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FS17 Mod Support Custom Bale Trailer v1.0

Standard Bale Trailer with Tiedown Straps

  1. KaosKnite

    KaosKnite Media Staff Staff Member Media Staff SOB Modding

  2. Clifford

    Clifford New Member

    Finally small trailer that you can hand load bales on to thank you :)
  3. agri34

    agri34 New Member

    This trailer is very beautiful!
  4. PHM

    PHM New Member

    Very nice trailer. I was watching your you tube video on this and thought you were going to be putting out an auto loader version for this trailer. Do you still have plans for this?
  5. Agripique

    Agripique New Member

    Hello !
    I find your creations beautiful and they enhance my pleasure of playing. I would like to have a clarification about the trailer. On the video you made you can load the bales of hay in AutoLoad. I have not yet managed to do so. Does the proposed model allow the AutoLoad?
    Thanks again for your wonderful mods that I use right now always.

    Best regards.

    Jean-Louis Matheron :D
  6. Satis

    Satis Administrator Staff Member SOB Modding CoursePlay Developer

    @Agripique no it does not.
    It also says that in the description:
  7. Agripique

    Agripique New Member

    Thanks you very much. ;)

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