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Cattle & Crops DevLog - Q&A #4

Discussion in 'Cattle and Crops' started by masterbrain, May 11, 2018.

By masterbrain on May 11, 2018 at 6:22 PM
  1. masterbrain

    masterbrain Guest

    Hello community!

    Today we are answering some of the community questions and give you some information regarding the next update.

    We are currently working on the combine update and everything that goes into it. We will soon give a version to the testing department. If there are no bigger problems, the combine update will probably be released the week after next. If everything is going really smoothly perhaps even at the end of next week.

    Besides further bugs we have fixed there are some new functionalities waiting for you. For example: you can enroll yourself in a task, then an additional quest is being created that leads you through the created task step by step.

    We have further reworked the steering and divided them into different groups “on foot” and “in vehicle”, thus enabling you to assign a key for different functions.

    Furthermore we have begun the preparations for our modding tutorial offensive. We will create a series of tutorial videos including a Wiki. First we show our workflow in the asset area by means of a small object, afterwards the editor and its functions will be explained. We’ll follow that up with different topics like creating maps and bringing objects ingame.

    You can put you new questions in the specially created thread in our forum:

    We wish you a pleasant weekend!

    The MBB team

    Question 1: Will the dynamic ground stay restricted to fields?
    For now we only offer the current solution. It is possible to create a terrain with the editor, which can be completely cultivated, as could be seen in the trailer. But this option consumes too much performance at the moment. Another problem is the AI, because it can only work with fields that had been created in the editor. If you would put two fields together, the AI would only recognize the old two fields.

    Question 2: How realistic will maintenance be?
    We have planned a complete and maintenance state. The complete state is constantly lowered and is for example being influenced by how fast you drive over farm roads, which level the worker has, how good the vehicle is being taken care of and the according maintenance is carried out.

    Question 3: What about a realistic pasture?
    Grassland which can be cultivated with a grassland harrow, a roller or a harroweeder is planned. At the moment we can’t exactly say what will already be included in the grassland update.

    Question 4: How will the configurations of vehicles look like?
    For the time being it is planned to change the handling via the vehicle fleet menu and the options. A further step would then be to enable the refitting via the workshop.

    Question 5: Will there be a circular harrow and manure spreader?
    Yes, circular harrows and manure spreader will be available in the Early Access phase.

    Question 6: Will implements and shovels be fillable with everything?
    This is going to be enabled. For example, we can give a shovel the type “liquid” and everything that is filed under liquid like manure, water etc. is recognized by the machine.

    Question 7: Will more details be added to the map?
    Before V1, the map will be reworked to some degree, e.g. the filling of bushes and trees. But for this there have to be some performance optimizations before we further revise the map.

    Question 8: Will it be possible to select multiple animals at once?
    You already can, keep the left “Shift” button pressed and select multiple animals by clicking on them. These are then shown in the detail view on the right side, one below the other. Currently you have to perform action like “Buy” for every single object. A multi action will come later so you can sell or move multiple objects with one button.

    Question 9: Will there be different kinds of soil that can be specified in the editor?
    Besides BBCH and NPK we also have diverse kinds of soil and parameters like density, which are based on reality and which we can use later when they are aligned. First they have to be

    Question 10: Will the performance be improved?
    The main performance work will be done at the end of the Early Access phase.

    Question 11: Will there be a mounted cultivator for the Stapel waggon?
    More addons for the Stapel won’t be implemented at the moment, cultivator and baffle plate spreader are planned for another waggon, on this occasion we can also check the compatibility for the Stapel again.

    Question 12: Will you be able to open/close the gates automatically or manually?
    For the time being only automatically, switches, levers etc. will follow.

    Question 13: Will cruise control be manually settable?
    Cruise control, gas and idling mixture will be added in the course of the Early Access phase.

    Question 14: Will you have smaller machines too?
    In the Early Access phase we will create a small and middle sized vehicle fleet as well as some big machines. A three meter sower or a smaller sprayer will follow.

    Question 15: Will you have an autopilot without attendance?
    We might be able to do that within the EA.

    Question 16: Do the workers have finishing time, go on vacation or get sick?
    In our CnC world the employees do have to work 24/7 for the time being and absence won’t be tolerated! We have planned things like statutorily regulated working hours, compensation and vacation [​IMG]

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Discussion in 'Cattle and Crops' started by masterbrain, May 11, 2018.

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