ???

Discussion in 'FS 2017' started by Satis, Nov 3, 2016.

  1. Satis

    Satis Administrator Staff Member SOB Modding CoursePlay Developer

    Hello Courseplay fans :D

    Some of you might have noticed that you can find Courseplay on: http://farming2017mods.com/courseplay-farming-simulator-17/

    That one is an fake, well sort of in this way:
    1. We have never released it, since we are still working on converting it.
    2. We will never release it on sites like that.
    3. The ONLY sites we will be releasing Courseplay on is:
      • Beta Versions: GitHub
      • Release versions: ModHoster, Modding Central and possible ModHub
    4. The version they have released is an very early alpha convert version and is highly unstable and can make your computer explode :) (well at least you game can and/or will crash)

    Now the only thing we really can do is ask you all, that if you see sites where it's hosted on, spam them with bad comments :p and hopefully they will get the message not to do it. (Thou I do have my dough about it)

    Reporting it to us, is not needed, since we cant really do anything about them at the moment and would rather use our time to convert it correctly, + we will be locking down CP again, so only Developers can access CP ingame.

    Thanks for your understanding.

    Kind regards
    CoursePlay Developing Team
  2. TLBranch

    TLBranch New Member

    Thanks for the heads up, would rather wait for the real thing from the proper crew & FYI it is showing up on ModHub too
  3. RedFishBlueFish

    RedFishBlueFish New Member

    I'm slightly shocked that Giants has not incorporated at least some of the course play features into the standard game. Thank you guys for building add on. The learning curve was frustrating (I'm not the sharpest pencil) but it was so worth it for larger maps. I cant always play multiplayer as I can never find a server that everybody works together and has fun, so I opt to play alone mostly.
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  4. Satis

    Satis Administrator Staff Member SOB Modding CoursePlay Developer

    When I say ModHob, then I mean the real ModHub that Giants have on there website and I have not seen it there and I know that Giants will not accept it unless it's either Thomas or me that put it there. (Already spoken with them about it today ;))
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  5. Decker_MMIV

    Decker_MMIV Member Honorable Member Wiki Contributor

    As a fellow script-modder, I feel the same disappointment that the CoursePlay Developing Team might experience now :( - Likely caused by a single disrespectful individual :mad: who copied and distributed something that is still in development.

    Makes me wonder how future open-source development for FS will turn out. :oops:
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  6. Satis

    Satis Administrator Staff Member SOB Modding CoursePlay Developer

    Yeah I know that you also had your shares of this @Decker_MMIV
  7. mereman

    mereman Active Member PC-SG.uk Staff

    I'm just posting a note on our site (pc-sg) to make our members aware of which sites will have the official release.
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  8. Majorboer

    Majorboer New Member

    Sad to hear about this Satis, but i hope it will not affect your enthusiasm to keep up the good work!
  9. Rondo

    Rondo Member

    bloody and say i felt for it;(,but i have already deleted the on i had dl.......shall wait till official release!!.thx for the heads up Satis and please don't let that bring ye down,we all know there are real son's of empty gun's out there without ANY respect;(
  10. Satis

    Satis Administrator Staff Member SOB Modding CoursePlay Developer

    nop it will not have any effect.
  11. shadesfarmer69

    shadesfarmer69 New Member

    love courseplay... helps out alot in the game... can't wait till its bugs are fixes an working great again...
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  12. cherokeewheeler

    cherokeewheeler New Member

    I fell for it too, I was so excited:(. keep up the good work Satis
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  13. metalhead

    metalhead New Member

    So does that mean that courseplay will show up in the actual mods menu when it comes up? Or do we have to keep checking back on this site or somewhere else?
  14. sootysax71

    sootysax71 New Member

    Last edited: Nov 6, 2016
  15. Trev

    Trev New Member

    Hi Satis, will the next version of courseplay be available for use with multiplayer dedicated servers? Please say yes ...? :)
  16. Satis

    Satis Administrator Staff Member SOB Modding CoursePlay Developer

    If we add it to modhub, then yes I believe it will on pc versions, not the consoles

    No the first version will not be MP ready, there is just so much to convert for us to even think about it.
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  17. sootysax71

    sootysax71 New Member

    I know that Decker had mentioned that if you plan on submitting it to Modhub, it cannot be released anywhere else or else it will be rejected.. I'm not sure if you'd be allowed to continue to push the Developer version on Github or not.. I certainly hope so, as I have always kept up with the latest updates on Github as issues are corrected.
  18. Enzosnext

    Enzosnext Administrator Staff Member SOB Modding

    Giants are well aware of what where and how CP is developed and there processes. If there would have been a problem they would have mentioned this to the CP dev team by now, so I would say that it's all good dude.
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  19. Redrummed

    Redrummed New Member

    still have not purchased FS17, waiting for the excellent courseplay to be released and of course the game changing soilmod! I lose interest very fast unless I have these mods!
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  20. Redster

    Redster New Member

    I joined this community today just to second this post. I preordered the game, tried it, the stopped. Without Courseplay its just boring. Love the way CP works. Im the boss, why should I work?
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